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July 21, 2010: Chapter Fifty One Continues

Dear Friends. I thought it would be nice to spend 15 minutes at the beginning of our class this week to share some of my thoughts, feelings and experiences about the Geneva and Umbria (Italy) trip with you. This is the part I found missing from our Italian Night celebration. So, if there is a consensus to do this, the first fifteen-twenty minutes of class will be a sharing of those experiences. During the balance of the remaining class time we will continue on with last week's class blog of Chapter 51.


July 14, 2010 Chapter Fifty One: The Birth of the Lotus

In earlier studies we learned that the Lotus is built primarily by the substance of the Solar Angel. It is located in the second and third subplanes of the mental plane. And later, when an Initiate reaches the Fourth Initiation, she goes through a crucifixion experience (Renunciation) and the human soul departs from the Chalice. At this point the soul centers himself in the Spiritual Triad. The Initiate's Chalice is now her Head Center, also known as the Thousand Petaled Lotus.

Chapter 51 goes into further detail about how the Lotus is constructed, saying its formation is created with the cooperation of the Solar Angel, the lunar pitris and the man. [The Lunar Pitris create or build the form of man on the three lower levels. They also build the planetary body and its astral and mental forms under human and logoic impulse. They live in our etheric, astral and lower mental planes, and….collectively form the Dweller on the Threshold. … When you desire something, the Lunar Lords build the form of your desire. After it is built, you have new elements in your aura which sometimes turn into hindrances and obstacles when you try to progress. Lunar of course means belonging to the moon, while Pitris is a Sanskrit word meaning Fathers.]

"As the human being expands his consciousness, he begins to coordinate the three permanent atoms [physical perm. atom, emotional perm atom and mental perm atom] located at the base of the Lotus and builds communication lines with the physical plane.

The Chapter explains that the Chalice has four major component parts: a) The Jewel b) the bud petals c) the petals of the three tiers and d) the Solar Angel.

THE BUD: "The three waves of the Solar Angels offered Their substance to form three petals of the bud to create with Their pressure the Jewel [Diamond] as a compressed Space – bringing it into existence as the first step of Individuality…" (p. 304)

THE THREE TIERS: The tiers of petals are built of deva substance.

THE JEWEL: The Jewel is the Monad, the Spark, the electrical fire, or the will energy. The substance of the bud id offered by the Solar Angel. The unfoldment of the Chalice is due to the Jewel, to the release of the Jewel, which makes the petals open according to the unfoldment of the Jewel and eventually destroy the whole Chalice when it is fully open.

HUMAN SOUL CONCEIVED: It is the Spark, the human soul, "conceived" in the Chalice that eventually is "born again" at the Fourth Initiation. Such souls are called Arhats. This is the true "second birth."

THE CHALICE IS: "the womb and the body of the Solar Angel Who uses the Chalice to create a human soul out of the Monad.

THE MONAD: "is the essence in the womb of the Chalice that is in the process of metamorphosis – to turn into a human soul. It is in the Chalice that the Monad develops intelligence, love, and willpower and eventually is born as an emancipate human soul." p. 305

LOTUSES-GROUP: "The Tibetan Master speaks about Lotuses which form groups. There are seven such groups corresponding to the Seven Rays." (ibid) "Group Lotuses, which in their aggregate form a center in the body of the Planetary Logos, are cyclically stimulated, as the Planetary Logos takes Initiation or in certain times uses a given center. All Lotuses in that center are highly affected and stimulated." (ibid) "Through all these processes, we see how each individual Lotus develops group consciousness and slowly fuses its will to the will of the group Lotus." (p. 306)

PLANETARY LOGOS: "…these groups, as they develop, form the seven centers of the Planetary Logos. As time passes, these seven groups are synthesized into three groups in the head, ajna, and heart centers of the Logos and later are eventually (and again) synthesized in the head center of the Planetary Logos." (p. 305) "Each progress of the Lotus is sensed by the Planetary Logos as each labor unfolds and manifests as group consciousness, group cooperation, and group will."

"Civilizations and cultures are responses of group Lotuses to the impulses coming from the Core of the Planetary Logos." "The destruction, degeneration, and corruption in the world are the reaction to these groups to the same impulses of the Planetary Logos."

HUMAN SOUL—MATURITY: "When the human soul reaches a certain degree of maturity in the Lotus, he begins to be aware of the petals of the Lotus – which are in essence the radiation of the threefold Monadic Life. It is in this stage that the human soul begins to cooperate consciously with the lunar pitris." (p. 307) [In a general sense Lunar Pitris means all entities which originally came from the Moon-chain to the Earth-chain. The Earth-chain including our own globe was populated from the Moon-chain, because all entities now on Earth, whatever their grade in evolution, came from the chain of the Moon.]

PERMANENT ATOMS: "When the outer petals develop, there is a certain degree of vibratory power. This radiation reaches the three permanent atoms and vivifies the three lower spirals of the three permanent atoms..The fourth spiral is not yet vivified but affected to a certain degree." (p. 307) The fire of the human soul organizes the permanent atoms and unfolds the spirals. Then the human soul consciously begins to develop the petals of the Lotus and beings to focus his interest on his Monadic Essence instead of his three bodies of activity. This shifting from permanent atoms to petals takes a long time during which the first of the human soul gets stronger and stronger." (p. 308)

INDIVIDUALIZATION: The Tibetan Master said that individualization occurred at the time between the Third and Fourth Race. "The human beings who were individualized in former Chains, for example the fourth globe of the second or third Chain are still with us. Their permanent atoms are active now in their fifth spiral and they are leading human beings in all fields of human endeavor." (ibid)

PETALS: "The Tibetan says "that the petals are like 'vibrant and scintillating lights.' After the bud was formed, a triangle of energy appeared and circulated between the Mental P.A., the center of the bud, and the mental unit. This triangle was formed "of pure electrical manasic fire" (says the Tibetan in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 709) From this point on begins man's great labor to build a bridge between these three points…with his own labor, sacrifice, and service to win….his individuality. " (p. 309)

TRIANGLE; "This fiery triangle is used as an electrical line to transmit intuitional light to the center of the Lotus, creating the three body petals "which close in on the central flame." This Lotus is the womb in which the human soul is in gestation.

"The fire in the Lotus is the fire of the spirit which will substantiate as a human soul and take birth through the fire at the Fourth Initiation. (p. 309)

SPIRIT IN THE LOTUS: "The focus of Spirit in the Lotus is the Jewel, the future human soul and individualized Self…" (p. 309-310)

CHEMISTRY IN THE BODIES: "The unfoldment of the Lotus is responsible for the change in the chemistry of our body. Even the genes and DNA are changed by the unfolding Lotus. The immediate effect…is upon the mental, astral and etheric centers and upon our thoughts, emotions, and action." (p. 310)

OUR PAST: The recordings of the genes are the summary of the recordings of our permanent . atoms – which are permanent recorders of our life in the three worlds. Certain thoughts, certain emotions, and certain actions are related to certain chemicals in our body…chemicals which you produce through using your mental, emotional and etheric substances. (p. 310) "It is their psychic chemistry that affects our physical chemistry through changing the composition of our genes." (p. 311)

SOLAR ANGEL: "One of the greatest responsibilities of the Solar Angel is to impart impressions about the Purpose and the Plan to the baby Jewel in the womb of the Lotus. It s carried on in this way: The Solar Angel takes a tiny part of that Purpose and impressed the human soul with just the dosage that he can understand, assimilate, and use in his life condition. The Solar Angel transmits first a part fo the Plan, and as the person's sensitivity expands more, the Solar Angel begins to transmit a tiny part of the Purpose. " "For many years…or incarnations…the human soul unconsciously follows the Plan and the Purpose, though with many faltering, hesitations, and complications, until one cay he consciously sees the Plan and then sees the Purpose behind the Plan." (p. 311)

















July 07th, 2010. Chapter 46 “Meditation and Freedom”

The Chapter opens with a statement about the plane of intuition, saying that it is through meditation we eventually come in contact with the plane of Intuition and that this contact is a major event in our life. This statement gives us insight as to when a we have developed "intuition" in the truest sense of the meaning of the word.

To have intuition means that you are now a soul. It means that for the first time "in your life, you can pass beyond the etheric web of the physical plane. It also means that, as a result of regular and persistent meditation, you are now able to penetrate into the sixth level of the Intuitional Plane and thus able to pass beyond your astral body."

We should all be grateful to Torkom's "no-nonsense" way of hitting the "bulls eye" of understanding regarding right meditation and intuition.

Today, in the esoteric community, there are some members who say, "I just had an intuitive thought." Or, the person says, "I am becoming more and more intuitive." Or, "My intuition tells me." Such thinking leads to glamor and illusion and can stagnate one's striving. First, a disciple who has reached this level of enlightenment will not make such claims; they will personally, however, take responsibility for the inspired ideas and thoughts, manifesting them in a form of service.

You may be sensitive to the feelings of others, you may have insights given to you from your Solar Angel in dreams, during your meditation, or at other certain times where an idea will be given to you, but to say "I am intuitive" means you have penetrated into the fifth sub-plane of the Intuitional Plane using your Mental Permanent Atom. To determine if this is so, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I daily meditate, (no exception) using seed-thought meditation via a WMEA meditation course? Daily does not mean every once in a while, or three out of five days, etc. etc.
  2. Do I daily record my meditations in writing at the conclusion of my meditation? This is very important for it brings the ideas from the higher mind into the concrete mind and is part fo the process of building the bridge.
  3. Do I try to remain open to higher impression during the day?
  4. Do I have the Antahkarana Bridge constructed? (the first stage of the rainbow bridge)
  5. Am I in conscious contact with my Solar Angel? Have I seen him or her?
  6. Am I living a life totally dedicated to the Plan of Hierarchy?
  7. Do I still have personal karma?
  8. Am I dedicated to the life of the Group?
  9. Am I living, truly living, a sacrificial life free of selfish desire?
  10. Am I capable of leaving my personality and actively engaging in the Chalice? (The Chapter tells us "This is accomplished with intense aspiration, striving, service, and specifically through meditation." P. 280)

And finally, the Chapter tells us that it is in the Fourth Initiation that the human consciousness finally functions in the Intuitional Plane and thus destroys the etheric barrier existing on the fourth level of his mental plane.

This information is valuable to your spiritual striving, to expansion of consciousness and to your humility and sanity. It serves you as a vision of what your future service can be if you are willing to sacrifice for such a future.

Are you able to consciously leave your body? Sometimes people violate spiritual law in this regard and through abuse of drugs, including the taking of hallucinogenic drugs, abuse of alcohol and excessive sex; engaging in wrong meditation practices, engaging in kundalini exercises and chanting; living an imbalanced life such people will suddenly and without control leave their body, putting their sanity in danger.

If you read the book The Science of Meditation it will tell you about the dangers of meditation. I am reminded of one young woman who began to meditate on her own, using her own approach and engaging in meditation all without the guidance of a Teacher. The woman over stimulated her brain and centers, and to this day she remains psychologically dysfunctional. Another young woman whose husband was a medical doctor spent so much time in meditation (mystical) that she opened up centers, which destroyed the protective webs, putting her in contact with the dead and in this case, with a person who had died in her house. She began having conversations, pleasant and delightful conversations with an earth-bound entity. She would meet with the entity daily, in the afternoon between 3 – 4 pm. Then other entities began to visit her, bypassing the "nice" entity who was trying to protect her, but these entities were harmful and began to take control over her. I was finally called in to help.

 In another situation where a person was engaged in meditation practices without the guidance of a Teacher, the person became a megalomaniac. The hours spent in meditation over stimulated the solar plexus and the person became very difficult to deal with.

 Here is another story: A married woman with three beautiful daughters began mystical (emotional) meditation practices. Up until the time she lost her mental balance, we spent time together where we each served as chaperones for senior high school students, students who, due to their musical talents, were invited to participate in various musical competitions around the state. During one of these outings she began talking to me about her meditations. She would meditate several hours during the day, when her husband was at work and her children in school. This occurred on a daily basis, for many hours each day. Then one day an entity told her to get a pencil and pad and to begin writing, to take dictation from him. This woman, as a result, abandoned her beautiful husband and children to warn the world of their sinful ways. We were eventually able to find her and placed her in a institution.

Another woman who engaged in prolonged meditation believed that she had become a "channel" for Annie Besant. But she was being "used" by an imposter.

Yes, what I am saying is that there are dangers to meditation, but there is no danger if you follow the rules. If you still do not know the rules of meditation, study the book The Science of Meditation by Torkom and follow the instructions with perfect obedience.


The Chapter says the "Chalice is not really rooted only in the higher mind. It can function outside of man; it is free in Space. When man escapes from the etheric and astral ring-pass-nots, he functions in the Chalice and reaches a relative state of freedom.

"At the Third Initiation, man breaks the mental ring-pass-not, and at the Fourth Initiation the mental body is conquered and the human soul is ready now to leave the Chalice, transport its treasures into the Spiritual Triad and head center, and locate himself within the Intuitional Plane." (p. 280)

Remember the "Chalice is the anchorage point of the Solar Angel. In the Chalice, the conception and development of the human soul takes place." (ibid)

Remember….the "Monad is not the human soul." "Man essentially is a Monad, a ray projected out of the Central Spiritual Sun. … It is in the Chalice that out of this ray a human soul is conceived which then develops mind, love, and will power within an identity or individuality." (p. 280)

"This ray, the monad, connecting itself with the physical, emotional, and mental planes, eventually acts as a controlling and guiding center for these lives by which the three bodies are built. Gradually the Monad develops sentience and then thinking and acts as if It were a separate entity." (p. 281)

"The human soul is created individually in the Lotus out of this "Boundless Ray." (ibid)

"The millions of personalities that are created throughout the incarnations of this individuality are like pearl beads on the thread – the ray of the Monad.

"Through meditation we slowly dispel our identification with matter and gain freedom from the Cosmic Physical Plane at the time of our Seventh Initiation. … The journey is long." (ibid)

"Until we build our human soul, we are an unconscious human Monad around which our past deeds, emotions, and thoughts will build a new personality in each incarnation without having continuity of consciousness from life to life." (p. 281-282)


June 30, 2010 Chapter 44 "The Chalice and the Centers"

June 30, 2010 Chapter 44: "The Chalice and Centers"

We have spent the last three weeks essentially focusing on the formation of the Chalice, how the petals of the Chalice open, the relationship of the permanent atoms and the Chalice, and the centers and the Chalice. We have been given several beautiful and intricate diagrams; all forming a treasure house of knowledge for us to resource. And we have started each class with fifteen minutes of meditation, carrying our consciousness into the light of the Higher Mind. You are receiving information that is deep and profound about yourself and ultimately about the universe and galaxy (galaxies). Please, do not take it for granted and please, try not to puff up with pride that you have such knowledge. Why? With knowledge comes responsibility.

What kind of responsibility? Responsibility for our choices. Each choice we make must take us closer to the jewel in the lotus. Our choices either take us closer or push us further away. If we are pushed further away, our darkness increases; if we move closer, our illumination increases. Which will it be; darkness or illumination? Of course we are going to choose illumination. But too often our choices lead us deep into darkness and we know not why, blaming everyone for our situations and thus demonstrating a lack of responsibility.

When we are on the path of discipleship – the path the leads us into the heart of Hierarchy – we can no longer give others the responsibility of our choices unless we are children. Simplistically stated and voiced by one of my sons when he was very young: "Mom, I know that what goes around comes around." This means, then, that the final responsibility of one's actions, emotions, and thoughts, lies with that one; the decision to do this or that. The Teaching is filled with instructions on how to do this or that; how to make right choices. But if you have not assimilated the Teaching, if you have not applied the Teaching; applied your studies to life, then it is more likely than not that your choices will lead you further away from the Chalice. To be led further away from the Chalice means your choices are preventing your spiritual progress. Remember, we are not arm chair philosophers; we are "doers." What does it mean to be a "doer?" It means we are engaged in daily, rhythmic meditation, study, discipline and service. This is the path of the disciple.

Before we move into the Chapter I think we must realize that "sometimes the unfoldment of the petals of the Chalice, because of striving, aspiration, meditation, and devotion, creates certain problems in the corresponding centers and related organs due to the blocked conditions existing in the centers. This is why we are always advised to purify our three lower bodies so that the energy released from the petals does not create friction in the corresponding centers." (p. 277)

This is no small matter. This is the other side of the coin, the other side that applies to those who are living the Teaching and living a life that is taking them closer to the jewel in the Lotus; living a life that is building lighted houses and mansions in their consciousness. If we are fortunate to have a trained Teacher and there is trust between the Teacher and disciple, the Teacher will give you warnings and sometimes direct knowledge about your situation, inspiring you to re-evaluate your situation and return to the process of purification. But you must have the ears to hear and the humility to take action. Without the ears to hear and humility, the Teacher will remain silent and life will teach you.

Once that final purification takes place, and the Teacher see that you are ready, as a disciple, to take certain risks, it is then the Teacher "will give you specific meditations which will help you integrate and align your centers, unfold your petals and allow the threefold fire to circulate in your bodies.

Chapter 44 opens with a conversation about the spleen. "Real healing power develops in man when the higher correspondence of the splenic center in the head begins to be action."

“The splenic center has its higher correspondence in the head, as all centers do. The etheric splenic center is the reservoir of prana, which passes it to the blood and regenerates the entire person. … This higher splenic center brings in a tremendous amount of energy from Space…” (p. 269)

1. The twelve-petaled head center – is related to the three knowledge petals

2. The twelve-petaled heart center is related to the three love petals of the Chalice

3. The thousand-petaled Lotus is related to the sacrificial petals of the Chalice

“As the psychic energy streams down from the Core of the Chalice, it unfolds the petals of the centers and the Chalice and relates them to each other.”

4. The fourth tier of petals – the bud – unfolds only when total harmony and relationship is established between the petals of the head center, the higher head center, the heart and the petals of the Chalice. (The thousand-petaled Lotus is the “higher head center.”) When this is happening, the individual disciple is entering the Fourth Initiation.


  1. The first and second circle of petals (knowledge and love) can unfold if a person has the right relationship with his threefold personality vehicles and with other human beings or with his Teacher,
  2. But the third circle of petals cannot be unfolded unless a person unites with an advancing group and demonstrates pure sacrificial love, dedication and devoted service. (p. 270-271)
  3. When the firth petal of these centers and the Chalice begin to unfold and become active, this kindles the human brain. Sleeping brain centers begin to operate and make the person on the physical plane aware of higher energies, events, and currents.


“Many people wait many incarnations to be able to be a part of a group and demonstrate selfless and sacrificial relationships and labor. It is the group’s fire that helps the individual unfold his third circle of petals. This is why group work is very important. It is in group labor that our true character comes out and passes through critical tests.” (p. 271)

“…This is why group integration is a supreme goal for each group member. Those who take advantage of group members or who are engaged in slander and treason are soon aborted by the group, and their evolution is delayed for many, many incarnations.” It is important, in my mind, to consider what slander and treason means; how it is demonstrated, for fear of falling into such traps. Let us discuss these things in tonight’s class. Bring some examples with you as to how a member can slander the Teacher or a co-worker. What is treason? How does one take advantage of group members? How does one engage in treason against the group? What are the signs that a member might  “are soon going to be aborted by the group?”


Knowledge Petals– “We must remember that the knowledge petals carry within them the knowledge offered in the past solar system. This was the gift of the Third Ray.” (p. 272) “All knowledge is gained through thinking, remembering, or through Intuition. This is why meditation is an effort and labor to remember, to discover the knowledge of the past given for the physical, astral, and mental planes. This is the knowledge that can be contacted through the unfolding of the three knowledge petals of the Chalice.” (p. 272)

Love Petals – “…is the gift of this solar system, and our supreme goald is to understand this energy in all its manifestations and forms… This is why if we have everything, but not love, we fail in this solar system. Those who replace love with knowledge are the failures of this solar system. “ (ibid)

Sacrifice Petals – “The energy of sacrifice is offered to individuals through the sacrifice petals of the Chalice. This energy is the energy of the future, and those who have this energy are the real futurists. They live in the future visions and pave the way for humanity to see the future.” (ibid)

Sacrifice means the outer manifestation of inner divinity. …The manifestation of divinity is always accompanied by sacrificial action, sacrificial emotions, sacrificial thought. Thus sacrificial acts are inspired by the idea that we are all part of One Reality, and the more we help others, the more help we receive form the One Reality.

Sacrifice is a way of living in the One Reality, for the One Reality.

Thus, mental sacrifice, emotional sacrifice, and physical sacrifice are the result of the manifestation of your inner divinity through all your mental, emotional, and physical activities until you become one with that inner divinity.

The energy of sacrifice is related to the petals of sacrifice, numbers 7, 8, and 9. They deal with group work…

As the sacrifice petals open, the petals of the bud, which synthesize knowledge, love, and sacrifice, slowly release the central electrical Spark, the human soul which, through his fiery essence, destroys not only the Lotus but also the three permanent atoms and releases himself into higher spheres.  (ibid)



June 23, 2010: Chapters 42 & 42 “The Permanent Atoms and the Chalice,” “The Silvery Lotus.”

(p. 531 Treatise on Cosmic Fire – A.A.Bailey) 4. Summary

"Before proceeding further, however, it might be well to sum up some of the facts anent the spirillae and the atom, and then we can take up the subject of the causal body and man, the individual. [531]

  1. The four lower spirillae are definitely under the influence of the personality Ray.
  2. The fifth and sixth spirillae are more specifically under the egoic Ray, whatever that Ray may be.
  3. The fifth spirillae has a peculiar value inasmuch as it synthesizes the lower four. It is the third when counting the streams of spiral force from the standpoint of the atomic pole. It vibrates to five types of force.
  4. The spirillae are literally ten in number, three major and seven minor. But from the unity point of view, they are the four and the major three, the remaining lesser three being counted as one with their major, inasmuch as they are direct reflections.
  5. The permanent atoms are not heart-shaped as portrayed in certain books. A certain number of atoms are of that type but they are not the permanent atoms which are more definitely spheroidal and are slightly flattened at the top, where the correspondence to the polar depression may be found, and equally flattened at the under surface.
  6. The arrangement of the spirillae within the permanent atoms varies on each plane and the ones most frequently described are those of the physical plane. The arrangement of these tiny force vortices and their internal economy on each plane is one of the secrets of initiation and may not be revealed. One hint only may be given to guide the student: The astral permanent atom has its internal streams of force arranged so that the spirals do approach quite closely the conformation of a heart, though the pointed end is eliminated. The buddhic permanent atom has its spirillae arranged so as to form approximately a figure eight with a central stream bisecting the double spiral.
  7. The closer the approach to reality the simpler will be found the arrangement of the spirillae. These streams of force show a septenary arrangement in the [532] lower three permanent atoms of man, while the higher three contain but three spirillae - the major three.
  8. It should be noted that there are but six permanent atoms connected with human evolution, while a Heavenly Man has but five, and even then only one in the solar system. (The mystery of a planet and its central life has not yet been revealed. It is connected with another manifestation of which as yet naught is known.)
  9. It should be remembered that we are dealing with a physical incarnation of these great Entities and that Their permanent atoms, with the exception of the physical, are extra-systemic.
  10. The causal body of the Heavenly Men is upon the third subplane of the cosmic mental plane, while that of the solar Logos and those of the three Persons of the logoic Trinity are upon the first subplane.
  11. The permanent atoms of men are upon the atomic subplane of each plane, with the one exception of the mental unit. Those of the animal groups are upon the second subplane; those of the vegetable groups are upon the third subplane; those of the mineral groups are upon the fourth subplane. There is, therefore, a close analogy between these focal points of force of the group - human or otherwise - and a chain, a globe, and a round, and in their due application comes enlightenment. The sumtotal of the permanent atoms of any particular kingdom form the streams of force or spirillae in the greater atoms of solar entities or of lunar entities, while the sumtotal of the permanent atoms of man in the spiritual kingdom (the three triadal atoms, atma-buddhi-manas) form the spiral streams of force within certain centers.
  12. As the permanent atoms become radioactive in due course of evolution, the result within the center is a marked increase of vibration.
  13. The permanent atoms concern solar entities when they are found on or above the higher mental. They [533] concern lunar entities on the lower mental, the astral and the physical planes.



June 16, 2010 Chapter 41: How The Petals Open

Lewis shared his graphic arts talent with us for this class giving us the colors of the Petals. I asked Lewis to create this chart for us because of last week's Blog from Chapter 40. Thank you Lewis. Please do not share this diagram with the whole world because the diagram itself is copyrighted by us.

We will use these two diagrams as we discuss Chapter 40 "How the Petals Open" this evening.

When you refer to the petals there is a sequence which should always be followed:

  1. Knowledge petals
  2. Love petals
  3. Sacrificial petals

Our Chalice has twelve potential petals:

  1. The three outermost petals called the knowledge petals which are composed of one knowledge petal, one love petal and one sacrifice petal. These three outermost petals form the first tier of petals.
  2. Three love petals, which are composed of one love petal, one knowledge petal, one sacrifice petal. The love petals form the second tier of the lotus. Please note the sequence of these three petals: love, knowledge, sacrifice.
  3. The three closer petals to the center are called the sacrifice petals which are composed of one sacrifice petal, one knowledge petal and one love petal. Please note the sequence of these three petals: sacrifice, knowledge and love.
  4. There is also a fourth tier of petals – commonly called the bud – but does not show significant unfoldment until the Third Initiation is over and the human soul enters into the Fourth Initiation. This bud hides the Jewel.

These petals penetrate into each body of the personality. For example, we then have

  1. On the physical plane (see diagram)

One knowledge-knowledge petal

One knowledge-love petal

One knowledge-sacrifice petal

  1. On the astral plane (see diagram)

One love-knowledge petal

One love-love petal

One love-sacrifice petal

  1. On the mental plane (see diagram)

One sacrifice-knowledge petal

One sacrifice-love petal

One sacrifice-sacrifice petal

Each petal is an electric tube which has many functions as it unfolds. As the petals unfold they bring forth the energy and wisdom of the Solar Angel. They bring into your bodies the treasures of the Chalice. And they bring the electric power of your inner essence. Each petal is destined to put the Jewel in the Lotus in contact with one of the constellations of the Zodiac. The petals also key themselves in with the greater petals of greater Chalices and bring high-level electrical or fiery nourishment to the person.

What is so beautiful to me is to recognize that as the Chalice unfolds, Space is filled with the fragrance of the Chalice which is used as food for many kinds of devas and as a source of inspiration for other living human beings. Thus, the Chalice pulls the consciousness of others up to itself. The petals will protect you and nourish you.

Remember, that once a Chalice unfolds and thereby catches the attention of Great Ones, They watch it with special care and sometimes They drop a few jewels in it. Sometimes They let a few jewels go to the brain of the person to be used in a time of need. Sometimes They measure the petals and their colors to see in what way and what degree they are unfolding. Each unfolding Lotus becomes a flower in Their garden that is well tended.

DIAGRAMS: (copyright 2010 WMEA. All rights reserved)





June 09th 2010 – The Chalice – Class One


We will not be studying Chapter 39 & 40 in class this summer Man as Monad, and as such I felt it important that we review the information in our studies at home. Here it is:

Some key points to remember within this chapter:

  1. Man is a Monad, a drop of fire of the Creative Force in the Universe. At the beginning of the human kingdom, this Spark or Monad was found in a center called the based of spine. (p. 243) (The Monad is in its essence is "a ray - a breath of the absolute…" (p. 305)
  2. The substance of the chalice is provided by Solar Angels in order to build the petals as the spiritual striving of the human being increases. (p. 243-244)
  3. As the Lotus flower began to unfold, the Spark from the base of spine traveled upward on the etheric spine and eventually located itself in the center of the Lotus like a baby in the bosom of the solar Angel. (p. 244)
  4. The infusion between the Solar Angel and the human soul or Monad reaches its summit at the time of the Third Initiation. At this time we call the human Spark or the Monad the real human soul. (p. 244) (…[T]he Solar Angel ..uses the Chalice to create a human soul out of the Monad." (p. 305)
  5. The unfoldment of the Chalice takes centuries of effort, striving, discipline, meditation, and service. (p. 244)
  6. Page 245-246 lists the names of each petal including it's tier name: outermost petals are called knowledge, the next tier which is closer to the center is called the love petals and the three petals closer to the center are called sacrifice petals.
  7. The fourth tier of petals ¾ or the bud ¾ does not show significant unfoldment until the Third Initiation is over and the human soul enters into the fourth Initiation. This bud hides the Jewel.*
  8. Each tier of petals has its correspondences: knowledge petals - physical plane, love petals - astral plane; sacrifice petals - mental plane. (p. 245-246)

*Jewel: "The Jewel is the Monad, the Spark, the electrical fire, or the will energy. Remember that 'man is the Monad.' The substance of the bud is offered by the Solar Angel. The petals are built of deva substance, but the unfoldment of the Chalice is due to the Jewel, to the release of the Jewel, which makes the petals open according to the unfoldment of the Jewel and eventually destroy the whole Chalice when it is fully open. It is the Spark, the human soul, "conceived" in the Chalice that eventually is "born again" at the Fourth Initiation. Such souls are called Arhats. This is the true "second birth." (p. 304)

Each petal is an electric tube which has many functions as it unfolds:

  1. They bring forth the energy & wisdom of the Solar Angel
  2. They bring into your bodies the treasures of the Chalice: past experiences, wisdom, beauty, etc.
  3. They bring the electric power of your inner essence
  4. They put the Jewel in the Lotus in contact with one of the constellations of the zodiac.
  5. The petals also key themselves in with the greater petals of greater Chalices and bring high-level electrical or fiery nourishment to the person.

THE CHALICE PULLS THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MAN UP TO ITSELF. When the man and his consciousness are in the Chalice, the petals protect and nourish him (p. 246-247)

M.M. speaks about His garden and flowers. His garden is in the higher mental and Intuitional Planes where He notices the appearance of lotuses, lilies, or roses - the Chalices - as they grow and unfold.(p. 247) To be a flower in Their garden is a great achievement.

  1. One of the greatest ways to make the petals of the Chalice unfold is to develop the feeling of Brotherhood, a deep spiritual feeling that all living forms - visible or invisible are our brothers. We are told that once a person develops the requirements of Brotherhood and establishes brotherly ties with others, he develops a line of contact between his physical brain and astral and mental realities. Such a line of contact unites him with the threefold planes of his brothers.

    Brothers never separate in the physical world, nor if they enter the astral world or the mental world. The line of contact created in them transcends the worlds, and they are always impressed by each other's condition and striving.

    This is why Brotherhood is not only a source of joy, protection, support, and success, but also it is an imperative step leading to the Higher Worlds, discipline, trust, cooperation and labor.

    The formation of real Brotherhood brings each human soul closer to his own Chalice and makes him a cell in the group Chalice. (p. 247-248)

Some additional thoughts to consider with this chapter:

  1. "It is the colors of the petals that link you with the Seven rays. Up to the Third Initiation, the petals are used, among other things, for creative imagination and visualization and for the reception of interplanetary and solar messages and energies." (p. 250)
  2. "If your Chalice is not developing, you lose contact with the Seven Rays and cannot create balance in your whole system. The petals are related to your thoughts, feelings, and actions." (p. 250-251)


From this weeks chapter it lists from 1-4 the twelve potential petals and names them. This all refers to individuals. As individuals have their Chalices, so too nations and humanity as a whole have their Chalices. Although these petals have different names, esoterically they are the same.

The three knowledge petals are called:

  • petal of civilization
  • petal of culture
  • petal of illumination

The three love petals are called:

  • petal of cooperation
  • petal of loving understanding
  • petal of group love

    The three sacrifice petals are called:

  • petal of participation with the Hierarchical Plan
  • petal of Purpose existing behind the Plan
  • petal of precipitation - actualization of the Plan (p. 252-253)


    "Some groups of nations represent certain petals, and as the petals unfold, we see the increase of integration and unity of nations."

    The Sun - source of life: Law of the Solar Light, Love of the Solar Heart, Life of the Central Spiritual Sun

    "The Sun represents the source of life in our solar system. This life increases its flow into humanity as the first three knowledge petals begin to unfold. It is during this process that the Law of the Solar Light permeates into the human aura. When the next three, or the love petals, open, the Love of the Solar Heart penetrates into humanity. When the next three petals, the sacrifice petals, unfold, the Life of the Central Sun reaches into the human soul and man literally becomes a child of the Sun." (p. 253)

    Consciousness vs. unconscious:

    "A conscious person is one who is concerned about the divinity within him and the divinity in others. He is conscious that the divinity in him and in others is one with the divinity in the Cosmic Whole." (p. 252)

    "An unconscious person, no matter how cleverly he acts, no matter how much knowledge or position he holds, is ignorant, and all that he does eventually will fall upon his head. You can see this all over the world in individuals as well as in small or large nations, governments, and even empires. Unconsciousness is self-destructive and builds heavy karma."(Ibid)