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April 05, 2010 – Review of Chapter 13-Emotions and Subconscious Mind

"The subconsciousness has a very close relation with our astral body. The etheric body is controlled by our lower mental plane, namely by the seventh, sixth, fifth, and fourth levels of the mind (please see diagram on page 32 of our textbook.), but our etheric body also has a close relation with the astral body through the seven centers in the astral body." (p. 89)

"The subconscious elements in our lower mental body affect our astral body as a whole through the etheric body. This is why most of the subconscious elements first appear in our emotional moods or emotional states before they are formulated into thought. "If we closely follow the changes, fluctuations, stimulation, and excitement of our emotional body, we can have a fair idea about the contents of our subconscious mind.

"Our emotions reveal the secret of our subconscious mind, but we do not pay attention to them. The emotional body often acts as a safety valve to relax the pressure accumulating in the subconscious mind." (pp89-90) "In the Fifth Race, the Aryan Race, our consciousness is focused now in the fourth level of the mind, and the fifth, sixth, and seventh levels act as the subconscious mind. "

"As disciples and initiates advance, they enter into the third level or the abstract level of the mind, and, in the meantime, clean the fifth level of the mind and make it part of the fourth level of the mind, the conscious mind." See diagram on page 77. (p. 90-91) Please continue to read the balance of p. 91.

CHAPTER 14 (P. 93)

The Chapter lists ages during which time the subconscious mind releases itself, in some degree. Please make a mental note of your own age in relation to the age cycle listed on p. 93. Do you fall into this age-cycle?

Note the pattern. The first cycle 14-18 lasts 4 years. Then there is a 9 year rest.

The second cycle: 27-35 lasts 8 years followed by a seven year "rest."

The third cycle 42-49 lasts 7 years followed by a four year rest.

The fourth cycle 53-62 lasts 9 years followed by a three year rest.

The fifth cycle 65-70 lasts five years followed by a two year rest.

The sixth cycle 72-80 lasts 8 years.

"During these years you feel a subconscious surge and are challenged to take action in order to control it. If you do not control it by age 49, as you get older, especially after age 62, your subconscious mind may release itself in your dreams, and awaken you at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. and release so much fear and ugliness from your past life that you are bathed in sweat." (p. 94)

"The subconscious mind can travel with you in the Subtle Worlds and create many difficulties on your journey. Then it burns away in the Fiery World.

"Age seven." Upon your next incarnation, the subconscious mind begins to "rebuild" itself from the three permanent atoms once again." (p. 94)

"The difficulty of knowing when you are acting under the subconscious mind is magnified when you are identified with your subconscious mind in a large percentage. That is where its strength lies. Once you are identified, you think that whatever you are thinking, saying, or doing is done by you. [But] is you hesitate to do what you want to do, or after you do it you hate yourself….we say that there is hope for you…" But if you cannot make a breakthrough, you fall under the dominance of th subconscious mind even more than you did before. Realization makes you have power over it, and with the help of the Teacher you can conquer it." (p. 95)

Glamors and Illusions. "There is a layer in the subconscious mind that collects many kinds of philosophies, religions, and traditions that were given to the person when he was not ready to understand them, or when he was in some degree unconscious or sick or desperate. This is the origin of what are called glamor and illusion.(p. 96)

"Many, many lives are ruined by planting in them such glamors. This is why in some esoteric schools you can attend a class only if you are really awake so that the Teaching does not become part of your subconscious mind." (ibid)

  1. Thing in the subconscious mind are not part of your beingness. When you are under its influence, you are imitating and pretending…p. 96
  2. 2. If you are not ready for the role you are going to play, you put yourself under severe stress. Your glamors use and direct your energies without any good results. … You act like a soldier, a teacher, or a president. You are cosmetically built; you are artificial. (ibid)
  3. Glamors and illusions. Because they are associated with the subconscious mind, eventually wear down and degenerate. It is a form which sometimes decays and pollutes all your approaches to life. Most of the degeneration of the Teaching is due to this. Glamors act both in the astral and mental levels. A glamor can be mentalized and become a mental glamor. Illusions come into being when a fact is missed up with glamors. (ibid)
  4. It is very difficult to break a glamor, which is built during your unconscious moments by your wishes and desires. Greed is a terrible glamor. Love of possessions of every kind is almost an evil urge. (97)

"The subconscious mind has thousands of cards to play with and win. We call them rationalizations, justifications, and legalities. (p. 98)

Chalice. "The more you unfold your Chalice, the less subconsciousness you have, and eventually you become 50% conscious and 50% subconscious. Which one is going to grow and wins? That decision will come from your karma. (ibid)

"Acting under the subconscious mind perpetuates your karma and results in a vicious circle. Someone must stop it and act under the conscious mind to break this vicious circle." This is one of the reasons that having an earthly Teacher is your gift.


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