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SEPTEMBER 16, 2009. Week Two. Chapter Two: Human Constitution

Week Two -09/16/2009 : Chapter Two



What we are made of:

Physical Body:

-Is made of a dense physical vehicle – flesh and bones.

-There is also a liquid part: lymph, blood and various secretions

-There is also the air or gas found in the ventricles of the brain, in certain bones, etc.

-Four Ethers which all total makes up the physical/etheric body. The totality of which is our etheric or electromagnetic body.

Four Cosmic Ethers

The four cosmic ethers are called the Intuitional, Atmic, Monadic and Divine Planes.

[I will email diagram to you]]

Our Etheric Body

“Our etheric body, formed by the four lower ethers, (chemical Ether-4, Life Ether -3, Light Ether-2, Reflecting Ether1is a mechanism which receives energy from the Sun, assimilates it, and passes it through the etheric and physical spleen. Thus our body is energergized.


“The prana of the Sun is received by specific centers on the head and shoulders and passed to three centers in the etheric body.

CENTERS – The Triangle:

1.     The point between the shoulder blades.

2.     Above the diaphragm

3.     Etheric spleen

4.     When prana enters this triangle it circulates in it three times then goes through the etheric spleen and passes to the physical spleen, then from the physical spleen directly into the blood.

The Energy in the Etheric Body is called:

-Active heart or solar radiation or prana



1.     Internal vitalizing fire

2.     Latent heat

The combination of these two fires are considered one fire: fire by friction\


1.     Fire of the Mind which is called: Solar Fire


1.     Fire of the spirit: Electric Fire

“The health of the human being depends on these major fires – through the right relations between the fires and their eventual fusions.


-First fusion: is the fusion of the internal vitalizing fire, latent heat, and active heat or prana. (These three fires fuse with each at a point between the shoulder blades. This is a great accomplishment which brings health and happiness.

-Second fusion: This fusion takes place between the shoulder blades, and the fire of mind : solar fire. The solar fire increases and pulls the fire focused between the shoulder blades up to the head.

“During this process the three currents of fire coming form the base of spine, the Kundalini fire, mixed with the pranic fire climb and contact the throat center, which transmits the fire of mind.

“As the Kundalini fire rises in the three etheric channels, it meets with the firs of mental substance as it radiates from the throat center, and climbs up to the neck until it contacts the fire of the mental triangle.

[See handout]



Is composed of:

-Throat center

-Pineal gland

-Pituitary body

“As the two fusions begin between the two first, the alta center replaces the throat center.”

-Third Major Fusion:  The third major fusion takes place between the mental fire, the second fusion (solar fire) and the fire of spirit of electric fire. This takes place in the head center two inches above the head.



The four ethers, as a whole, form the blueprint and electrical system of the physical body.

-The human etheric body has four dimensions. They are called from coarser to finer ethers: fourth, third, second, and first ethers.

-the 4th ether controls: the base of spine, regenerative organs, solar plexus and spleen centers (see diagram) and it is called the chemical ether (see diagram)


-Congestion occurs when too much prana is drawn into the physical body. Destruction of the etheric network occurs when the energy accumulated in the etheric body is used for self-interest.

-Congestion occurs when the pranic centers absorb more energy than the body can handle.

-The destruction of the etheric network occurs when incoming pranic energy burns certain parts of the etheric body. This has its physical causes.

-Burning occurs when the latent fire does not balance the pranic fire. [Latent fire is one’s inherent fire; one’s bodily heat. This has its correspondence with fire by friction. The internal vitalizing fire is the sum total of individual kundalini. Prana is “active heat, or active fire.” Latent heat is the opposite of active heat- fire (prana). Prana (active heat or fire) is the driving force of the evolving form. It shows itself in the four ethers and in the gaseous state. ]







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