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September 30, 2009 – Chapter Three – Fourth Week



  1. The etheric body is an electromagnetic field in and around our physical body. The etheric body is the blueprint of our physical body. It is exactly the shape of our physical body except that all its organs and all its structures are etheric. (p. 41)
  2. The etheric body is related to the whole manifested Universe and is a vehicle of prana. The etheric body is the communication link between all parts of manifestation and prana is the vivifying, vitalizing energy which keeps the manifestation alive.(p. 43)
  3. Zodiac. We receive impressions or energies from zodiacal sources or even higher constellations through our lower and higher ethers and especially via our higher centers. (p. 43)
  4. Centers. If our centers are open within our subtle bodies, we will be able to synchronize the greater Centers, Hierarchy, Shamballa, other planets, or galaxies. We can tune to them and be impressed by their energy, direction, or message. (p. 43)
  5. Purification allows us to be in continuous contact with the whole existence. (p. 43)
  6. Cosmic Ethers are particles of electrical fire. [Joleen: fire of spirit] They connect man with the corresponding planes of planetary existence. (p. 43)
  7. The lower ethers have their roots in the higher ethers. (ibid)
  8. Evolution of man proceeds when the higher ethers gradually flow into the lower ethers and replace them entirely. (ibid)
  9. Even though the lower ethers originate from the higher ethers, they are slowed down in their vibration due to contact with the lower layers of matter. IN some cases they are pure, and the prana circulates freely through them. In other cases they are polluted by various conditions of the pem bodies and environmental conditions. (ibid)
  10. SUBLIMATION: The first stage of sublimation is a result of the inflow of the Intuitional Light, (Fourth Cosmic Ether) into the FOURTH LOWER ETHERIC LEVEL (chemical ether). The chemical ether is connect to the four centers (base of spine, generative organs, solar plexus and spleen) (ibid) [Joleen, see centers/glands diagram]

    - If something is wrong with any of these related organs of these four centers, it is probably caused by a disorder in this ether. If there is any blockage in this ether, energy cannot circulate freely and the organs as a whole suffer. (ibid)

    - Color/inner ear/Chemical ether. The chemical ether is very sensitive to colors, which often change into sounds in the inner ear. When a higher percentage of intuitional substance or the Fourth Cosmic Ether penetrates and increases in the fourth etheric level you hear the colors and see the sounds. Also, you hear the thoughts of other human beings. (p. 43-44)


    Second Stage of sublimation: (Third Cosmic Ether)

  • The next stage of sublimation is the inflow of the 3rd Cosmic Ether, the Atmic Plane, into the third lower ether..the life ether. Connected to the generative organs and seminal fluids. When the third Cosmic Ether penetrates into the third lower ether, you develop higher clairvoyance. (p. 44)


Third Stage of sublimation: (Second Cosmic Ether)

  • The inflow of the Second Cosmic Ether, the Monadic Plane, into the second lower ether called the light ether. (p. 44)
  • The electricity of this layer supplies heat to the body. It is closely related to the nervous system and the muscles, and builds a bridge between the physical body and the outside world. When the Second Cosmic Ether's substance penetrates and increases in this second lower ether, a person develops divine vision and healing powers. (ibid)


Fourth/Last Stage of sublimation: (First Cosmic Ether)

  • First Cosmic Ether. The last state of sublimation is the inflow of the First Cosmic Ether – Adi or Divine Plan, into the first lower etheric level (reflecting ether) and the electricity passing through it enables the soul to control his vehicles by means of thought. This ether has the ability to store memories. When the First Cosmic Ether penetrates and increases in this level, it creates the power of pure Intuition and the memory of past lives. (ibid)
  • "…Light…has a close connection with and uses, as a medium, the second ether. …Sound functions through the third ether. …Colour…is allied to the fourth ether." (AAB A treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 320. Also electric fire manifests as color on the Buddhic Plan) (Ibid, p. 44)
  1. Continuity of consciousness is achieved on all planes when the two etheric potions of man, the higher and the lower, are fused within each other and the lower etheric body is the continuation of the higher, the Cosmic Ethers. Through continuity of consciousness, man becomes aware of the activities of various Ashrams existing on the Intuitional and higher Planes. (p. 44)


    WEEK TWO ON CHAPTER THREE – Beginning p. 45


    The formation of the etheric body takes place as follows (p. 45) As the rays of the Cosmic Ethers pass through the Solar Angel, they form a single ray which, as one thread, hits the physical permanent atom and serves as a film negative or a photographic place. The content of the physical pem atom is then carried out by the etheric thread and protected as the prototype of the etheric body. The etheric body is totally conditioned by the content of the physical perm. atom. (See diagram on p. 45)

    Archetypal Plane: is the Plane of Adi – the Divine Plane. (p. 46)

    Weavers/Lesser builders: Weave the etheric thread into the etheric body. Once the etheric body is woven from the etheric thread, it attracts elements which it condenses, forming the physical body as its shadow.

    Physical Permanent atom: The lesser builders weave the etheric body according to the contents of the phys. perm atom and according to the archetype. (p. 46)

    Initiates system: Remember the substances that form the brain, nervous system or glands of higher Initiates are not the same as the elements found in the bodies of others. (ibid)

    Anchorages: Three groups of Angels. The second group brought the mental unit and placed it in the mental body as an anchorage to be used later to influence animal man. This was an anchorage in mental matter. There is another anchorage, and this is the Mental Permanent Atom which is linked to the Spark. Between these two points the bridge must be built so that man becomes the human soul and leads himself into conscious immortality. (ibid)

    Mental Unit. If the mental unit is destroyed, the Solar Angel can never come back to that person. The mental unit is the Holy Mother, or the seed of active intelligence. It can be destroyed through extreme criminality or corruption. And in a positive way, eliminated during the Fourth Initiation with the S.A. withdraws. (ibid)

    Additional information: The Mental Perm Atom is the future. It is the seed of the next mental body in which are accumulated the best micro-records of the thoughts of the past, thoughts that are related to the three higher levels of the mind. The human soul travels from the lower mind to the higher mind, and eventually reaches the Mental Perm Atom. This atom is surrounded by the highest mental substance, and it is a center of force which controls the formation of the mental body for the next incarnation. The Mental Perm. Atom carries the charge of that energy which we call the Monadic Ray. It is in a sense the physical sun of the personality, through which energies and forces are distributed to all cells and atoms of the threefold personality.

    The mental unit registers our experiences in the waking state of mind. It controls the impressions coming from the five senses and takes conscious actions, as far as its unfoldment permits. Posthypnotic suggestions cannot penetrate into the mental unit. Posthypnotic suggestions go into the subconscious mind, where they turn into irresistible commands.

    "The mental [unit] is not a septenary permanent atom. …as it responds to only four types of force. [Joleen: This is because there are only four spirillae with the Mental Unit. Each of these spirillae have a different group of lives which have specific functions of their own, whereas the Mental Permanent Atom and the physical and astral permanent atoms each have seven spirillae.]

    Mental Unit and Mental Perm Atom – A creative activity. This anniversary we are going to talk about Creativity and Service in our breakout session following Carol Woodard's presentation. So, let me share a bit more about the creative process between the M.U. and the M.P.A. In the creative process, the M.P.A. and the M.U. are very closely involved. The continuous stream of sparks flows from one to the other. The M.P.A. sends charges, and the light is seen on the fourth mental plane through the M.U. then it penetrates the etheric brain and into a force field created by the pineal gland, the pituitary body, and the alta major center. (See diagram ) It then passes to the cells of the brain. When the creative activity is of a very high order the unfolded petals of the Lotus participate in the evaluation of impressions and ideas coming down from Higher Sources.

    Prophesies: Many people today are sending out via the internet and in conversation with co-workers telling people about the coming events between now and 2012 and after. This is my feelings about it. If they really are prophetic, then they can take that creative energy and put their service into work. How? By drawing people into the Teachings. Have them study this Blog. Have them study the book New Dimensions of Healing and put the Teachings into practice. If such people really do have the bridge built between the M.P.A. and the M.U. they will stop propagating fear and put people on the path of Transformation. Then each person will be in the right place at the right time. And we may even avert the many forecast disasters. It is all about building Right Human Relations. Won't you join myself and others in this endeavor?


    Sublimation: The first step (p. 47) The first step in sublimation and transformation of the person is to bring more and more intuitional substance into the lower ethers, electrifying them with higher fires. As the person's contact with the Intuitional Plane increases, he simultaneously learns to free himself from his etheric body. (p. 47) When the intuitional substance composes 50% percent of the lower ethers, the person releases himself from the fourth subplane of the astral body. 75% percent…then the consciousness liberates itself from the fourth subplane of the mental plane and functions in the causal body (higher mind). 100% percent...the person receives his liberation from the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies and acts consciously on the Buddhic or Intuitional Plane. At this stage, the [person] is an Arhat, a Fourth Degree Initiation. (p. 47)

    Transfiguration: It is at the Third Initiation, the first major initiation or the Transfiguration, that the Initiate can escape from the limits of the lower ethers and function on the higher mental planes. (p. 47)

    Initiations and Planes: At the Fourth initiation – he escapes from the limits of the lower ethers and functions on the higher mental planes.

    -Fourth Initiation – he destroys the causal body.

    -Fifth Initiation – he functions in the Third Cosmic Ether, the Atmic Plane.

    -Sixth Initiation, he functions in the Second Cosmic Ether, the Monadic Plane

    -Seventh Initiation, he functions in the First Cosmic Ether, the Divine Plane And then begins to function in the Cosmic Astral Plane. He has not graduated from the Cosmic Physical plane.

    Christ: We are told that Christ is progressing in the Cosmic Astral Plane. (p. 48)











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