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Nov 18, 2009 Week Twelve – Chapter 11-Part II

We will continue our studies of Chapter Eleven, beginning with page 122. Any questions you have prior to this page is, of course, most welcome and in fact we will open class with your questions left over from last week.

The upcoming solar festival of Sagittarius is December 1st. The keynote of this festival is: "I see the goal. I reach the goal and see another." This is the cycle in which each of us needs to orient ourselves to new goals, to higher contacts, to an expansion in consciousness. It seems to me with these twelve weeks of reading, study and discussion about the human constitution and coordination of the higher centers, we can let the effects of or studies and discussions from these past twelve weeks help us in this orientation process. Of course we must first make contact with the center in Sagittarius, the soul of Sagittarius, and then orient ourselves to this higher center. Through such orientation we will become responsive to our inner direction; a direction which will tell us the next step we must take in our life. Isn't this fascinating?

Look….here we have the most profound Teaching from Space, on earth, available to us – in the form of the Agni Yoga Teaching. This Teaching provides us with a "life map" which will, if followed, help us all to progress and advance into the next kingdom, the kingdom of Souls. Yet some still find themselves in the same rut they were in five years ago; even ten or twenty years ago. They mistakenly believe that freedom is staying in the "same rut," in other words, in the state of "sameness." Some, during this upcoming solar festival, rather than to take advantage of making a higher contact and listening to their inner guidance, will find themselves staying in that same rut, the "sameness" of chasing after more riches – of making more money while their soul remains impoverished. Worrying about the loss of his "life savings;" staying in the rut of depression, desperation, despair; and the running after comfort and pleasure. Still, all is not lost, if that same one hears the "wake-up" call…then all of these ruts will be repaired and the persons consciousness will shift; he will orientate himself in such a way that he will see the next step he must take in his life and establish a goal that will carry him forward. But for disciples, this goal must be taken consciously and vertically. So I ask each of you, as I ask myself, to make ourselves ready to consciously take this "next step" in our life and establish the next goal while the sun is shining upon the sign of Sagittarius.

In Chapter Eleven, p. 122 there is a list of seven strings on the instrument of your being. These seven strings can be used to help you listen to the inner "music" of your soul; the center where you will receive direction to take this next goal. These seven strings are: 1) Pro-survival thoughts, words and actions." It seems to me that this would be a wonderful seed thought to focus our consciousness on as the energies of Sagittarius begins to influence our consciousness. "Pro-survival thoughts, words and actions." Let us begin today! The other strings on the instrument of our being are: 2) Beauty 3) Goodness 4) Righteousness 5) Joy 6) Freedom and 7) Fusion of Synthesis.


"Coordination can be defined as:

  1. A Cooperative relationship between centers on one plane.
  2. Attunement with the Core Center, which is the Chalice.
  3. Synchronization of the centers found on one plane with the centers found on various other planes.

Horizontal and Vertical coordination:

  1. Horizontal coordination is coordination of the centers on the same plane
  2. Vertical coordination is intended to coordinate the etheric chakras with the astral and mental chakras.

"There is another geometrical form created when the solar plexus, heart chakra, and throat chakra of the etheric body coordinate themselves with similar or other chakras of the astral or mental planes.

"Other geometrical forms are created when they are connected with the petals of the Chalice. All these coordinations build the network of sensitivity for incoming impressions." (p. 123)

"Coordination takes place either sequentially or in geometrical forms. The Soul organizes a geometrical procedure because of various needs and conditions of life and of the advancing human soul.

"This procedure is not sequential. It connects various centers on one or several planes, building geometrical forms such as triangles, squares, or pentagons. For example, a geometrical form is created when the solar plexus, heart, and throat function as one unit for certain goals.

"Sequential coordination goes from number one to number seven simultaneously on all planes, although number one is not the first center, but, rather, any center that is more open – from past lives and so on.

Geometrical coordination takes place according to the need of the time and the responsibility of the human soul.


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