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July 08th - Chapter 19 "Groups"

JULY 8, 2009   Chapter 19 “GROUPS”

Here we are starting our sixth week….my goodness how time marches on. Tonight will be my last night to lead the class for the following class night I will be in Los Angeles waiting to take off for the far East and a trip of a life time. Val has agreed to lead the last two classes. She is well qualified to lead this class and will do an excellent job. Please give her your support!

The Chapter is one of my most favorite, not only in this book, but of the many books Torkom has written about Groups. So I would like to spend a good amount of time on this Chapter in discussion and utilizing a good question and answer period as well. Having led our group for well over 27 years now (remember we actually began, as a group, in 1978, and only incorporated in 1982)  I have a wealth of experience to draw upon, yet also realize that group work is an unfolding process of learning and experience.

To be a true group there must be a nucleus. That nucleus must be a senior disciple who is directed from time to time by a Master. The nucleus is also but a seed in the higher ashram; an ashram that is part of many ashrams all related to the planetary Hierarchy. Our Hierarchy; made of Masters, senior disciples, and energies still unknown to us, all who answer to the Christ who “answers to” Sanat Kumara, the head of Shambhala; the ancient of Days.

I beheld till the thrones were set in place,19 and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool. His throne was like the fiery flame and his wheels as burning fire.

"A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him. Thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him.

"I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him.

"And there was given him dominion and glory and a kingdom, that all people, nations and languages should serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed." [1]

The first paragraph in the Chapter is of huge importance and one that we must all keep in mind as we study the whole concept of groups. The Chapter reads: “Every group has a subjective network of psychic energy. The threads of this network are so sensitive that they collect all that happens to the group members physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.” (p. 129) Do you think this is so? That it is possible? How do these “threads” collect all that happens? Where is the information stored? How is it used? Who looks at the records of the collected information?

The next paragraph is as vital as the first paragraph, for it tells us something about a True group that differentiates such a group from the norm. “A group network is not created immediately upon the gathering of people. Nor does it occur when group members begin to work and relate together, even when they are admitted into group membership. It takes a long time to build a group network of psychic energy.” (p. 129) What evidence presents itself and when…that indicates we have formulated, or any such group has formulated a network?

Perhaps some of the answers can be found in the third paragraph of the Chapter: “The threads of a group network are built by the substance of mutual love, respect, and care; by thoughts based on sacrificial service; by actions intended to lift burdens from each other’s shoulders. As such, these relationships go to raise the quality of the group. Then the network of the group begins to be built. The network connects people in the group to each other.” (p. 129) I have seen evidence of such a network in the WMEA…and also discovered that this network is not confined to a small space of people or geographical location. It not only extends beyond physical boundaries but moves into the supermundane. How can we be certain this is a true and accurate statement?

Paragraph four: “The goal of such groups is to provide the Hierarchy with a magnetic network by which members of the group can attract subtle impressions from the Hierarchy and cooperate with Its Plan on Earth.” In the above paragraph the Chapter tells us that the “threads of the group network are built by the substance of mutual love, respect and care….” I have also observed that there must be a certain level of emotional and mental maturity within the core of any group in order that the threads are not broken. We live in an emotional society. Remember this past Sunday, during the Full Moon of Cancer Talk, I said that only 30 percent of humanity has an emotional body and only 10 percent uses it. That is a huge and insightful statement. So, when I say that a group network must be made of those who have cultivated a certain level of emotional and mental maturity, you know to what I am referring. Only fifteen percent of humanity has built a mental body and can use it. It is at this point the person(s) can be considered “mature;” spiritually mature. To be spiritually mature means one can be trusted.

It is then, in such trusted group networks that such groups can “provide the Hierarchy with a magnetic network by which members of the group can “attract subtle impressions from the Hierarchy and cooperate with Its Plan on Earth.” (p. 129)

“Eventually the members of such groups come closer and closer until they become like fiery centers in the body of humanity.

“This is why it is the most terrible crime to cause disunity in groups.” (p. 129) Let us discuss this subject further in tonight’s class. To try to understand what the Chapter means in using the term “disunity.” How does one cause disunity to groups? How can a group prevent such events or occurrences from happening. If such an occurrence takes place, then what happens, or what must the group do to repair the damage?

“Those who sever themselves from the group destroy parts of the network and cause great psychic damage to the soul of the group.” (p. 130) Okay, this is not so easy to understand and at one level can make us feel uncomfortable in many ways. One thing I thought about, an occurrence which many of us have experienced, is when a member of a family leaves the family by divorce. What happens to those who are left? Usually emotional bereavement. Right? But now we are talking about a group network that has constructed itself, usually over decades or life times. “Buddha pronounced seven cardinal sins, one of which was to cause disunity in a spiritual group dedicated to the service of humanity.” This is an important clue for us to consider….”a spiritual group dedicated to the service of humanity.” Most groups are dedicated to themselves; like with a normal family unit; church group; local community; even a nation. Most group are dedicated to themselves I think. But I also think this is in the past. As the new civilization comes into expression we are going to see many changes. The first change we are going to see is economic change, a change that will affect the whole of humanity, not just one family, one bank, one nation…but the whole of humanity. The members of the New Group of World Servers are instrumental in the construction of the new civilization. Some believe that many seeds for this new civilization was build in the last century via Nicholas and Helena Roerich and their disciples as well as Alice A. Bailey and her disciples, Helena Blavatsky and her disciples; and others.

Now the Chapter gives us some hope, group networks some hope if there is psychic damage to the soul of the group. The chapter says, “…[I]n a short time the group repairs the network.” (p. 130)

The Chapter reads, “We are told that a traitor or a slanderer will never again find a chance to relate to the network but, life after life, will be repelled by the psychic energy circulating in the group network.” (p. 130) How can we recognize the signs of such effects? Can we see someone or some people being repelled by the psychic energy circulating in a group network? What would be the signs?

And look at how beautiful this Teaching is…even if a traitor comes forward in such a group, there will still be an opportunity, one condition, that the group will once again accept the former traitor. “He must confess all his transgressions in the presence of leaders and give proof of his change of consciousness, then confess again and open all the corners of his heart to the entire assembly.” A most difficult task at best, but if the person is sincere and has opened his heart to the energies of the higher ashram, once again, no humiliation is too big to engage in such an experience. “After such an act, a long period of probation is needed to see if the traitor has changed in his heart.

“A complete destruction of ego, vanity, arrogance, touchiness, and selfishness can be signs of a true change.” (p. 130)

Okay, I am going to end here (bottom of page 130). If I have time before I leave next week, I will create a follow up blog for this Chapter; I will really try my best to do this.


  1. [1] Dan. 7:9, 10, 13, 14


JULY 1, 2009. CHAPTER 13 "Guardian of Doors"

JULY 1ST, 2009 – Chapter Thirteen: Guardian of the Doors

What an amazing and practical Chapter this is. Most of us were raised from childhood being told how bad it was for us to say “bad words.” Later, as we attended Sunday school and church, our pastor told us we could not swear, that to swear was a slur against God, the church, our parents and our friends. As I grew older I decided it was not so much the “bad word” but the intent behind speaking certain words that are eventually placed on most people’s “black list” due to the hurtful and damaging nature of the word. Of course there are certain words that are the exception (being placed on almost everyone's list)  and should never be voiced unless you want to cause a ruckus.

In this Chapter we are given further instruction about the damage “bad words” have upon us. “In the Teaching we read that blasphemous words ‘burn the heart like red-hot knives.’ (Fiery World I, Sutra 658) The Encarta Dictionary defines blasphemous as “expressing or involving disrespect for God or sacred things.” Other terms besides the word “blasphemous” would be: profane words, sacrilegious words, offensive words, irreverent words and so forth.

For people who have a deep psychic sensitivity to  sounds, colors and the rhythm of words, blasphemous words will have an immediate deleterious effect upon the heart. Often times it feels as if one’s energy is being attacked by a “vampire;” experiencing a sensation where the person's energy is being drained and fatigue sets in.

“Psychic energy builds around the body a protective net, sometimes called “the shield.” This protective net can be damaged by the poison pouring out from a person in the form of blasphemy, irritation, slander, and treason. These are called ‘the four destructive fires.’ Any person, after being engaged with these four destructive fires, will notice a considerable change in his character and health. Once the protective net is rent, the poison and dark forces from Space rush into him. Such people sometimes resemble objects caught in the current of a flood. They even lose the power to stop their destructive behavior.” (p. 93)

The Chapter then moves into a conversation about fanaticism. Of course fanaticism is an “off shoot” of Ray VI, the ray of religion and worship. The Ray VI was predominant in the Piscean Age and even though most of us in the group are deeply and richly responsive to the Aquarian Age and it’s rays, none the less, sometimes we, as a humanity, and as individuals, recognize the latent energy of Ray VI leaking through some of our behaviors – especially among the more religious. (Jesus was the Chohan of the Sixth Ray.)  The Soul and Personality Ray of Aquarius is Ray Five, the Ray of concrete knowledge,  science, analysis and mind. Yes, I realize that I am taking a small diversion from the Chapter, but bear with me. “This Ray Five Being is of the intensest spiritual light and in His manifestation on this fifth plane…He symbolizes the three aspects in a way achieved by no other ray.  Through His quality of higher mind, this ray is a pure channel for the divine will. …” (Alice A., Bailey, Esoteric Psychology, Vol. I, p. 76) “Thus the Fifth Ray is unique in relation to the human race because: 1) It is related to the mental plane into which humanity is entering in increasing numbers. 2) Humanity is the fifth race and is trying to raise itself into the fifth kingdom [editor: the Kingdom of Souls] 3) Human perfection is carried forward consciously upon the mental plane and 4) Its purpose is liberation. The stars of the sign of Aquarius transmit Fifth Ray energy from the great Life which ensouls them all. The Fifth Ray is the energy which is mostly related to Aquarius. (Symphony of the Zodiac, p. 304)

This is probably more information than you really wanted to know, but do you see why fanaticism has no place in the New Age, the Aquarian Age? The Aquarian Age and It’s Ray Five influence is about science, accuracy, clarity, research and the human soul. But there are glamors associated with the Ray Five that must be recognized and eliminated before they become an obsession within the consciousness of the individual and humanity. These glamors are the glamor of materiality, the glamor of the intellect, of holding a narrow point of view, or organization, and a glamor of the outer which hides the inner. The Fifth Ray also transmits the Second Ray through Jupiter…which is love-wisdom; the “will to unify.” We must learn how to fuse the Piscean energy now, with the Aquarian energy. Piscean qualities are a) sensitivity, b) receptivity, and c) sacrifice. Aquarian qualities are a) dynamism, b) positiveness, and c) livingness.

A disciple must now use these gifts scientifically and at the proper times to unfold his Lotus.

“Whoever is engaged in fanaticism in political, social, religious, or other fields must know that psychic energy has departed and that he is in grave danger of falling into treason.” (p. 94 of our text).

“Psychic energy always brings a balance in the consciousness of a [person.] With the help of psychic energy, he sees all sides of an issue. He also sees himself as he is. Further, he sees his past and present way of life and, with a balanced attitude, tries first of all to put his house in order rather than pour out his fanaticism upon others. (ibid)

“Fanatics especially attack those ashrams or groups in which psychic energy is generated by mutual love, devotion, dedication, prayer, meditation, and sacrificial labor. They especially target co-workers and those who are leaders of such groups.

“However, the Hierarchy cherishes such groups because in them is created psychic energy, which is needed for the salvation of the world. Hence, fanatics often receive a shock form higher sources and end up in asylums or in self-destructive activities.” (ibid)

“Psychic energy is also often called ‘the guardian of the doors.’ Doors are symbols of entrances. These entrances lead to higher states of beingness, higher states of consciousness, higher levels of responsibilities and duties, higher states of understanding and sensitivity, higher states of spiritual treasure and glory.” (ibid, p. 95)

Do you see how we must raise our consciousness from the Piscean age way of thinking, doing and acting  by absorbing and responding to the influences of Aquarius? “Psychic energy sets a rate of frequency upon each successive entrance, and those who want to cross the threshold must have at least the same frequency as the guard to be allowed to pass in.” (p. 95 in our text)  If we want to move our consciousness into higher states we must release the past, even the present, and move into the future.

The Seed.  The Chapter also refers to “seeds,” for example an egg. Or a baby that ready to be born, is charged “with a great amount of energy in order to give birth to a sprout, to a chick, or the human baby. Nothing in the Universe can make a breakthrough without the help of psychic energy.” (ibid) I was thinking that when the WMEA took birth, the seed was previously planted in the ground, and when the time was right to give birth to this “idea,” the psychic energy was there in full strength, giving it the push that was needed to come into manifestation. Voila, twenty seven years later (longer really, for we did not incorporate until 1981, we actually came into form in 1978) we are still in fiery manifestation.

“People soften seeds with water to prepare sprouts.” Yes, this occurred with the WMEA through my own, and others, many years of training prior to giving “birth.” Those years for me began at the age of three I believe. And the final “push” occurred in 1975. Between 1975 and 1978 the birthing process had finally begun removing the shaft from the wheat, experiencing renunciation and sacrificial service. All these events took place due to the intense psychic energy.

The Spleen and the Appendix. The Chapter tells us that the spleen is closely connected with the etheric body, that it absorbs the prana from the etheric body and passes it to the physical body. It is possible by increasing psychic energy, to cure the spleen from various disorders and, to keep that wonderful organ in the body instead of taking it out through surgery.” (p. 96)

THE SPLEEN-AN IMAGEThe appendix, “absorbs the psychic elements of the food,” and thus it has a great function. This organ must be preserved as far as possible and cured by increasing one’s own level of psychic energy and eating foods that have more psychic energy. What are these food? Raw vegetables and certain teas made from herbs, for example, peppermint, parsley, sage, etc.

“Once the appendix is taken out, psychic energy is no longer naturally absorbed by the body. “ (p. 96)



June 23, 2009  Chapter 11: Egotism

I think that many of you will be surprised what you learn in this Chapter about the subject (and expressions) of ego. First…the Chapter, right up front, says, “Egotism grows in a [person] because of lack of psychic energy. This is a most amazing statement and tells us, then, that psychic energy is the friend of the unfolding soul, but without it, we become like weeds in an untended garden. We start out with a most unique and creative potential to bloom into beauties, but without the proper and correct nurturing, we die just like untended flowers in a garden, becoming weeds which will one day be extracted from the garden (of life).

The Chapter reads, Egotism manifests as a life which is lived at the expense of others….” (p. 83)

I think we can all agree that egotism is one of the most ugly of traits found within a person. It is not only repulsive to others it also caused others to reject the one with a dominance of ego and vanity in their nature. It is like the souls of others becomes repulsed by ego and vanity in another with a result that they find it difficult to reach out in friendship, knowing a friendship with such a person will find themselves being used, manipulated and possibly enslaved. It is a terrible situation indeed to find oneself with the disease of egotism.

“Egotism grows to such a degree that eventually it kills the seeds of every kind of virtue and darkens the heart, making the person equal to a monster.” (p. 83) This tells me that each one of us has a responsibility to 1) Eradicate any seeds of egotism within our own nature and 2) not encourage it in others.

What are the signs of egotism? The signs are listed in the Chapter, but here they are as a list for us to think about:

1)     Imposition

2)     Manipulation of others

3)     Manipulation people by the power of your gossip

4)     One who slanders others

5)     Engagement of treason

What are the effects of egotism upon our human mechanism?

1)     Psychic energy withdraws, totally, which then

2)     Leaves us open to the invasion of

i.        Microbes

ii.      Viruses and

iii.    Imperil

3)     This invasion destroys our nervous system and brain to such a degree that the egotist begins to think, talk, and act against his own best interest and survival.

It has been my experience that it is extremely difficult to talk to or reason to an “egotist” for the very reason explained in the Chapter…they try to impose themselves upon others; their ideas, opinions, their “know-it-all” attitude and sense of self-importance.” I have also noticed another trait found in egotists which is the desire to collect personal information about others and then pass it on as a method of personal empowerment. It puts them “in the know.”

“But egotists pay a heavy price for their destructive success. The psychic energy totally withdraws from them, thus leaving them open to the invasion of microbes, viruses, and imperil, which literally destroys their nervous system and brain to such a degree that the egotists begins to think, talk, and act against his own best interest and survival.” (p. 83)

But as life is, and the Chapter confirms, karma will usually catch up to the person. But the Chapter is also pretty specific as to the “catch up” time, saying, “The longest time they can enjoy the ego is not more than twenty-five years maximum. More often they are hit by the lightning of karma in a few years.”

Where then is the good news? The fact that egotism can be conquered. When conquered it can change such people into a higher level of consciousness and illumination where  they can shine like diamonds.

“Psychic energy is the light of a man….” Where “an egotist, we are told, looks like a ball of dark cloud.” (p. 84)

“Many dangers surround all of life, and if you are dedicating your life to combat evil, the dangers will increase a hundred-fold. However, there is also the protection which is built by your contact with the Great Ones.” (Ibid)

How to build protection? “Some disciples carry the Image of a Great One in their heart and thus are protected from most obvious dangers awaiting them on the path. Psychic energy immediately informs the Forces of Light to hurry to your protection.” (p. 84-85) I can attest to this, as I know several of you can as well. It helps us to recognize that “we are not alone.”

“Those who plan to trap and destroy you are often destroyed by their own arrows, since those arrows hit your shield of psychic energy and return to them. A returned arrow is stronger and more destructive than a delivered arrow. Psychic energy causes them to bounce back with a power and speed that make them really dangerous to their owners.” (p. 85)

Perhaps one of the most surprising points made in the Chapter is about the experiences in the Subtle World that an egotist undergoes. “Egotists in the Subtle World fall into the lowest strata of the animal world and live there for a while, absorbing a bestial character. Later they slowly ascend and come into incarnation but bring with them all the animal characteristics inherited by them in the low strata of the Subtle World. Some people with monstrous characters existing in the world are incarnations of such fallen egos.” (p. 85) In other words they have animal characteristics. They cause much suffering in their environment.

Let me close this Blog with a quote from “The Psyche and Psychism” by Torkom. “Egoism” is the state of consciousness which is focused on the self when it is lost in the illusions of the mental plane. Such a state of consciousness makes the [person] feel that he is the center of the universe and all exists to serve him. … “An Egotist is a self-imprisoned entity, who enchains his own freedom and separates himself from the rest of the world.” (The Psyche and Psychism, p. 78)







 “On Earth as well as in Space there exist vortexes of psychic energy and fire. Such vortexes are created by powerful electromagnetic currents in Space.” (p. 47)

Okay, I thought some of you more physics-minded folks might like to read what Wikipedia has to say about electromagnetic currents. Here it is: Electromagnetism is the physics of the electromagnetic field, a field which exerts a force on particles with the property of electric charge and which is reciprocally affected by the presence and motion of such particles.

A changing magnetic field produces an electric field (this is the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, the basis of operation for electrical generators, induction motors, and transformers). Similarly, a changing electric field generates a magnetic field.

The magnetic field is produced by the motion of electric charges, i.e., electric current. The magnetic field causes the magnetic force associated with magnets.

The theoretical implications of electromagnetism led to the development of special relativity by Albert Einstein in 1905 and from this it was shown that magnetic fields and electric fields are convertible with relative motion as a four vector and this led to their unification as electromagnetism.…

And here is what the Chapter says on the more esoteric gear or level of vortexes, which is so very beautiful: “One must remember that not only are these vortexes made by elements of substance, but they are also condensed scrolls of knowledge and wisdom brought out from great Solar and Galactic Beings. Such vortexes resemble electrical clouds which need lightning rods to conduct their power to Earth.” (p. 47)

“We are told that the Great Ones are continuously fed by the psychic energy of such vortexes.” (ibid)

I have had experiences where I and another person, at a certain moment while in close proximity, seemed to create such an energetic vortex. When this occurs you will feel as if you are swooning, or that a wave of high intensity fiery energy is sweeping through you. I will discuss this more in class. I think you will find it very interesting. I’ve had such experiences perhaps a dozen or more times. In most instances I felt that the experience was Ashramic resourced.

At such a moment, as the Chapter explains: “They act as mighty magnets and spread powerful psychic energy in their environment, and they create irresistible movements toward higher levels of achievement.”

The Chapter, p. 47, goes on to explain that “It is known that servants of darkness also sometimes profit from these vortexes and bring destruction to many places on the planet.”  ….It is interesting that the physical, emotional, and mental mechanisms of the servants of darkness do not last long in the fire, and fire brings destruction to them. Servants of darkness burn themselves with the fire they use to destroy others.”

Let me digress a moment and give another example. I’ve observed over the years that those who step into a leadership role in an established esoteric spiritual group will have many difficulties in the beginning of their leadership, normally lasting one to three years. As they step into the fiery currents of the group energy many problems come to the surface both mundane and spiritual, both inner and outer. It takes a spiritually prepared person to withstand the fire while at the same time sustain the leadership of the group. It is for this reason it is best, in my experienced opinion, not to step into such a leadership role until a good degree of purification has taken place and life-times of training for such leadership. I am not kidding. A certain degree of purification is needed plus readiness. But if you step into such a group with right motive and “will stand for the good of the group,” without thought of self…your consciousness will expand and spiritually you will advance into your life Purpose. But, if you have not prepared yourself nor taken the needed disciplines prior to stepping into such an intense leadership role, then many profound difficulties both for yourself and the group may be experienced. Often times the group may even dissipate or become a very different group; different from its founding purpose. Remember such a group, a discipleship group, is a made of a combination of psychic energy and fire.

WORKING AGAINST PSYCHIC ENERGY AND FIRE: “The person, in an extreme case, when working continuously against psychic energy and fire, will enter onto the path of annihilation, and his soul will immediately melt away in the ocean of chaotic forces. Such a person does not exist anymore, and reincarnation becomes an impossibility.” (p. 48)

“No one can incarnate without having the fire of the human soul. “ (Ibid)

“A Great One, talking about fire and psychic energy, advises that these energies must be used and handled with great caution. One must know where to use the fire and how to safeguard it so as not to create devastation.” (p. 49)

“Carriers of fire are extremely cautious people. They know that the flame of their thoughts, emotions, and actions can cause destruction if it is not used by superior wisdom and deep concentration and deep co-measurement.” (P. 49) I was thinking of an instance where a student asked to sit in meditation with his Teacher and the Teacher kindly said, no.” The student asked several more times, but the Teacher did not relent. Why was that? Because the student was not yet ready to sit within the proximity of the flame of the Teacher and had he done so, would have harmed himself, physically, emotionally and/or mentally.

“That is why, as disciples of Great Ones are charged more and more with fire and psychic energy, they are advised to be extremely cautious in their use of fire. Often such disciples do not themselves use the currents of psychic energy and fire, but sit in silence and let the fire and psychic energy do the work.” When you are around such a Teacher and observe that where others around him are engaged in activity or conversation while he remains in silence, you will now know the reason for his silence.

“Psychic energy and fire are used to increase the fire of every center, to purify the channels of energy circulation, to burn away etheric webs which protect and hinder the circulation of fire, and to lead the fire gradually to the corresponding etheric centers about the diaphragm and in the head. Later this fire will be led to the centers of higher planes and be used to build the bodies of glory through which man will come in contact with Higher Worlds.” (p. 50)

“It is also possible for this fire and psychic energy to be used to kindle the centers of others and regenerate their glands and organs. But we are told that this is a very tricky job and an increased dose of fire can destroy instead of build, or create inflammation instead of circulation.” (Ibid)

There are networks of psychic energy on the globe.”They serve as reservoirs of psychic energy or as protection from dark attacks. Usually these psychic networks originate in those places where the Hierarchy has located certain magnetic stones or certain charged disciples. Also, certain trees such as pine, deodar, oak, and eucalyptus act as networks and create a magnetic sphere and attract psychic energy from Space.” (p. 51)







June 10th  2009 Psychic Energy –Chapter One

This past weekend the headquarter group in Prescott plus the WMEA Study Groups all celebrated the Gemini Solar Festival (the full moon). I bring this up for in last week’s blog it was written that “As we learn in the specialized Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom periodically, this energy [psychic energy] is released directly on the planet, but during the three major festivals of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini the psychic energy is focused and released on earth through the Hierarchy, thus the reason all deeply esoteric groups [and students] set aside the seven days of each of these full moon periods for spiritual activities and disciplines. In other words it is a great service to engage in each full moon period in order to distribute the psychic energy to humanity. Remember psychic energy is a highly creative energy. We know it is a healing energy. Please remember to attend your local group meditation at the time of each full moon.

Conductors of psychic energy: We can look for objects that are conductors of psychic energy. For example pine trees, especially deodar trees are conductors of psychic energy. But Master says that we must learn to recognize psychic energy. He wrote in the Agni Yoga book series “Community,” Sutra 222,It may be known that at present many are ready to accept the community, and many can cultivate their psychic energy. Be able to point out to them that first of all they should learn to recognize the presence of this energy. One can cultivate and increase only that which is realized.” We have a wonderfully huge deodar tree in the front of the WMEA House. This tree was planted in April of 1997 in memory of Torkom who loved this particular cedar tree. Today it is reaching the sky it is so tall.

One day a distraught woman came to me for counseling. I was going to be engaged with a project for awhile, so I took her out to the front of the House and had her sit on the bench nearby, without telling her why. I said, “Why don’t you sit here until I come and get you.” She agreed. 30 minutes later when I returned to her, she was healed and no longer needed to chat. It was then I explained to her about the healing energy of the tree. You can also take the needles of the tree, or a small branch and burn it as you would burn incense in a little pot. The smoke from the needles are healing.

“Amber carries a great amount of psychic energy. “ “Psychic energy often stays in the stone for ages and ages, radiating healing effects, but the most important function of such stones is to become a bridge of communication between the source of wisdom that sent the stone and those who possess it. This will keep the possessor of the stone alert and informed aobut the Higher Worlds.” (p. 25) This is why the necklace owned and designed by Helena Roerich that was gifted to me a few years ago is so significant. It is a pendant which holds the stone moldavite. And of course it was worn by H.R. It carries a great deal of psychic energy.

Stones are used to transmit psychic energy to various places on Earth. Ancients used to bless stones and use them in their gatherings as psritual magnets.” (p, 24)

Hierarchy possesses sacred stones which were received from far-off worlds and from which parts have been scattered all over the world and placed in certain locations. Those people who possess parts of these stones render remarkable service to humanity…” (ibid)

Helena Roerich wrote something interesting about psychic energy:  Moreover, a seeming follower of the Teaching of Living Ethics wrote me that it is regrettable that in the books of the Teaching abstention from alcohol is nowhere pointed out! And yet, in the second part of Leaves of Morya's Garden it is said that "the use of wine... [and] narcotics takes away three quarters of... [man's] vitality." and in Community it is stated that "drunkenness is the enemy of …  psychic energy, which is the basis of our existence. It would seem that this could hardly be stated more strongly, but people who do not take the trouble to fully acquaint themselves with the Teaching begin to lie and to vilify. They do not even understand that when the Teaching speaks of self discipline, about mental and physical purification, this means of course, abstinence from all kinds of excesses, no matter what they may be, and from substances and habits harmful for the organism. “Most of you remember Torkom saying: “We are not fanatics. If you want to drink wine, drink it before sunset and cut it in half with water.”

When I was recently in Los Vegas I ordered a glass of wine. But as in the past, I felt weakened upon taking one or two sips of the glass of wine. I could never figure it out, thinking maybe it had to do with the sugar content of the wine, or I was simply “allergic.” It was so odd. But now in reading what Helena Roerich wrote, that it takes away one’s vitality…voila! There is my answer. My vitality was leaving me…the psychic energy was being drained from me with just one or two sips of the wine.

Certain plants carry the fiery property of psychic energy, and thus, healing energy. For example, the wormwood plant (Artemisia absinthium). Recently I learned from a co-worker of a product called “No Bruise.” This is a towelette that has Artemisia absinthium (wormwood). It not only is a preventative for bruises but also on muscle strains/sprains and areas of the body that just hurt and also eliminates the itching from bug bites. I put it on my solar plexus area today and immediately became energized. You can also remove irritation by simply throwing a towelette into your bath water and enjoying a nice leisurely bath. I am going to give each on in class tonight a towelette, but I warn you, once you try it you will want to buy a box or two.

Irritation can lead to imperil. On page 12 of this weeks Chapter it says “One can destroy the reserve of his own psychic energy by having imperil. This poison is produced when the nerves of man are in continuous irritation. But the Sage who spoke about imperil says also that “fear, doubt and self-pity are equally destructive to psychic energy. Elimination of imperil, fear, doubt and self-pity are the best preventive steps for remaining the healthy, energetic and effective.”

Sound and rhythmic singing: “Ancient ones also used rhythmic singing and chanting, knowing that the rhythm of sound could attract the fire of Space, which can be used to eliminate obstacles standing on the path of spiritual progress and spiritual service. These rhythmic prayers, chanting and singing will slowly be given again to humanity to establish a method to draw psychic energy and fire.” (p. 13-14) Listening to the groups musical CD is a wonderful way to attract the fire of Space. Also listening and singing to the music of Torkom can attract the fire of space. And of course the Taize music is also a wonderful music-style for musicians and “non musicians” to sing and attract the fire of Space.  Here is information on the internet about Taize music: When I was in Findhorn a few years ago I learned about Taize music.

Psychic energy illuminates your love.” (p. 15)

Joy. “We are told that the communication lines to various spheres of wisdom and energy are built by the substance of joy and that it is by the magnet of joy that the psychic energy of space is brought down into our being.” “Joy not only unfolds the petals of the centers, enabling them to respond more to higher impressions, but it also creates a tide upon which the psychic energy and fire can travel to far off places. Joy gives beauty to the motions of psychic energy.” (p. 23)

Head Center in Man. “There are conditions on Earth which are generally viewed as catastrophes. For example, when hurricanes and tornadoes devastate various place, it is considered to be a disaster. That is true, but such calamities, especially when caused by hurricanes and tornadoes, kindle the head center in man and create a new, spiritual orientation in the masses.” (p. 23)



June 03rd, 2009 Psychic Energy –Introduction to our first class gathering

Welcome everyone to our 2009 summer class where we will be discussing the subject of Psychic Energy from the book Commentary on Psychic Energy by Torkom Saraydarian. If you do not have the book you can buy your copy at the beginning of class. Because we have such a huge registration I suggest you come early for parking and/or double up and ride with another person to the Center.

Psychic energy, a major theme throughout the Agni Yoga books, is, in essence, understood as a primary energy. “It….therefore includes all other energies, which are only its differentiations.” [LHRII p 331.] Torkom explains that “psychic energy is the energy of the Great Bear, which is transmitted through the monad. This energy is also the energy of the Pleiades which then fuses with the energy of the Great Bear and is transmitted to us through the Solar Angel.” (Psyche and Psychism, Chap 24) The Monad is our in-most Self.

When I first began studying the Agni Yoga books about psychic energy I said to myself “I want some of that. How do I find it?” This sent me on an mission to find psychic energy! Since that time I have learned that we all have psychic energy; it is “manufactured” in different ways. But we can see that it originates with the Great Bear, the Pleiades and is then transferred to the personality by the Solar Angel. What stops or slows down the flow of psychic energy are our negative emotions, separative or distorted thoughts, and even a poor diet! This is why it is important to have a well designed diet to meet our physical/etheric-spiritual needs, as well as to create inspired emotions and high thoughts in order to let the chemistry of our nature conduct psychic energy without any impedance. The charges of psychic energy received from the Spiritual Triad and the Monad are very powerful, creative and far-reaching. We are told that this level of psychic energy charging is mostly related to those who need energy for their group.

We also learn that not only does psychic energy originate with the Great Bear and the Pleiades, the Spiritual Triad and the Monad, but also the Christ and the Hierarchy. “Christ’s psychic energy is a fiery love which circulates within our psychic mechanism if it is purified by the fire of service.”

To be a good channel of psychic energy, we must purify our heart, mind, mouth, hands and feet.

In the Christian religious tradition we learn about the Holy Spirit: within mainstream Christianity the Holy Spirit is one of the three persons of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit, in the mainstream Christian tradition, is believed to dwell in the individual believer and enable them to live a righteous and faithful life. In the tradition of Agni Yoga and the Ageless Wisdom psychic energy is the Holy Spirit aspect in the universe. It can be received and accumulated within our Chalice and higher centers, and used for spiritual ends.

There is yet one other source of psychic energy which is Shambhala, “the Center where the Will of God is known.” As we learn in the specialized Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom periodically, this energy is released directly on the planet, but during the three major festivals of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini the psychic energy is focused and released on earth through the Hierarchy; thus the reason all deeply esoteric groups who are in the stream of the specialized Teachings set aside the seven days of each of these full moon periods for spiritual activities and disciplines.

Healing: Psychic energy heals. In Agni Yoga we read: “Headaches, ailments of the eyes, teeth, extremities, are referable to the psychic domains… Cancer, tuberculosis, diseases of liver and spleen as well as enlargement of the heart – all these result from an unbalanced state of the psychic centers. Only the application of psychic energy can shield the better people. Otherwise, like sponges they will absorb the excess ills of humanity.” (p 219 Psyche and Psychism – Torkom Saraydarian).