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"Each of these centers represents a major virtue, and when the virtue is found and cultivated, the center unfolds naturally and releases creative energies.


The Seven centers of the etheric body and the corresponding glands are as follows:

Head center – pineal gland

Ajna center – pituitary body

Throat center – thyroid gland

Heart center – thymus gland

Solar plexus – pancreas

Sacral center – gonads

Base of spine – adrenal glands

The Chapter tell us that these centers "are not in the physical body but in the etheric body, two to four inches away from the dense physical body." (Tonight we will have a sensitivity test to see learn if it is possible to detect these etheric centers.)

So, then we would ask ourselves, if these centers are found only in one's etheric body, what is physical the "outpost" of these centers? Answer: "The glands are the physical mechanisms of the centers, and they are built according to the type of energy which radiates from the centers." (p. 105)

The Tibetan D.K. says: …The centres can be in one of five conditions. (Remember the spleen center is counted as a center until the Third Initiation. The ajna center exists only after the Third Initiation.

Five conditions:

Closed, still and shut, and yet with signs of life, silent and full of deep inertia.

Opening, unsealed, and faintly tinged with colour; the life pulsates.

Quickened, alive, alert in two directions; the two small doors are open wide.

Radiant and reaching forth with vibrant note to all related centres.

Blended they are and each with each works rhythmically. The vital force flows through from all the planes. The world stands open wide. (AAB, Esoteric Healing, p. 81)

The seven centers have the following characteristics:

Head center. Distributes the energy of the Supreme Self. It has twelve radiation. Color: A MIXTURE OF PURE WHITE WITH GOLD. Around these central twelve petals are arranged another nine hundred and sity-nine petals which are correspondences of all lower center. These 969 petals, plus the 12 are called the thousand-petaled Lotus in the head.

Ajna center. This center has ninety-six petals. Colors: vary with rose, yellow, blue, and purple. Image: Resembles the wings of a bird spreading over the eyebrows – two main petals in which are fond smaller petals resembling the feathers of a peacock. Distributed energy: the transmitted energy is violet in color and the petals are dominated by a white glow. These colors change according to the initiation through which a person passes.

When this center is fully awakened on the etheric plane, the person can see etherically

When it is link with its astral correspondence, you become astrally clairvoyant

Higher clairvoyance comes when you function on the higher mental plane and use the ajna center with the third eye.

Heart center. This center has sixteen petals. Color: A radiating golden color. Distributed energy: The energy passing through the petals appears mostly smoky blue in color.

Solar plexus. This center has ten petals. Color: Rosy in color mixed with green. Distributed energy: The green flow of force comes from the spleen and then goes to the solar plexus. The organs connected with the solar plexus all receive the same flow of green force. They are the liver, intestines and stomach.

The solar plexus is formed by two interlacing triangles. The lower pointing triangle is the mechanism of lower psychism; the other is for higher psychism. Distributed energy: The lower is formed by the lower three centers, and the higher triangle is formed by the energy coming from the head center. The lower channels astral energy; the higher transmits solar energy.

Base of spine. This center has four petals. Color: The colors of the peetals are red mixed with orange. This is not the color of the energy which pours down from the spleen, but the rate of the vibration of the center.

Kundalini: There are three etheric channels originating from the base of spine center which pass through the spinal column. Together they are called kundalini fire.

   Pingala sustains the health of the body and feeds it

   Ida is related to the consciousness of man

Sushumna is the middle channel (electrical line) which is related to the Spirit aspect. When this becomes active it is slowly raised as the person passes through the major initiations – via living a life of sacrificial service and meditation.

Emotional/mental disorders. These will increase and control his life. Vanity, pride, shallow-mindedness, gossip, and other weaknesses will frow out of proportion.

Third degree Initiate. The only human being who can do this in full consciousness is an Initiate of the Third Initiation. He, and he alone, can safely raise these triple fires form the base of spine center to the head center (p. 109)

When man is controlled by -

The astral plane. Three centers are active forming a triangular circulation of force. These centers are: base of spine, solar plexus and heart

The mental plane. Some of the centers are different although they again form a triangular circulation of force. They are base of spine, heart and throat

Soul-infused. This person is advanced and has a different geometrical formation between the following centers: heart, throat, head and base of spine, solar plexus, ajna, sacral and alta major.

Third degree Initiate uses: He uses the heart center, throat center and the correspondences of the seven centers in the head

Fifth Degree Initiate uses: the heart center, seven head centers and the thousand petaled Lotus

Seen from the subjective levels, an advanced man is an unfolding flower. Master M. often refers to these flowers as the "flowers of My garden." (p. 109

Groups can serve as healing agents when they are coordinated by love. They can render radiatory healing or magnetic healing.

Radiatory Healing:

Radiatory healing is "the healer must seek to link his soul, his brain, his heart and auric emanation." …AAB, Esoteric Healing, p. 654 as listed on p. 110 in our textbook. Within a group radiatory healing is done when the group focuses all its Soul energy and concentrates on the center in the patient where the trouble exists. This must be done gradually.

Magnetic healing. This healing is different. It is an evocative activity of the Soul energy of the group, which releases the fires of the patient's etheric, emotional, and mental bodies; it revives them and urges them to do the work of healing and purification wherever it is needed. It also absorbs those forces which are creating the diseases and passes them through the refinery of the group's etheric body and thereby releases the patient. (p. 110)


Ray                    Objective Color                    Subjective Color                    

First Ray                orange                                red

Second Ray            indigo with a tinge of purple      light blue

Third Ray                black                                   green

Fourth Ray              green                                  yellow

Fifth Ray                 yellow                                 indigo

Sixth Ray                red                                     silvery rose

Seventh Ray            white                                  violet


Base of spine center, sacral center, solar plexus center – are under the direct control of the first, second and third lower ethers respectively

Heart center – is controlled by the Fourth Cosmic Ether

The Throat center – is controlled by the Atmic Plane, the Third Cosmic Ether

The ajna center – is controlled by the Monadic Plane, the Second Cosmic Ether

The head center – is controlled by the Divine Plane, the First Cosmic Ether

The fourth lower ether – assumes control of the three lower sacral centers (the sacral center and the two sex centers – gonads or ovaries.

Integrated Personality – when the personality vehicles are integrated, the lowest of the Cosmic Ethers, the Fourth, uses the head center to blend the solar plexus and heart, leading to Soul-infusion.

Continuity of Consciousness – starts when the etheric web which is separating the physical brain from the astral world is rent. Here the person becomes in contact with subjective events and gradually becomes conscious on the mental plane; he comes in contact with his Solar Angel and through the Solar Angel with his Master. (p. 111)


When the Monad is identified with the physical nature – it develops the life principle through the heart and heart center.

When identified with the emotional nature, It develops love energy around the nucleus of life in the heart

When identified with the mental nature, It develops intelligence and creative energy around the nucleus of life and love

When identified with physical plane, It develops consciousness in the head center.

When It is identified with the emotional plane, It develops creative intelligence around the nucleus of consciousness

When It is in the mental plane, It develops life energy around the nucleus of consciousness and creative intelligence


HEAD and HEART Centers

    When they are equipped with the threefold energy, Light, Love and Will, a fusion is created and their united energy is projected into the throat center.



    The throat center then receivs (as a result of the fusion between the head and heart centers…

A ray of life or will lighted by consciousness

A ray of love energized by creative intelligence

A ray of creative intelligence charged with the purpose of life

Through such a projection the throat center becomes the center of creativity in order to manifest the purpose of life.


With their three fold energies form the furnace of alchemy of the spiritual life.

Later, as the human soul progresses, he emerges onto the Intuitional Plane and we see change occurring in the centers.

The head center pulls up the heart and throat centers and a threefold head center comes into being with the heart holding the central power and position.

The heart center becomes the heart center in the head

And the throat center becomes the throat center in the head.

Through such a synthesis,

- the heart center in the head radiates willpower which reveals the Purpose of the greater Will of the Planetary and Solar Lives.

- The head center in the head radiates purposeful creativity charged with wisdom.

- The throat center in the head radiates purposeful activity charged with wisdom. (p. 114)


The pineal (head), pituitary (throat) and carotid (alta major) – serve as anchorages for the activities of these three centers in the head.


As the human soul progresses from one level to another, from one plane to another, his healing powe4r increases over his vehicles.

We must remember that the human soul is trained in his duties by the Solar Angel

The human soul dwells in the heart. That is where the Self is. This heart is the etheric heart center.

From the heart center the human soul operates the lower centers, such as the base of spine, the sacral center, and the solar plexus center, which are all in the etheric body.

Sometimes the human soul identified himself with material objects, sexual objects, food, drink, etc. At these moments he temporarily lives in these three centers. His presence over stimulates these centers and their corresponding glands and prepares the field of suffering and increases karma.

When the human soul is identified with the lower centers, the heart loses its virtues and goes through a process of slow petrification.

It is after long years of suffering and training that the human soul finally picks up the frequency of the Inner Guide and ascends to his throne in the heart center.


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