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Dearest Friends…this will be our final class of the second semester studying New Dimensions in Healing . But the good news is we decided in class last week that we would continue  studying some of the more complex Chapters this coming fall,  Wednesday evenings, starting September 9th,  so please mark your calendars if you plan to attend in person or sign up for the class-by-recording.

Because of the importance of this subject, the subject of depression, I encourage you to study the Chapter as if it was written for yourself. Be honest with yourself and learn if you are demonstrating any signs of depression. If you can be honest with yourself, then you are going to heal yourself from these signs before it becomes like a cancer in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Personally I like to check myself on a weekly basis to see if I am demonstrating any of these signs so I can swiftly overcome them. If we move along in our life and pretend such subtle sources do not exist, then like a snow ball gathering speed as it goes downhill, the depression gets bigger and bigger until we can no longer cope with the increasing problems of life.

In the first page of the Chapter Torkom gives us some very sound advice. He writes: “In depression you face dead-ends; you do not have real direction (remember I will be presenting a talk this Sunday on “Direction,”) and goals. Thus, when your physical, emotional, and mental natures do not increase in energy, joy, and light, they will not be able to cope with the increasing problems of life and will fall into depression. This is the first major cause of depression.” (p. 651)

Later on, on the same page, he talks about the brain, saying “A major source of depression starts from the brain.” I have suggested to some of you to go to Dr. Daniel Amen’s website and read through it, especially the supplement section. Here is the website: . I would ask you in particular to take a look at the supplements called NeuroLink and Brain Vitalie. I am convinced that this doctor knows his stuff. Where I was disappointed to see that he does encourage hypnotism in his books, in a minimal way, none the less, he can be excused from this since he does not know the Teaching, per se. I am presently reading two of his books that I have downloaded into my Kindle.  The brain is so very important, especially when we learn about the centers in our brain and the relationship of the Chalice to the brain. (i.e. Once a Chalice unfolds and thereby catches the attention of Great Ones, They watch it with special care. Sometimes They drop a few jewels in it. Sometimes They let a few jewels go to the brain of the person to be used in a time of need.” The Subconscious Mind and the Chalice, p. 247) For example, Alice Bailey wrote: I simply listen and take down the words that I hear and register the thoughts which are dropped one by one into my brain.

 The etheric brain is in contact with the astral, mental and intuitional bodies via the mental body. The brain can register all that is going on in the in higher spheres through the etheric brain.  Thus, as we engage in the aging process, we must not only take care of our physical body but also our brain.

The Chapter goes on to say “If the brain is tired, you will have continuous problems leading you into depression. The brain needs rest, rest from the conversations of others, from the various kinds of sound and light [for those of us who spend most days on the computer, that includes the glare of light from our computer screens). …. Often you must give up reading, watching television…this will bring great relief to your brain.” (p. 651-652)

·         “Smells often injure the brain and prepare it for depression.” (p. 652)

·         “Chaos in the office or home. If things are not in order... Orderliness is a great help to your sanity and joy.” (Ibid)

·         Do…do good for others … without expectations or personal concerns. (Ibid)

·         Not finding answers to your questions can…create depression. (Ibid)

·         Answers can be found through meditation, enlightenment, higher contact, and continuous research.” (Ibid)

·         Hatred, separatism, and fanaticism pollute your emotional body and prepare it for depression. (Ibid)

·         Mental depression can be overcome by expanding your mental horizon. (Ibid)

“The human soul lives through expansion. If, instead of expanding their soul, people try to expand the field of their possessions to help their survival, they lead themselves into the impasse of depression. Depression has no future. It leads to a dead-end.” (p. 653)

“The second major cause of depression is the increasing burden of accumulating negative karma.” (Ibid) We will discuss what the Chapter has to say about this second major cause.

“Depression is that moment in which we lose our contact with our Soul, with our Teacher, and with the Divine Presence. We feel abandoned not only by the outside but even by our Higher Self. The way out of such depression is to pay our bills (karma) and establish right communication with our Soul.” (p. 654)

“Each human mind is subject to various influences. The mind cannot control itself except when the [person] acts over the mind. The Self within man can control the mind if It is not identified with the mind. If the Self is identified, then the mind is controlled or influenced by all other subjective fields, and the person’s actions are the result of these influences.” (p. 655)

“The third cause of depression is overdevelpment of one’s intellect at the expense of his Intuition and overdevelopment of the mind at the expense of the heart.” (Ibid) (We will discuss this section in class)







It’s raining this afternoon, even thundering. My goodness, what a pleasant surprise, right?  Looking at the weather report for this week, the meteorologist said rain is scheduled for Wednesday, and Thursday…certainly unusual for this time of year. Isn’t it wonderful? I am also tracking the weather in UlaanBaatar …where it snowed last week, and where they also experienced such extremes in temperature that it was also in the 80’s! If you are interested in Mongolian weather, here is a website Oh yes, UlaanBaatar is the capital of Mongolia and the only major city in this gobi-desert country. They call it the international city. Okay, on to this week’s class.

We have two classes left in this semester:  this week and next week. Next week we will hold a discussion on Chapter 67 “Subtle Sources of Depression.” I also recommend, if you have time, to review our class blogs before next week to give you  a recollection of all that we have discussed and learned since January. Yet…there is still so much to cover in this book that I would like to offer another series of classes, sometime in the future, from this same book.

On page 612 the Chapter gives us two very important statements:

1.                  Spiritual joy is achieved when one uplifts himself from his physical, emotional, and mental vehicles into his spiritual essence.” Of course the first step into such an experience is through meditation. It is through meditation we train ourselves to lift our consciousness into the higher mind and to keep the lower bodies dormant, or at rest, so they will not interfere with these higher experiences. The next step is to learn how to lift oneself into his spiritual essence throughout the day while remaining grounded. Do you have such experiences? What do you recall of those moments?

2.                Self-synthesis  [is] when the Self focuses Himself within higher planes without losing His awareness of all the lower planes.”  Agni Yoga is called the yoga of synthesis. Do you see how it  all works together? As Agni Yogi’s (in the making) aren’t we all striving to focus ourselves within the higher planes without losing our awareness of the lower? It brings a new meaning to equilibrium and balance! Meanwhile, here is a small article on “Unity and Synthesis” that I wrote in 1996, which you may enjoy re-reading:


Last week we closed class with a discussion about the words of Christ, “I am the true vine….” (p. 612) The Chapter continues on, giving more biblical quotes and examples of what Christ meant about the vine, branches, pruning, and fruit.

For example, on page 614 the Chapter asks, “What kind of fruits are you giving? Are the fruits healthy? Do they carry vitality and beauty?  Are they goal-fitting?”

Unless a man remains with me, he will be cast outside, like a branch which is withered; which they pick up and throw into the fire to be burned.” (John 15:6)  

“There are instances when individualities disintegrate within the Cosmic Whole. This is the annihilation in which the individuality bursts like a bubble and does not exist anymore. The Spirit vanishes into the Universal Spirit and the individuality is totally lost. Unless a [person] is in the process of becoming a soul, a living Spirit, he is in danger of losing himself.” (p. 614)

“All sicknesses begin when man tries to cut himself from the vine. First the mental body shows signs of degeneration, and the man begins not to listen to the Voice of Righteousness. Then his heart dries up; love and compassion vanish. After a while he lives a life of crime. This stage denotes that he is drying up, and the gardener will very soon notice him.” (ibid)

“If the branch needs pruning, the gardener will prune it, but if he sees that the branch is dry, he will not let any part of that dry branch remain on the tree and contaminate it.” (p. 615)

This explanation reminds me of how certain groups operate; those integrated, serious and solemn groups that are recognized as true spiritual groups. How the Teacher, when required, will “prune” certain members in the group. But drastic action will be taken with a “dry branch.” When a member becomes “a dry branch,” either the energy of the group or the Teacher will disallow any part of that dry branch to remain in the group and contaminate, thus requiring certain changes or "cutting" to take place. This is a part of group life, which many members, will have great difficulty in understanding. But when we use the metaphor, as in this case, then it makes total sense, right?

“If you remain with me, and my words remain with you, whatever you ask shall be done for you. In this the Father will be glorified, that you bear abundant fruit, and be my disciples.” (John 15:7-8)

The Chapter reads “At this stage you do not ask for anything for your separate interests.     The branch lives, breathes, blooms, bears fruits, and exists only for the vine.” (p. 615 -616)

 “One can be a disciple only when he is a living, fruitful, healthy branch. A disciple shares the interests of the whole tree; he lives for the whole tree. He lives as the tree, as the vine. Such a disciple is a fountain of health, vitality, joy, enthusiasm, and wisdom.” (p. 616)


 “Fire is the power of purification, creativity, and destruction. Fire can burn and annihilate; fire can evoke creativity; fire can be an agent of purification. In all these three phases, fire is the same Divine substance acting differently because of the condition man presents.” (p. 615)

“As long as we are fused with the vine we can cure our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. This is how so-called miracles happen. The energy of the vine regenerates our system and expels the toxic elements from them. Many changes can happen….. All are the result of a new release of energy from the vine, causing the apparently drying branch to flourish again.” (p. 616)

Joy. Joy exists only in unity, in fusion, in synthesis, in living a life as an extension of Him.” (p. 618)

Love. “Love gives you direction. Direction is the link between what you are now and what you can become in the future.   Love makes you see the future; love makes you live the future in your daily life. Health is living the future. Joy is the awareness that you are living in your future visions and achievements.” (ibid)

Initiation: “Every initiation is taken after a practical demonstration of sacrificial love.” (ibid)

EXERCISE – p. 618-619

“Sit and calm your body, emotions, and mind and visualize a vine and be one of the branches of the vine. A few minutes later feel the regenerative life current coming from the vine and penetrating into the branch, purifiying, strengthening, and healing it from all kinds of afflictions. Then see leaves and fruits growing beautifully.

“After doing this for five minutes, visualize that you, as a person, are standing in His presence, within His aura. See how His Light is purifying your physical, emotional, and mental bodies, transforming your vehicles, and making them a radioactive source of light. Feel that you are one with life.

“Say the Great Invocation.

“Do this every day and you will conquer many obstacles and see many miracles. Health is to have refuge in Him.”

MAY 12, 2009 CHAPTER 62 "Healing Through Unity"

MAY 12, 2009  CHAPTER 62 “Healing Through Unity”


This is a subject of great interest to me. Why? Because even though spiritual leaders, especially, throughout the history of mankind have emphasized the importance  of unity, now we are learning that it is through unity one can become healed. Are we a sick society? Some would say a most definite “yes.” Then if this is so, we could say society is sick because it has not yet understood the importance, value, and beauty of unity.

This coming Sunday Gay Hendin is going to present a talk on "The Sense of Universality." Try to come to her presentation because what she will say in her lecture will further broaden our understanding of the importance of unity.

In this Chapter we learn that all that Christ did and said can be condensed into one word – Healing. “His plan was to heal the bodies of the people; to heal cleavages between man and man; to heal cleavages between humanity and the kingdom of God, the Hierarchy…  This was His supreme responsibility.

“His intention was to make man whole. His Teaching was intended to bring integration within humanity and lead humanity Home.” (p. 611)

Dont'we first need to take a look at ourselves, to see what parts of our nature are integrated and what parts are not? In other words what part of our body, emotions and mind do not contribute to our wholeness? (If we understand wholeness as health.) Whatever within ourselves is not contributing to our wholeness is then, contributing to our illnesses, diseases and so forth. Next we can more easily and realistically recognize those parts of our life, our relathips life, our work life, our family life, and our spiritual life that are not healthy and whole and remedy the problems.

“He suggested that man must hurry to integrate his physical, emotional, and mental natures and harmonize them as a whole with the highest principles that exist within him. This is what integrity means….” (p. 611)

So we could first begin with five of the principles we have so long been taught, “Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy and Freedom.” These are not the highest principles according to Christ, but they are principles with which we can start; then move to the higher principles which means we will already be on our way. We can strive to integrate our three natures starting with these five principles, right?  

“When we say that man has integrity, we mean that he does not do anything with his physical, emotional, and mental bodies that is not in tune with the highest principles found in him. The highest principles in the words of Christ were the heart, the kingdom of God, and the Father’s Home.” (ibid)

Then the Chapter refines our understanding even more perfectly by saying “When man’s actions, feelings, and thoughts are integrated in his highest visions, in his highest virtues, values, and principles, he is a man of integrity and a man of beauty and radiance.” (ibid)

If you are one of those people who still believes he does not know the purpose of his life…here is a purpose. To tune with the heart, the kingdom of God, and the Father’s Home.”  If the person says, “this is too hard and I don’t understand it.” Then talk to the person about the five principles we all know so well. Then speak to him about the value of not doing anything that goes against his highest vision, the highest virtues, etc. etc. This is so simple to teach to others and to follow ourselves. Life’s purpose, yes!

When we begin to live our life in such a way we are healing ourselves and in healing ourselves we will also be healing others.

These past two weeks Shary has presented talks about the sense of synthesis. Now we learn in this Chapter that “Christ explained the concept of synthesis and integrity in one of his last speeches to His disciples. He said, “I am the true vine, and my Father is the worker. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit, He cuts out; and the one which bears fruit, He prunes so that it may bring forth more fruit.” (John 15:102) (From the Chapter – p. 612)

When I got back from a meeting in Nevada Val had planted flowers in the flower boxes on the lower deck; petunias. They were gorgeous in their array of colors. It wasn’t too long afterwards that our local squirrel decided to prune them to his satisfaction, in other words, eating each and every petunia flower. The Chapter says pruning is different from cutting off. In pruning there is vision, these is hope, there is promise that the pruned branch is going to bring spiritual fruits. I wonder if the squirrel is now waiting for the plants to blossom and flower again so he can heal himself with his own kind of Bach flower remedies?

“The only indication that you are alive on the tree is when you show signs of growth – leaves, flowers and fruit. If you do not grow, you do not produce flowers, leaves, and fruits; you are dead and the gardener cuts you off.” (p. 612) As we study these ideas I cannot help but to ask myself am I growing? I think I am, no, I “know” I am. But the real question is, “Am I growing in a way that my garden will continue to produce flowers, leaves and fruits for life times to come?” What kind of legacy are we creating for our next life? A barren garden, a garden of weeds, or beautiful flowers, leaves and fruits?

“Spiritual joy is achieved only through progressives, ever-advancing integration, inclusiveness and synthesis. When your life is really rooted, not only in His ideas or vision but in Him as well, you have joy.” (ibid) “Spiritual joy is achieved when one uplifts himself from his physical, emotional, and mental vehicles into his spiritual essences. One can achieve joy in the process of becoming oneself. This is Self-synthesis, when the Self focuses Himself within higher planes without losing His awareness of all the lower planes.” (ibid)

“Fruits are our deeds, our words, our thoughts, our creative expressions, and our life which receive their inspiration, beauty, taste, and energy from the vine. But if the branch is dry, the branch is not part of the vine, even if it thinks it is, because there is no continuity of life between the vine and the branch. To cut the dry branches means to prepare them for annihilation through fire.”

I was thinking as I was writing the paragraph above how life in general tries to turn us into dry branches…to cut us off from creativity, unity and contact with the higher worlds. And the worse thing is that we allow it to happen. We immerse ourselves in our laziness, and let our donkey self lead us around. Sometimes it is the kind of food we eat that controls our nature; or doping ourselves. Our donkey self is the part of us that is controlled by what the media has to say, what our enemies have to say, what those who are jealous of us have to say, what our habits persuade us to do and so forth. If you are in a controlling relationship for example, do you allow that controlling person to lead you around like we lead our doggies up and down the neighborhood for a walk? We must learn to think through our higher self; let the higher self to give us direction. This is wholeness, do you see? This is the way to heal your past and present.

“Thus the Supreme is the vine, and we are the branches of the vine only if we are alive and have our life in Him. Only in being in Him can one bring forth fruits.

“Fruit are our deeds, our words, our thoughts, our creative expressions, and our life which receive their inspiration, beauty, taste, and energy from the vine….” (p. 613)

“The fruit you are giving is the manifestation, the flowering of the life in the vine, a life that is drawn from the Sun and the earth. Fruits are the results of the fusion of these two currents of energy united an matured in the fruits.” (ibid)

“Fruits are the virtues, the creative expressions, the deeds that help people, the words that enlighten and uplift them, the thoughts that guide them and inspire them. Fruits are proof that you have life. Fruits are proof that energy is circulating within you, that you are in contact with the Sun and with the earth. The fruits you bear nourish others and make them fruitful.” (ibid)

Let us find a way to increase our fruits!


I am going to repeat something I quoted from the book  Challenge for Discipleship, just a small part of it: “A disciple is more advanced when he forgets himself in the labor of cooperation. He advances more when he admires the beauty of his co-workers. He advances even more when he helps others to accomplish a labor without thinking about recognition."
My question to you is, have you yet accomplished this, can you forget yourself in the labor of cooperation? Do you admire the beauty of your co-workers or are you still living in that "space" where you are more comfortable with criticism. Are you willing to help others advance, or are you too busy advancing yourself, thinking, "I am more important than this person or that person...let my own light put that friend, that co-worker, and this and that in my shadow?"
Wesak is nearly upon us, today is Wednesday, the Wesak contact is Friday evening. Have you prepared yourself? Or are you living the same kind of life you did last week, swallowed up in your business life, money life, sex life, TV life, movie life, critical life and so forth? Have you spent time in meditation? Have you yet created a plan for this coming spiritual year? Are your ready to renounce yourself, meaning your past, your material life, the non essential things in your life, your lazy life? Are you preparing the petals of your heart so you can totally and completely absorb the energy of the Buddha and Christ this coming Friday night and Saturday and the rest of your life? Or are you living, still, mechanically?
Okay...let's return a bit to the Chapter. On p. 363 it says, "Real health is eventually obtained through a process of awakening into the reality of one's essential inner Divinity and letting the power of that Divinity rule the life of the bodies. The inner Core of man is reached through striving toward spiritual perfection, through meditation and sacrificial service, through compassion and inclusiveness, through discrimination of values and through a life of detachment and renunciation."
Yes, I know we have already talked about this paragraph, but did you abosorb it? Assimilate it? Live it? Are you awake? Did you decide to live a life of detachment? If so, how? What does it mean to live a life of detachment?
Most of us thinks that health is not catching a cold when everyone else around us is catching a cold. Or going two years without getting the flu. Do you see? This is not "Real Health." As Torkom writes, "Real health is obtained through a process of awakening into the ...essential Divinity" and allowing that Divinity to radiate through all that you do, say, and act upon. But to do so, you must purify your body.
On p 368 the Chapter gives us a diagram of the etheric brain, the subconscious part of the mind, and the light of consciousness in the mental body. Then we learn about "superlearning," that "it is through the brain via the etheric brain that the mind is impressed." But this is not what we want...what we want is the "natural method". "The natural method is through the mind, consciously accepted-to the etheric brain, and then it is registered in the brain. In artificial methods of learning, the etheric brain is in power and becomes the field of conflict between the knowledge and the inner plan."
"By the word "artificial" we mean not the natural method - using an accelerated or retarded speed; excessive pressure or sub-weight pressure; not in right relation with the rest of the person's development, etc.
Do you see the power of "natural?" We can extend what is written in the Chapter to a recognition of the power, the simple power "natural" is to the soul and to your advancement. We can talk about the power of living a "natural" life this evening.
I hope you read p. 369 where Torkom talks about failure images and natural methods to eliminate them. He explains the danger of artificial elimination.
On page 372 he writes, "The plan of your Soul works very closely with your karma." beautiful, how powerful. Doesn't this give you a sense of protection? To know your Soul loves you so very much that he will work closely with your karma? Isn't that the way the Teacher also works? What is to be afraid of in having a Teacher, I've often wondered, when the true Teacher will act as your Soul;  always in concert, in harmony and obedience with your Soul. What a privilege it is to know the Soul and to place our trust in him. Why allow a hypnotist or our own hypnotic images to rule our life when we have the light of the Soul and Teacher to illumine, like the eye of Aldabaran, our path? Let us purify our life this year from the controllling influences of these horrid hypnotic images.
Let us live the noble middle path, as Buddha instructed, which is not the "austere" life. That is a gift I am giving to you to consider. What does it mean to you to live the noble middle path? What is the difference between living an austere life vs the noble middle path?
I am looking forward to meeting together in class tonight. And then this coming Friday evening and Saturday as we celebrate Buddha, the Christ and the energies of Wesak.
Dear All,
I'm posting this late Wednesday afternoon, just a couple of hours prior to class. Last week we spent the whole of the hour discussing the London conclave experience and thus did not have any time left over to engage in any dialogue about the dangers of Hypnotism nor about what I blogged.
So, tonight we will continue with last week's blog and the discoveries revealed in the Chapter.
April 22, 2009 - Chapter 40 - Hypnotism


A number of people have asked us to share our experiences with the London conclave and after-conclave experiences during class tonight.  It seemed like a good idea.

Meanwhile I was reading some of the Chapter this afternoon, Chapter 40. This is the best explanation I’ve found to date about the influences of hypnotism and how we must stay alert expecially to post-hypnotic suggestions.  This subject has been one of reaction to many people, especially people who are hypnotists themselves or are NLP practitioners. But these practitioners have a financial interest and investment in the practice of hypnotism, so it would be exceptional to open their minds to the dangers of their profession.

Have you noticed how easily you can fall prey to posthypnotic suggestions yourself when you are extremely tired, ill, or in a state of shock? But the Chapter gives us some deep insights as to how the human soul is our “savior.” The Chapter states that “posthypnotic suggestions can be defeated by the human soul and eventually thrown out as dead materials, if the human soul is strengthened by moral and spiritual values and virtues. As the human soul is nourished by higher ideas, visions, and virtues, he gradually develops a very sensitive power of observation and discrimination. Eventually he [the human soul] discovers the impressions that were not admitted consciously and casts them out as materials foreign to his nature and to his plan. As the light of the soul increases day after day, the impressed suggestions melt away and disappear..” (p. 362)

You might ask  how you, yourself, have been influenced by post-hypnotic suggestions. What comes to mind are those who have been abused in some way, physically, emotionally or mentally. This is a terrible imposition of another's will upon your psyche, one that if perpetual, will eventually put you in a post-hypnotic state. It is good to confront these experiences giving your soul an opportunity to recognize that during such moments your consciousness was absent, the mental unit not "on duty," so-to-speak, and thus you fell into such a dispairing situation. But there is help!

There is a wonderful instruction on the next page which reads, “Healing must start from the Core of the human being….” The inner Core of man is reached through striving toward spiritual perfection, through meditation and sacrificial service, through compassion and inclusiveness, through discrimination of values and through a life of detachment and renunciation.” (p. 361)

What is renunciation? First, it is helpful to know that if you want to advance spiritually, you must renounce yourself; “self-renunciation.”  (Even the abuse you may have experienced in your childhood or later on in your life. Renounce these things for your soul will throw them out.) It has been my experience that few are ready to engage in renunciation; not really, even though they pronounce it to be so - for they have created such a strong false identity, to lose it would feel like being stripped naked of their sense of self.)  I think that one of the reasons it is so difficult to engage in renunciation is because we live in a boastful society; a society of people who want to be recognized, admired, adored, and this and that. They have become  the center of their universe. It takes one with group consciousness; Soul consciousness to live a life of renunciation I believe. We want our recognition to come from our Master; our Teacher; our higher plane Ashram, don’t we?

Torkom writes: “A disciple is more advanced when he forgets himself in the labor of cooperation. He advances more when he admires the beauty of his co-workers. He advances even more when he helps others to accomplish a labor without thinking about recognition. …If a disciple works to shine for himself, to show off and feel that he or she is somebody, to be better than somebody else, he slowly prepares his own downfall.” He also says, “A disciple exercises strong control upon his inner and outer tongue, so that he does not encourage his lower self to appear and obliterate his true victorious Self – Who does not need recognition but service and labor for the good of all.” (CFD p. 39)


April 1st, 2009 Three Solar Festivals & Class Information

Dear Friends,

           We are on Spring Break this week. Next week, the Aries full moon will be celebrated with Valarie Drost giving the lecture and meditation for the gathering. The following week, April 15th, Valarie will lead the class in a discussion of "Dangers of Hypnotism," from Chapter 40. Meanwhile, here is a copy of the recent Networkers Letter which elaborates on the upcoming three Solar Festival.



The three major full moon celebrations are fast approaching, starting with the celebration of resurrection: Aries; Wesak: Taurus and the Festival of Christ: Gemini.

The Aries festival celebration will occur March 16th at 9:07 AM Mountain Standard Time. (For further information about celebration times, please see our website:

Aries represents resurrection and new beginnings, especially those who are treading that narrow, razor’s edged path. The soul keynote of Aries is: And the word said: “I come forth, and from the plane of mind I rule. Upon the Wheel of Discipleship this stage is marked by steadily growing group awareness, which is viewed as a field of opportunity, a sphere of service and as a place where sacrifice for the good of all becomes gloriously possible. In fact, the disciple’s immediate task is to discover his or her group of co-workers with whom she will tread the Path of Initiation. The Aries disciples are tested warriors, battle-scarred and tired yet knowing that triumphant victory lies ahead. Their contribution to the group is the gift of a pure and unselfish spirit and a rare capacity to give. No greater gift can be theirs—the driving urge to give selflessly with no motive but that of a pure and loving spirit. They are wise and experienced in many ways. Sympathy, understanding, loyalty to the cause of occult truth and steadfast endeavor plus selfless thought are theirs, and these qualities are recognized. This is the time in which she must take action, and until she does so she cannot walk further in the light.

The Taurus (Wesak) festival celebration will occur May 8th at 9:03 PM. Mountain Standard Time. (11:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time). Wesak represents the beginning of the new spiritual year for all aspirants and disciples. Each will consider this past 11 months of service and unfoldment to determine if she or he was successful in the accomplishment of her goals and self-imposed spiritual disciplines. The soul keynote of Taurus:  And the word said: I see and when the eye is opened, all is illumined. Upon the Path of Initiation the sign Taurus is entered via Saturn in the first decan. Under Saturn's rulership we recognize the price of treading the Path. Saturn brings discipline, pain, self-abnegation and abstinence; he is a severe taskmaster. If you enter Taurus through the decan of Mercury this is a life most serious for it is a life to advance the soul to where it will be “born again.” The soul will be challenged to overcome the form life, moving into the higher mind and service for the greater good of humanity. The final decan of Taurus, is entered through Venus where it produces the perfected expression of a sublimated, fully dedicated mind endowed with true solemnity. Solemnity, when expressed through the disciple, is the expression of nobility. He or she remains in the presence of the Inner Guide and the Master. Solemnity is the realization of one’s Divinity.

The Gemini festival celebration, the festival of Christ and of humanity will occur June 7th at 11:13 AM Mountain Standard Time (1:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time). Gemini symbolizes the heart of the sun. The challenge for the Gemini disciple is to balance head and heart and to practice harmlessness. The keynote of the soul for Gemini is: And the Word said: I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self I grow and glow. Upon the Wheel of Discipleship the sign of Gemini is entered via Jupiter in the first decan, Mars in the second and the Sun in the third. As she enters the sign through Jupiter the heart through love becomes of paramount interest and focus. She will go through the many trials of love lost and love gained until she learns the higher frequency of spiritual love. As the disciple enters the sign through Mars, she is developing the warrior side of her nature, coupled with the energy of creativity. The creative Gemini is one of many talents but must fit her talents to the need of humanity. Devotion becomes an important focus in the life of the Gemini at this stage of unfoldment which is so well described by Helena Roerich in Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 24 February 1930. “Try to feel with your heart the power of joy in devotion and love to the Leading Hand. I affirm by the knowledge of spirit and heart that you have not a greater Friend and Guardian.” As the Gemini enters into the third decan influence by the Sun, the pure light of day has succeeded in driving all shadows and darkness away and her life has become so brightened and lightened that she has made a contact her Master, the Master in her heart.

MARCH 18, 2009 Continuation of Chapter 79 "Infinity in Man"

March 18, 2009 Continuation of Chapter 79

“Infinity in Man”

The ending paragraph of last week’s blog concluded by saying: “The rest of the Chapter goes into detail about the nine initiations. And then “talks” about fire. “Fire is the flame of your candle, the flame in your chimney, your electricity, the fire in your cells and in the atoms of your vehicles, the fires of Spirit, the Holy Spirit, God. There is nothing except fire in its gradations – less matter, more fire; less fire, more matter.  Initiations are taken through fire. (p. 739)

The Teaching of Agni Yoga is the Teaching of fire. Some of you have studied in depth the subject of fire, and have experienced the various levels of this electricity. Others have not yet moved into the burning ground and as such, the subject of fire remains a mystery, or something to study.

Agni Yoga is related to light, energy, and to fire. Fire is life, livingness, purity, cleanliness, and abundance.

The Agni Yoga Teaching stirs your Inner Fire and awakens your virtues, dreams, and visions. The Agni Yoga Teaching ignites the fire within you, the Self which is trying to manifest.”

Fire means the Inner Essence of man. If a person is dead there is no heat in his body; in his emotions, mind or Spirit. It is the Inner Fire that gives Light to all human beings.

The following is information I have compiled on the subject of “fire” for you. I think you will enjoy this study alongside our discussion in class tomorrow night about initiations. “Through these nine steps [nine initiations] the human Spark merges with the ocean of Space as a bright flame in that ocean of fire. …[Initiation] is a change in your whole being. It is a change in your physical body; it is a change in your emotional reactions; it is a change in your mental responses, decisions, and motives.” (p. 734)

….Burning Ground: “Leo energy, being fiery, produces the burning ground for a human being. It is through such a burning ground that the task of purification, transmutation is carried on. A burning ground is the plane into which the fires of the Monadic substance pour.  If the burning ground is on the personality level, there is mostly pain, suffering, renunciation and penance. When it is on the Soul level it produces great joy, because the Soul manifests Itself through the fire that purifies and expands the horizons. If it is on the Triadal levels, the person is flooded with bliss because his monadic essence, which is bliss pours down and brings Cosmic visions and provides opportunity for the Monad to radiate as a living sacrifice.”

….Fire By Friction: Fire by friction is the fire which acts in the personality. It is a physical, emotional and lower mental fire. What is friction?  Friction is the resistance of one kind of substance or energy making contact with another kind of substance or energy. There is no friction or resistance if there is self-satisfaction.

    Electric Fire: We are told that when a person stands in the Spiritual Triad as a Transfigured Self, he receives Electric Fire. The Fiery Core is now in expression. We can call this person – Self Realized. Electrical fire is the real fire within you, the fire of Spirit.

    Solar Fire: Solar Fire is achieved as a person engages in meditation, contemplative study, and creative work. A person at this level has undergone fire by friction and cleared away many of the obstacles that had prevented the Solar Angel or Inner Guide from contact and communication with the individual. It corresponds to the heart of the sun. Solar fire is the fire of your Soul. It is the fire of the Solar Angel. Their Soul nature is active and the person is Soul-conscious. Their love and compassion makes them a sacrificial server of humanity. Their personal karma no longer interferes with their group work, labor, purpose and plan of their soul. They will not let it. Their commitment to the Work is foremost in their life.

Fire is the flame of your candle, the flame in your chimney, your electricity, the fire in your cells and in the atoms of your vehicles, the fires of Spirit, the Holy Spirit, God. There is nothing except fire in its gradations – less matter, more fire; less fire, more matter.  Initiations are taken through fire.





In an unpublished letter by H.P.Blavatsky she refers to the deep self and the physical organism, saying “The great thing is to discriminate between the deep self and the physical organism through which it has to function. The artist is real, but the instrument is out of tune.” This is an instruction about the infinity in man, in woman, in Life itself. Some day we must all realize, that this physical organism will disintegrate and when it does…something else awaits us. When the Antahkarana bridge is built, when one has continuity of consciousness, there is no fear of death; no doubt about life, death and reincarnation. No doubt about the Great Ones walking on earth at the present time, those Who can  function in more than one place at the same time. There must be no doubt about the arupa body[1] and this and that. Life is continuous and evolves. This is “infinity in man.”

In the introduction of this week’s Chapter it says: “Is there any kinship between man and Infinity? Perfection is expansion, is livingness. Contraction is separation, death, or darkness.”

“A …beauty is found in one of the letters of the Apostles: ‘We do not know yet what we are going to be, but when we see Him, we will be like Him.’” (p. 732) Some people are aware of that “deep self” within. It can be best described as “pure and knowing.” This pure and knowing deep self becomes a magnet between the inner presence, the deep self of the individual or group, and Shambhala.” It is the most finely tuned instrument that can be found within the human mechanism. It provides an ability for one to communicate with the Higher Ashram, with the Master and with Christ. Once this fiery inner presence is ignited, the person’s bodies become transformed starting at the cellular level. This normally occurs close to the third initiation.

“Is there any kinship between man and Infinity? Perfection is expansion, is livingness. Contraction is separation, death, or darkness.

“Those who have an urge to be creative and to serve are those people who love space: the space of the ocean, the space of the mountains and valleys, the space of the sky – limitlessness. One of the causes of our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical problems is the narrowness of our horizon. If our horizon is narrow, we cannot breathe spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or even physically. This creates tension, disturbances, irritation, and congestions’, and we see their dire effects.” (p. 732

I think this is why spiritual people need to have inner and outer retreats, for such retreats provide for ample space for creativity. Inner space is created through meditation and contact with the deep self…such space helps to tune the instrument to the Other Worlds. How does retreat create an environment in which the spiritual person becomes beautifully creative? First, the environment is healthy and harmonious. In such an environment, the deep self rushes upward, indicating a moment of genius or deeper consciousness. In such moments the person can contact Christ, the Master, a senior disciple, etc. But not all “rushes” of this psychic or primary energy is the same in all people; in other words there is no uniformity in the experience. In reality, it depends upon the purity of the individual and his or her level of attained consciousness.

What is so beautiful about experiencing moments of the uprushing of the deeper self is that it defies the personality, the ordinary state of your nature with your day-to-day social life and the normal existence. It becomes “a law unto itself” and while you must come back to that more normal state of consciousness in order to live in the world…it does give you a sense of contact with infinity. It is a moment of genius, if you will. The lower a person’s consciousness, or perhaps better stated, the more dimly lighted one’s consciousness, engaging in such an experience increases disturbances within the man or woman’s brain and health; it can create irritations and congestions all with “dire effects.” Thus “space” is needed.

The Chapter reads, “We begin to develop a relationship between Cosmos and ourselves when, for the first time, it dawns in our mind that we have a Father and there is the possibility of growing into Him. This Father image is a very inspiring image, but it slowly must fade away and turn into a concept of infinity power, without losing the connecting thread between the Son [Soul] and the Father. Gradually the Father will lose all His anthropomorphic characteristics, while the link remains between man and Infinite Space.” (p. 733)

Page 734 shares a little information about the nine intiations, using the terminology of the Western world. Then says, “Through these nine steps the human Spark merges with the Ocean of Space as a bright flame in that ocean of fire. … It is a change in your whole being. It is a change in your physical body; it is a change in your emotional reactions; it is a change in your mental responses, decisions, and motives.” (p. 734)

The rest of the Chapter goes into detail about the nine initiations. And then “talks” a bit about fire. “Fire is the flame of your candle, the flame in your chimney, your electricity, the fire in your cells and in the atoms of your vehicles, the fires of Spirit, the Holy Spirit, God. There is nothing except fire in its gradations – less matter, more fire; less fire, more matter.  Initiations are taken through fire. (p. 739)


[1] In the theosophic scheme of the septenary cosmos, the three higher planes are termed arupa planes, formless worlds, where form as we humans perceive it ceases to exist on our objective planes, while the four lower cosmic planes are called rupa-lokas or manifested planes (OG 6, 149).

March 4th Class - Chapter 81 - Third Week
Last week, during the Feb 28th class night, we spent about 40 minutes of class time engaged in an advanced meditation. We will do the same during tonight's class. The seed thought for Feb 28th, and for the March 4th class is:  "The Reapperance of the Christ."
The meditation experiment is to determine who is ready for more advanced meditation; to determine their readiness more advanced levels of thought. As you listen to  the recording of last weeks class you are listening to comments given by some of the class members regarding their  experiences with the meditation.
On the plus side some class members were very aware of a heightened energy in their body. This of course is psychic energy; creative energy. One person was feeling physically uncomfortable, back pain, but after the meditation the pain was gone. This demonstrated the healing energy of the group meditation and her receptiveness.
A few had trouble with concentration. Until you learn concentration you will be unable to lift your consciousness into the higher mind and receive clear impressions. Until you learn concentration the energies received in meditation can cause problems to the centers and nervous system. Without concentration your consciousness will hover in the concrete levels of mind.
As you listen to the CD you learn that the majority were struggling with the stresses of their physical body. This they did not properly align their three bodies. Proper alignment is vital to successful meditation.
Alignment; proper alignment is very necessary for a succesful medation experience. This is especially true in group meditaiton. If you have not aligned yourself properly then you will not be able to raise your consciousness into the higher mind, or higher. If your physical body becomes your focus in meditation then you need to spend more time learning how to relax the physical body; more time with alignment. You will find a good exercise in "The Science of Meditation." Some of our meditation courses also teach you how to relax the physical body and align all three bodies so you will be ready for a nice meditation experience.
We will continue this evening's class with another meditative experience followed by a final discussion about the contents of Chapter 18.
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