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Chapter 17 - Etheric Centers and Their Coordination - Part II (Final Week)

Chapter 17 – Etheric Centers and Their Coordination – Part II

Last week while I was in California, engaged with planning meetings for the WSI Italian conclave, Valarie Drost stepped in to facilitate the class and create the class blog. Together we reviewed last week’s class discussion yesterday. Val explained that  the class went well, there was a good discussion, good questions with follow up answers.  We decided it would be a good thing to pick up this Wednesday evening where you left off last week.

I also would like to thank Shary for establishing a way for the class to meet on-line last week since the weather made it virtually impossible to gather together at the Center. Shary and Val worked closely together to create a situation where there would be no interruption in our studies giving everyone an opportunity, even from out of state, to engage in the class discussion on-line. Along that line, we have finally made a decision to financially commit, on an annual subscription basis to “Go To Meeting,” which, as I understand it, will allow us to easily create webinars, bringing those who are interested from outside the local area, into visual and audio contact with classes, Sunday services, and seminars, etc. Shary underwent many hours of research and experience to enable us to make the best decision possible for this endeavour. I am very comfortable with this decision. I think you will be as excited about it as I am. Shary will spend some time with us during pre-conference explaining how the whole process works. In the meantime, I encourage you all to get a nice webcam for your computer (if you do not yet have one) as well as good speakers or headphones for future use.

So, we will begin our discussion tomorrow night with: “How can we recognize the “overactivity” of the sacral center in ourselves or children, and what steps can be taken to bring it into balance?” (page two)

This will be the last class of the year and with this book. Next year it has been decided to return to the textbook “The Subconscious Mind and the Chalice.” I will be selecting certain Chapters for us to study so that everyone will have a better, more advanced understanding of the nature of the subconscious mind and why we want to undergo the process of purification as a method to function in the higher Self.

Please register for the class so I can send you the Study Schedule by the end of the year.


Much love,



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