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October 14th, 2009 – Chapter Four – Prana & the Etheric Body

Prana Defined

The etheric vehicle is formed by one etheric thread woven into the same shape as the physical body. This thread serves as a tube through which the solar life-giving energy, or prana, circulates. Prana is a fiery energy which permeates the etheric network. Prana is seen as a golden light, and when seen clairvoyantly, the whole etheric body shines out in flame-colored light. (p. 41)


Solar Pranic Emanations

Different kinds of rays emanate from the Sun. Those which are called solar pranic emanations stimulate the life in the cells and have a constructive effect upon the physical body… The solar pranic emanations work through the four lower ethers. Prana is solar radiation. It is a "vital and magnetic fluid which radiates from the sun." (AAB A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 90)

The radiation of the Sun is received by solar devas… They assimilate and focus the Sun's radiation toward the [person.] The radiation then enters [the person] through the etheric head and etheric shoulders, and reaches the center between the shoulder blades. Then it rushes to a point above the diaphragm and goes to the etheric spleen. [See diagram in New Dimensions of Healing (Torkom Saraydarian) on page 60)

The Etheric Body and Prana:

  • The etheric body receives solar prana from golden devas [golden devas are of a very high order] and planetary prana from violet devas. ["Devas of all kinds and colors are found on the physical etheric levels, but the prevailing hue is violet. With the coming in of the ceremonial ray of violet, we have the amplification therefore of the violet vibration.. There are Four groups of violet devas, associated with the etheric lower subplanes of all that exists on the physic plane. These four are in two divisions, those associated with the building of the etheric body, and those out of whose substance these bodies are built." Solar devas, transmit the vital fluid which circulates in the etheric body. Planetary devas of a violet color, are allied to a person's etheric body, and transmit earth's prana, or the prana of whichever planet man may be functioning upon during a physical incarnation. A.A.B.]

Planetary Prana

  • Planetary prana, therefore, is solar prana which has passed throughout the planet, has circulated through the planetary etheric body, has been transmitted to the dense physical planet, and has been cast off thence in the form of a radiation of the same essential character as solar prana… This again repeats the process undergone in the human body. The physical radiations of men differ according to the quality of their physical bodies. [A.A.B. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 92 And p. 61 of the textbook


    From The Bhagavad Gita

    There is a very interesting reference to devas. For example: "Through your sacrifice, you nourish the Shining Ones, the devas, and they, in their turn, nourish you. Thus, nourishing each other, you will attain the highest good. (3:11)

    "The sacrifice here refers to those acts that are charged or fused with selfless thoughts and emotions. Our pure thoughts, aspiration, ecstasy, and joy produce in Space the nourishment the devas like. Our pranic emanations carry with them our emotional, mental, and spiritual vibrations or essence. Thus our emanations either feed the devas or make them sick of us. If the etheric emanations of a person are sending out the fragrance of spiritual achievements, harmony, rhythm, mental nourishment, or emotional purity, the devas will love that person and will help him or her be in increasingly better conditions so that they may enjoy him as a fragrant and a colorful flower with rare qualities.

    "Great thinker, great humanitarians and great creative artists enjoy the company of devas who nourish them or receive nourishment from them. … But those individuals who are walking in base thoughts, stagnated emotions and harmful actions smell like decomposing animal bodies. These people repel the devas of high order. Eventually the higher nature of these people starves and they fall into the hands of their animal urges and drives." (from the text book, p. 63-64)

    "Devas help in various ways when you nourish them with your pure essence." (p. 64)

    "Devas help in various ways when you nourish them…

    They fill your sphere with great magnetism

    They link your mind with higher clouds of knowledge and information

    They remind you of things from the past which can be used in your creative speech.

    They carry messages from your friends and from their Souls.

    They warn you of dangers.

    They open opportunities for you.

    They protect your aura from the thoughts of your enemies.

    (See diagram on p. 65 of our text book 'New Dimensions in Healing")

    "We are told that at this time the center between the shoulder blades is "the main center of the reception of prana." The center above the diaphragm is not truly active in most cases at this time. (p. 65)

    "The prana received by the centers (Center between the shoulder blades, Center above the diaphragm and the etheric spleen) have saucer-like depressions, resembling somewhat the appearance of small whirlpools. These whirlpools draw within their sphere of influence the currents that come their way. The prana then enters into the etheric and physical body, revitalizing all parts of these bodies. This fluid 'finds its point of departure for the entire system at the further side of the spleen [see spleen handout in photo section] to that at which the prana entered." (AAB, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 99 – also p. 65 of our textbook). As the prana or fluid circulates through these three centers and the etheric body, it is affected by the quality and health of the centers, the spleen and the etheric body.

    -The prana circulates three times around the three pranic centers, which form a triangle, and is distribute into the body. (p. 66)

    -The prana blends with the fire of kundalini, drives that fire gradually upward toward the head, and transfers the fire of the lower centers to the corresponding higher centers.

    Base of spine – head center

    Solar plexus – heart center

    Sacral center – throat center

    Etheric Body

    "The etheric body during incarnation, stands as a barrier between the astral plane and the dense physical body and protects the body from the astral force. But when we develop continuity of consciousness we can eventually penetrate into the astral plane through some etheric doors and function on the astral plane as well." (p. 67)

    "Any premature penetration into the astral realms produces serious difficulties and disorders in the physical body and in the consciousness of the person." (ibid)

    "Astral force is fiery, and its frequency is more portent than the physical. When it flows into unready etheric centers, it creates excessive stimulation in the corresponding organs, creating overdevelopment or destruction of the tissues in the glands and organs." (ibid)


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