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Nov 10, 2009 Week Eleven - Chapter 11 “Coordination of the Centers” 

"…Nothing is permanent in Nature if it is not developed and unfolded under its own power, without any artificial stimulation." (opening of the Chapter).

This is a statement humanity needs to take to heart, yes, but especially it's pioneers, members of the New Group of World Servers. Often times the unawakened disciple, the one who is yearning to find that "missing piece" in his life, will resort to artificial stimulation of his or her centers. How is this done? Through wrong meditation or engaging in recreational drugs. I remember back in the days that Timothy O'Leary was experimenting with drugs, specifically LSD and soon found himself with many followers as he continued to write about his various experiences. But you see, this is not how we enable our soul to evolve and our centers to unfold. As the quote in the Chapter says, we must unfold our powers on our own and without any artificial stimulation. Wrong meditation (chanting, forced breathing techniques, some types of pranic breathing, pranic breathing practiced without an experience Teacher, kundalini meditation )experimenting with drugs for spiritual advancement and so forth will not "legally" put us in contact with higher levels of consciousness. If we enter higher levels "illegally" we will suffer the consequences for life times to come.

The way we can made "legal" contact with higher levels of consciousness will be "by means of meditation and sacrificial service." (p. 117)

The Chapter explains that the first centers that must be opened are the etheric centers. (You can reference these centers by going to the photo's section, or reviewing your class handouts.) This is what we can expect, in those first few years of practicing meditation and engaging in sacrificial service, when the etheric centers open naturally: Closer contact with the organs of his body, closer relations with his family, with his nation, humanity, global life, solar and galactic life. (ibid)

With each unfoldment our joy increases but also our "conscious suffering, according to the various conditions of life." What is conscious suffering? Not only does our compassion and sensitivities increase for the suffering of the conditions of our friends and family members, but our humanity, our planet, solar and galactic lives.

The next step the Chapter relates is regarding the development of our emotional centers, where the person "becomes influential emotionally. As our seven astral centers unfold, the person becomes aware of "his own emotions, family emotions, national emotions, human emotions, and planetary, solar and galactic emotions." (p. 118)

The Chapter gives us examples of the violent emotions of the gods of Olympus or the marriage proposals of the seven Rishis to the seven Pleiades. "Most human conditions are the echoes of the emotions of the Higher Worlds." We are then told that "we can have control over these spatial waves of emotions only when we focus ourselves in our Core and control our own emotional responses and reactions.

The Chapter reminds us that "We must emphasize that as our emotional centers open, we feel the joys and sorrows of people – whereas before we were limited only to our own joys and sorrows. We progress through joy and sorrow." (p. 118) This of course is not something to be feared, but to be embraced. As I engage with people from all over the world I have become increasingly aware of two extremes. The first extreme is those whose emotional centers are open and those whose centers are closed. Those whose centers are closed are extremely self-contained, self-centered, and self-focused. This means that life is about only themselves; they become extremely selfish. The opposite is of course true for those whose emotional centers are opened. Such people can eventually become natural healers; when you are around such a person you feel an inner peace, joy, love and a radiating compassion. You feel as if you can trust this person with your most precious secrets.

"We were not always unfeeling. I met a child who was crying over frozen fish. Another child did not eat his supper because his brother had broken a newly planted tree. Another child lay sick for a week when his lamb was slain. But when we grow, we shut off our centers, and even butchering people does not upset us!" (p. 119.) Can you relate to this statement? Of course we can…we see evidence of such behaviors every day.

Fourth center – the heart center

Third center – solar plexus.

The Chapter tells us it is not easy to unfold the heart center "if we are stuck to racism and nationalism" And we will turn into a source of trouble for humanity if we stayed occupied too long with the solar plexus center. "The heart center never opens if a person does not overcome the emotions of separatism." This is why I encourage members, students and friends of the WMEA to avoid becoming nationalists. If a person travels around the world, and has a moderate level of emotional sensitivity, he quickly loses any nationalistic behaviors. One cannot become a world disciple if he is stuck to the culture of his birth place.

The Chapter goes on to tell us that "between all seven centers, there are barriers [webs]. For example, if you are identified with your own emotions, you build a barrier and …cannot identify with the emotions of your family. If you are identified with the emotions of your family and you are lost in them, it will be very difficult for you to pass on to the next center…and so on." (p. 119) On every step of progress, there is a barrier that we must overcome. "The barrier is the test. If we pass the test, we are in a greater life." (ibid)

Many lives are need to pass from one center to another. Some things must be left behind, things that we must renounce; some things that must be built in order to stand under greater pressures and responsibilities." For example, to teach the Ageless Wisdom you must have the ability to "hold" the fires of the Teaching in your centers. This means there must be a certain amount of dedication on working on yourself. If you teach the Teaching without working on yourself, without purifying yourself, without engaging in times for retreat, silence and meditation, the fires will over stimulate your centers.

"Many people are persecuted when their higher centers open." (p. 119) We see this happen with the Great Ones, with the Saints and Sages of all ages. "Sometimes society tries by all means to prevent the opening of your next center because, in their opinion, they lose you when you are subject to a higher influence which makes them uncomfortable. Of course, the interests of vaiours groups are great barriers. It is not easy for them to let you go." (p. 119)

Remember the recent post I gave on Facebook – "unity, unity, unity" said Helena Roerich? She also later encouraged us to work together, labor together, to spend a lot of time together and if we would, we would eventually become one group. Actually this was H.R. speaking for the Master.

"May leaders speak about unity, but because their next higher center is not open, they still act in separatism. Of course they must talk more and more about unity until their being begins to accept the idea.

-When five centers are open: you sense planetary emotional states.

-When six centers are open (rare) you feel solar emotions.

-In one century only six or seven people are able to open the sixth center. Such people feel and register the emotional waves in the solar system. " (pp 119-120)


"All progress is achieved in acts of giving. You must give yourself to:

-your family

-you must give your family to your nation,

-your nation to humanity,

-humanity to the whole planetary life

-the whole planetary Life to the solar system…" (p. 120)

"The process of opening higher centers is the process of withdrawal of the human soul into the higher vehicles." The process puts you in "contact with a higher sphere of influence. This relates to the principle of the "Greater Light Leads."

PROGRESS "depends on your ability to contact and register the contact." It (also) depends on your right translation of your registration and on your ability to adapt your life to your understanding of the registration." (p. 120)

"You never lose your Self, but you find it in higher and higher planes or spheres." (p. 120)

THE SEVEN ETHERIC CENTERS – have their correspondences in the head. "The thousand-petaled Lotus is the sum total of the petals of all the etheric centers. Do not confuse the head centers with the centers of the mental plane.


  1. When the first head center opens, you become conscious of the thoughts of your Inner Guardian
  2. When the second head center unfolds, you become slowly sensitive to the thoughts of others.
  3. Third center – you are able to read the thoughts of a nation or the thoughts of groups in the nation
  4. Fourth center – you become aware of the thoughts of humanity
  5. Fifth head center – you become aware of the thoughts of the One Who ensouls our globe. (this is a very advanced stage, and only a few people reach it in any century.)
  6. Sixth head center – you become aware of solar or spatial thoughts.
  7. Seventh head center open – you receive impressions form galactic sources.


  1. Base of spine
  2. Generative organs
  3. Solar Plexus
  4. Spleen

(these along with the mental unit are located in the fourth level of the mental plane) "When all these centers are active, you can live as a mental entity in the mental plane." (p. 122)


"People often think that the brain thinks or the mind thinks. IN reality, neither the brain nor the mind thinks. The Thinker is either the Solar Angel or the human soul. The brain is the typewriter; the mind is the fingers.

-When you are in the astral or mental plane, you do not need the brain

-When you are in the Intuitional Plane, you do not need the mind because you communicate directly

-Thinking is direct communication between the Solar Angel and the human soul

"But if you want to communicate with the physical plane from the Intuitional Plane, you need the brain and mind, or you use the brain and mind of someone else." (p. 122)





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