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April 21, 2010. Chapter 20: “Decisions and Subconscious Elements”

What a most interesting and sobering Chapter. I wonder how many decisions we have made in our life during unconscious moments. I think especially the "I am going to leave you" decision, that causes so many marriages to end in divorce. Or, when the student becomes blinded with the fires of his ego and vanity, turning against the Teacher and his/group, making the decision to leave, obeying the elements of his subconscious mind. "Be careful in making any important decisions when you are not 100% conscious because, once you have made the decision, you will be forced by your subconscious mind to obey and actualize your own decision." (p. 121)

"Months or even years pass, but if such a decision in your subconsciousness is restimulated, you feel the tendency to leave… . " And when the stimulation reaches it highest degree, you have no choice but to obey your decision." (p. 121-122)

"Once you lose your sanity in difficult conditions, not only do you hypnotize yourself, but you also take wrong actions. No right action is possible under conditions in which you are not 100% awake.

"The astral plane and the subconscious mind must be bypassed if we want to make healthy decisions, ones that for a long time will be a source of happiness, success, prosperity, and expansion of consciousness." (ibid) Remember, the astral plane is only a reflection of our own imaginative creations. The astral world is a kind of cloud formation upon an emotional energy around our bodies which has a certain range of vibration that attracts and retains the waves of desire and glamor; figments of our imagination, based upon our cravings and negative emotional reactions to people.

"Most of the decisions people make are forced on them by their fear, anger, hatred, and self-interest. These elements are mostly related to the subconscious mind and the lower astral plane." (p. 122)

"Decisions must be the conclusions of the mind plus the Intuition." "The Intuition will see the decision in the long-range plan, in the light of higher events and available energies." (p. 122)

"Most of the pain, suffering, and destruction are the result of wrong decisions, decisions not based on co-measurement." (p. 123)

Co-measurement "The power of co-measurement is the gift of psychic energy which helps a person to consider all possible viewpoints and approaches to any object or problem, then reach a conclusion that synthesizes the best answer." (Commentary On Psychic Energy, p. 65)

Critical point: "The critical point is: "the boiling point when the past fights against concepts related to future transformation." "This critical point is often so strong that many souls become lost and cannot stand in the whirlpools of inner conflict. Ego, vanity, selfishness, separatism, and greed exercise a tremendous pressure upon the victim, and, in the meantime, his soul cries out for help from his vision."

How does one get through this critical point?

"The most decisive factor is a person's karma. Those who have lived a life of selfless service, pure motives, inclusive love, and purity of mind have accumulated a good result in their karma and can usually cross the other shore in a relatively easy way. But those who were involved in selfish, manipulative activities with greed, slander, and self-interest fall into the tides of the bad results of karma and disappear. The Teaching says that pain and suffering follow their steps to prepare them for another chance in future lives." (p. 123)

The part the Teacher plays in this critical point: "When such crises come into our life, we must firmly establish ourselves in our faith and principles. We must get closer to our Teacher and ask for [her] direction based on [her] wisdom and experience." (p. 124)

TWO MOST CRITICAL POINTS: While the soul is in the birth process. The first one is the moment when all is ready for the birth in the cave of the brain as a new human soul. The next is the point when the developing human soul begins to cross into the higher mind and tries to locate himself within the Spiritual Triad.

Pictures which represent the "cave of the brain":


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