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The following information is an article written by a co-worker on the subject of the Deva Evolution which I thought some of you might enjoy. Also, please know there is an excellent lecture on the subject of Devas and Angels which I gave April 30th, year 2000. I suggest if you have an interest in this subject that you order that particular lecture.

It is a widespread belief among esotericists and students of occultism that the deva evolution is parallel to the human evolution. This belief probably originates in many sources but not least in the writings of well-known theosophical pioneers like C.W. Leadbeater, Geoffrey Hodgson or Dora van Gelder Kunz.

In the ordinary meaning of the word parallel it would mean that there are devas at the same level of evolution as human beings, that some ramification of the one life passes by humanity and individualises outside the human kingdom so that these beings do not obtain the strictly human experience.

We will in this article discuss the question and seek to establish another working hypothesis, for there is great beauty in the thought that one mighty wave of life sweeps through the various form types of evolution, passing all stages, whether human or devic, and ending up with the total amount of experience possible in planetary and solar manifestation.

In Alice A. Bailey's A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (CF) and H.P. Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine (SD) we find a number of crucial statements which we shall simply quote in order to make our main point: He must remember likewise the fact that every life of every degree, from a god to the most insignificant of the lesser devas, or builders, must at some time or another pass through the human family. (CF,pp.895-96).

Forget not the occult truism that all forms of existence pass at one stage of their career through the human kingdom. (CF,p.437).

No being can become God, or Deva, unless he passes through the human Cycles. (SD,II, p.336). Moreover, from the beginning of the Round, all in Nature tends to become Man. All the impulses of the dual, centripetal and centrifugal Force are directed towards one point - Man. (SD,II,p.179).

The (goal of the) Lunar Pitris (is) to become men. They will in their higher grades pass directly into the animal evolution of the next cycle and so eventually individualise. (CF,844,tabulation).

The goal for the devas (below the rank of Solar Pitris) is individualisation, and their objective is to become men in some future cycle. (CF,p.836).

These Lunar Spirits have to become "men" in order that their Monads may reach a higher plane of activity and self-consciousness. (SD,I, p.203).

We see that this parallelism, in the ordinary meaning of the word, is not supported by these important sources of esoteric knowledge. But the Tibetan Master also uses the word parallel in relation to the human and deva evolutions. He describes how the human astral body consists of little involutionary elemental lives, which form the vehicle itself, and an evolutionary deva who makes it a coherent whole, and he states that the man, if controlled by them (which most people are), must free himself. He goes on to say: If these remarks are rightly apprehended, some understanding will come of what is meant when the deva evolution is spoken of as being a "parallel evolution" to that of man. In the three worlds the two lines of evolution parallel each other, and must not be consciously one. In the planes of the Triad they are known as a unity, producing the Divine Hermaphrodite…(CF, p. 663).

So the word parallel here refers to types of consciousness and not levels of evolution. But how, then, may we approach the subject in order to clarify our minds about the deva evolution? I suggest we consider the relationship between life, consciousness and form. Kingdoms of nature are merely form types that the life energy occupies in order to develop sentient consciousness. Maybe an analogy from the realm of electronics may be of help here. When an electric current passes through a wire it produces a magnetic field. When the wire is straight the field is low, but when the wire is winded into a coil the field increases its potential according to the number of windings. So life (the current) incarnates in the form types of evolution (the wire) in order to develop consciousness (the magnetic field), and the more complex the form (number of windings) the higher the degree of consciousness power of magnetic field).

The life energy is often spoken of in vague terms like outpourings of life waves, but it is really groups of monads at various levels of development. These groups are called creative hierarchies because they create everything in the system, including the planes of matter or substance. Each hierarchy (not to be confused with the spiritual Hierarchy) represents a certain evolutionary level and incarnates in one or more kingdoms of nature. In the next cycle (whatever that may be) it moves on into the next level.

Each hierarchy has to learn everything possible at its particular level, that is release the raincloud of knowable things, and so we are told that some of the hierarchies have already done that in regard to our cosmic physical plane and are now focused on the cosmic astral plane. From the beginning there are 12 creative hierarchies, and five of them (approximately) have moved on, leaving seven hierarchies within the sphere of evolution that the esoteric teaching normally considers – our seven planes of nature. We may tabulate these seven hierarchies and their functions in relation to man in the following manner (CF,pp.1196-1211):

1. The Fire Lords, wielders of the highest energy in the system.

2. The Divine Builders, the source of the monadic life but not the monads themselves.

3. The Triads, stimulating the higher self in man and making him a spiritual being.

These three hierarchies are highly evolved spiritual beings that have passed the human stage in the previous solar system.

4. The human monads, the core of the present humanity on Earth. They end up on the seven paths of cosmic evolution, most of them following the path to Sirius and becoming solar angels in the next system.

5. The solar angels, the greater builders who form the egoic body of man and give him his self-consciousness. They passed through the human stage in earlier chain periods, and become planetary Logoi in the next system.

6. The Lunar Pitris, the lesser builders or nature spirits who build all life forms in nature, including human bodies, and constitute their inherent life. They become humanity in the next cycle.

7. The elemental lives which animate all particles of matter and constitute the elemental essences. They become the etheric and dense physical body of the next system .

So we see that the fifth, sixth and seventh of the creative hierarchies constitute the deva evolution as we know it on our planet. It means that there are no real subhuman kingdoms of nature, only deva beings developing physical consciousness by inhabiting the forms of nature - a beautiful diamond, a stately tree, or a fish in the water are but devas after all. (CF,p.892).

Maybe we can get some idea of what (for instance) an animal is by comparing it to a human being. Man is the sum total of elemental essences, three evolutionary devas (etheric, astral and mental) and a selfconscious identity expressing itself through the solar angel. But if we remove this identity all that is left is a syndrome of deva forces, and that is what the animal seems to be. So our conclusion now is that the deva evolution is not parallel to the human evolution but passes through it, so to speak.

There is only one life stream, and it moves through various phases of form life in order to develop consciousness. Deva is but a state of consciousness, and so is man.

The Functions and Structure of the Deva Evolution At the creation of the system the planetary Logoi meditates or visualises the archetypal form patterns to be manifested during evolution -- the blue prints of the architect, as it were. These archetypes or blue prints, as assimilated by the greater builders, may be analogous to the manner in which a programme is transferred to the hard disk of a computer. Now it is their task to realise the energy patterns in time and space out of their own essence. So they are the creative forces that build the forms as well as constituting their substance.

This means that the deva evolution belongs under the third or Brahma aspect of the Logos, creative intelligent activity. Therefore the highest officials are the mighty Deva-rajas, seven great Deva Lords manifesting the seven planes of matter from the seven spirillas of the cosmic physical permanent atom — the disc of the sun. This gives us the following tabulation of the three aspects of the Logos (CF,pp.628-30) Please go to Cosmic Fire by A.A.B. to see the tabulation).

So, generally the devas administer all life on Earth except human life. In the planetary body, humanity constitutes the centres, while the devas form the rest of the structure. This may be difficult for us (humans) to comprehend, because we are so used to regarding ourselves as the supreme reign in nature, while we are really tenants in a deva world.

Finally this leads us to the structure of the deva hierarchy of a plane. It might be any of the planes, but for the sake of our general interest we have chosen to tabulate the hierarchy of the physical plane:


  • Kshiti - the Deva Lord of the plane Having a level of evolution corresponding to a chohan of a ray.

     -7 Deva Lords - one for each subplane constitute the "council" of Kshiti.

3 groups:

First group - on the first subplane The greater builders, holding the plan of evolution in their consciousness, projecting it to the next group.

Second group - on the second, third and fourth subplanes The lesser builders, assimilating the impulses from the first group, building all life forms including human bodies.

Third group - on the fifth, sixth and seventh subplanes The elemental lives, constituting the substances manipulated by the lesser builders.


Maybe we can regard this model as a working hypothesis concerning the deva evolution. But how come prominent clairvoyants as the ones mentioned above do not agree to this model but regard the devas as belonging to a life stream parallel to the one of human beings?

Maybe their point of view is simply based on observation. Maybe they observe in nature devas who seem to represent a level of consciousness corresponding to the human level.

If we want to answer this question there are three points we should be aware of. Firstly, devas do not seem to be as firmly related to a planetary scheme as human beings do. They may have the whole of the solar system as their field of activity. Secondly, the degree of initiation that concludes and perfects the human stage is not always the fifth as in our present situation, but varies from scheme to scheme, chain to chain and round to round.

And thirdly, their rate of unfoldment seems to be considerably slower than during the human phase. This means that there may be members of the angelic kingdom on Earth who have passed out of the human kingdom in other schemes, chains or rounds at a far earlier stage than the present (the fifth initiation), and that these beings are seen by the clairvoyant observer to be of a level of consciousness corresponding to intelligent humanity.

Niels Bronsted, teacher/translator, lives in Denmark and is a life-long student of the Ageless Wisdom. He is a founding member of the Theosophical Union in Denmark.


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