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December 8, 2009


December 9, 2009

"The etheric centers transmit prana to all our organs. The deeper we breathe and the cleaner the air, the more vitality we transmit to the corresponding organs of our etheric centers." Pg. 167

On pages 536-7 of this book we read, "Most human beings have lost the art of breathing. People breathe in a very shallow, non-rhythmic, and irregular manner. There must first be a deep inhalation, then an interval, then an exhalation, then again an interval.

Irregular breathing takes place when certain wrong actions, emotions, and thoughts interfere with the rhythm of our breathing.

Our mechanism naturally knows how to breathe, if the human glamors, illusions, and wrong ways of feeling, acting, and thinking do not disturb it and make the breathing apparatus form wrong habits.

In addition to lung breathing, there is also a deeper breathing which is the receiving and assimilation of prana, or solar energy. Solar energy is inhaled only consciously. When you consciously focus your attention on the life energy of the Sun, and breathe it in with the air, you can assimilate it and use it.

Inhalation of prana is proportionate to your unfoldment of consciousness. As you raise and expand your consciousness, you assimilate more prana directly from the Sun…

"We have a body, a real body that is called the etheric body. It is sometimes called the etheric double because our dense physical body is the exact replica of our etheric body.

In the etheric body we have seven etheric centers which are called, from lower to higher:


  • Base of spine
  • Sacral
  • Solar plexus
  • Spleen
  • Heart
  • Throat
  • Head


Each center is a whirlpool of energy."

Why is a center referred to as a "whirlpool" of energy?

"The centers are related to our consciousness, thoughts, emotions, and actions.

We not only have seven etheric centers but also seven emotional centers, which correspond exactly to the seven etheric centers. We also have four mental centers, along with the mental unit, which are called, from lower to higher:

  1. Base of spine in the fourth mental level
  2. Generative organs in the fourth mental level
  3. Solar plexus in the fourth mental level
  4. Spleen in the fourth mental level

In humanity the most active centers, at the present, are the solar plexus and sacral centers."

What examples can we observe regarding the activity of these two centers?

"The solar plexus has two departments. The lower one is related mostly to negative emotions such as hate, fear, anger, jealousy, revenge, slander, malice, nosiness, depression, etc."

What is nosiness, and why is it considered a negative emotion?

"The higher department of the solar plexus is related to lofty aspirations, healing, brotherly feelings, etc.

The overactivity of the sacral center in the world results in complications in the related organs and widespread sexually transmitted diseases."

How can we recognize the "overactivity" of the sacral center in ourselves or children, and what steps can be taken to bring it into balance?

"The heart center is partially open in those who have loving understanding and compassion. The throat center is partially open in creative people. The head center is partially open in those who are in leadership positions, or engaged in scientific discoveries, or who, in their various fields, exercise pure reason, logic, and sacrificial service.

The switchboard of all centers is in the human consciousness. The more we expand our consciousness and the more we dedicate our life to the service of humanity, the more our centers unfold and bring into our aura greater currents of life, love, and light."

What are some signs that one is expanding his/her consciousness? That one is striving to dedicate his/her life to the service of humanity?

"This is why the right way to open our centers is to expand our consciousness and not to use artificial means, postures, yogas, and exercises.

It is a drastic mistake to work directly on the centers. It may have grave consequences on our health and consciousness.

When our consciousness expands, it creates pressure on the mental switches and they let the energy of consciousness go into the centers, energize them, and cause unfoldment.

When we work directly on the centers, we stimulate them mechanically and we put their corresponding glands and related organs in great danger. Some of the cancers in the organs or glands are caused by overstimulation.

If in the past you tried artificially to open the centers, you will experience in this life mental and emotional disturbances and certain diseases."

What is an example of a mental or emotional disturbance/disease as a result of artificially opening centers?

"In such conditions, your centers may still be in a state of overstimulation, or they may be damaged by the reaction of the stimulated organs acting in a reverse manner.

To cure such a condition is not easy, and only a high degree Initiate can handle such cases, if the karma of the subject does not prevent it.

Coordination of the centers is horizontal and vertical. Horizontal coordination is alignment of the centers existing in the same body and coordination with their switches in the consciousness. Vertical coordination is between centers on different planes such as the physical, emotional, and mental planes.

The switches of all centers on the etheric, astral, and mental planes are found in the fourth level of the mental plane."

What might the term "switches" refer to here?

"The coordination process of the centers runs parallel with the purification process."

From Chapter 11, pg. 126: "Purification of the chakras is the first factor in the coordination of centers, and this can be achieved by using them goalfittingly or purposefully." How do we use our centers goalfittingly?

"To unfold your centers naturally and safely, the steps to take are as follows:

  1. Expand your consciousness.
  2. Purify your nature of elementals that prevent the unfoldment of the centers.
  3. Develop the virtues related to the centers.
  4. Use the energies of the centers economically and wisely.
  5. Resign from activities on those levels that are harmful to the centers."

#5 – What is an activity that could be harmful to a particular center?

"Expansion of consciousness is through service and right meditation.

Purification of the centers can be achieved by developing virtues and abstaining from activities that hurt the centers. For example, if the solar plexus is blocked and causing various health problems in its surrounding area, one needs to develop fearlessness, lovingness, inclusiveness, joy, peace, gracefulness, tenderness, etc.

The energies of the various centers are different. For example, the energy of the heart center is love and compassion; the energy of the head center is willpower, the energy of the ajna center is direction; the energy of the throat center is creativity; the energy of the solar plexus center is healing and relationship; the energy of the sacral center is sex; the energy of the base of spine center is sacrificial labor.

Of course these energies can be named differently, but the main point emphasized here is that one must economize and use his centers intelligently and not waste them by overactivity and overstimulation."

How can we recognize the signs of overstimulation and overactivity?

"Of course, those who are on the spiritual path may feel burning sensations in their various centers or connected areas in the body. Such pain often appears intensely, and then suddenly disappears.

When a new energy is poured into any center because of our spiritual progress, that energy burns the dross accumulated from the past or past lives. This is the cause of the pain. When purification is done, the body adjusts itself to the condition of the etheric center and the pain disappears.

We should also be concerned not to feed a center with negative elements. For example, let us assume that your solar plexus is open and you feel the fears, anxieties, and troubles of others and cannot stand it. What will you do? As much as possible, you must try not to feed your solar plexus center with fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, revenge, or greed. If you try to stop such destructive fiery currents from going to your solar plexus, you stop feeding your center and it slowly regulates or normalizes itself."

How do we recognize that we are feeding a center with the negative elements of others? How do we control this?

"To regulate your throat center, the best step to take is to stop gossiping, lying, and slandering people and at the same time to be constructive and energizing through your words and speech.

When you have inflammable material in your pocket, it burns when you approach fire. Similarly, any pollutant existing in your centers burns when new energy is channeled to it. That is why it is necessary to give a rest to your centers before you start nourishing and energizing them.

When your centers are used to serve such things as











they deteriorate and destroy not only your joy and happiness but also your body and even your business.

Misused centers become a load and a powerful burden on your shoulders for many lives."



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