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June 09th 2010 – The Chalice – Class One


We will not be studying Chapter 39 & 40 in class this summer Man as Monad, and as such I felt it important that we review the information in our studies at home. Here it is:

Some key points to remember within this chapter:

  1. Man is a Monad, a drop of fire of the Creative Force in the Universe. At the beginning of the human kingdom, this Spark or Monad was found in a center called the based of spine. (p. 243) (The Monad is in its essence is "a ray - a breath of the absolute…" (p. 305)
  2. The substance of the chalice is provided by Solar Angels in order to build the petals as the spiritual striving of the human being increases. (p. 243-244)
  3. As the Lotus flower began to unfold, the Spark from the base of spine traveled upward on the etheric spine and eventually located itself in the center of the Lotus like a baby in the bosom of the solar Angel. (p. 244)
  4. The infusion between the Solar Angel and the human soul or Monad reaches its summit at the time of the Third Initiation. At this time we call the human Spark or the Monad the real human soul. (p. 244) (…[T]he Solar Angel ..uses the Chalice to create a human soul out of the Monad." (p. 305)
  5. The unfoldment of the Chalice takes centuries of effort, striving, discipline, meditation, and service. (p. 244)
  6. Page 245-246 lists the names of each petal including it's tier name: outermost petals are called knowledge, the next tier which is closer to the center is called the love petals and the three petals closer to the center are called sacrifice petals.
  7. The fourth tier of petals ¾ or the bud ¾ does not show significant unfoldment until the Third Initiation is over and the human soul enters into the fourth Initiation. This bud hides the Jewel.*
  8. Each tier of petals has its correspondences: knowledge petals - physical plane, love petals - astral plane; sacrifice petals - mental plane. (p. 245-246)

*Jewel: "The Jewel is the Monad, the Spark, the electrical fire, or the will energy. Remember that 'man is the Monad.' The substance of the bud is offered by the Solar Angel. The petals are built of deva substance, but the unfoldment of the Chalice is due to the Jewel, to the release of the Jewel, which makes the petals open according to the unfoldment of the Jewel and eventually destroy the whole Chalice when it is fully open. It is the Spark, the human soul, "conceived" in the Chalice that eventually is "born again" at the Fourth Initiation. Such souls are called Arhats. This is the true "second birth." (p. 304)

Each petal is an electric tube which has many functions as it unfolds:

  1. They bring forth the energy & wisdom of the Solar Angel
  2. They bring into your bodies the treasures of the Chalice: past experiences, wisdom, beauty, etc.
  3. They bring the electric power of your inner essence
  4. They put the Jewel in the Lotus in contact with one of the constellations of the zodiac.
  5. The petals also key themselves in with the greater petals of greater Chalices and bring high-level electrical or fiery nourishment to the person.

THE CHALICE PULLS THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MAN UP TO ITSELF. When the man and his consciousness are in the Chalice, the petals protect and nourish him (p. 246-247)

M.M. speaks about His garden and flowers. His garden is in the higher mental and Intuitional Planes where He notices the appearance of lotuses, lilies, or roses - the Chalices - as they grow and unfold.(p. 247) To be a flower in Their garden is a great achievement.

  1. One of the greatest ways to make the petals of the Chalice unfold is to develop the feeling of Brotherhood, a deep spiritual feeling that all living forms - visible or invisible are our brothers. We are told that once a person develops the requirements of Brotherhood and establishes brotherly ties with others, he develops a line of contact between his physical brain and astral and mental realities. Such a line of contact unites him with the threefold planes of his brothers.

    Brothers never separate in the physical world, nor if they enter the astral world or the mental world. The line of contact created in them transcends the worlds, and they are always impressed by each other's condition and striving.

    This is why Brotherhood is not only a source of joy, protection, support, and success, but also it is an imperative step leading to the Higher Worlds, discipline, trust, cooperation and labor.

    The formation of real Brotherhood brings each human soul closer to his own Chalice and makes him a cell in the group Chalice. (p. 247-248)

Some additional thoughts to consider with this chapter:

  1. "It is the colors of the petals that link you with the Seven rays. Up to the Third Initiation, the petals are used, among other things, for creative imagination and visualization and for the reception of interplanetary and solar messages and energies." (p. 250)
  2. "If your Chalice is not developing, you lose contact with the Seven Rays and cannot create balance in your whole system. The petals are related to your thoughts, feelings, and actions." (p. 250-251)


From this weeks chapter it lists from 1-4 the twelve potential petals and names them. This all refers to individuals. As individuals have their Chalices, so too nations and humanity as a whole have their Chalices. Although these petals have different names, esoterically they are the same.

The three knowledge petals are called:

  • petal of civilization
  • petal of culture
  • petal of illumination

The three love petals are called:

  • petal of cooperation
  • petal of loving understanding
  • petal of group love

    The three sacrifice petals are called:

  • petal of participation with the Hierarchical Plan
  • petal of Purpose existing behind the Plan
  • petal of precipitation - actualization of the Plan (p. 252-253)


    "Some groups of nations represent certain petals, and as the petals unfold, we see the increase of integration and unity of nations."

    The Sun - source of life: Law of the Solar Light, Love of the Solar Heart, Life of the Central Spiritual Sun

    "The Sun represents the source of life in our solar system. This life increases its flow into humanity as the first three knowledge petals begin to unfold. It is during this process that the Law of the Solar Light permeates into the human aura. When the next three, or the love petals, open, the Love of the Solar Heart penetrates into humanity. When the next three petals, the sacrifice petals, unfold, the Life of the Central Sun reaches into the human soul and man literally becomes a child of the Sun." (p. 253)

    Consciousness vs. unconscious:

    "A conscious person is one who is concerned about the divinity within him and the divinity in others. He is conscious that the divinity in him and in others is one with the divinity in the Cosmic Whole." (p. 252)

    "An unconscious person, no matter how cleverly he acts, no matter how much knowledge or position he holds, is ignorant, and all that he does eventually will fall upon his head. You can see this all over the world in individuals as well as in small or large nations, governments, and even empires. Unconsciousness is self-destructive and builds heavy karma."(Ibid)



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