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June 16, 2010 Chapter 41: How The Petals Open

Lewis shared his graphic arts talent with us for this class giving us the colors of the Petals. I asked Lewis to create this chart for us because of last week's Blog from Chapter 40. Thank you Lewis. Please do not share this diagram with the whole world because the diagram itself is copyrighted by us.

We will use these two diagrams as we discuss Chapter 40 "How the Petals Open" this evening.

When you refer to the petals there is a sequence which should always be followed:

  1. Knowledge petals
  2. Love petals
  3. Sacrificial petals

Our Chalice has twelve potential petals:

  1. The three outermost petals called the knowledge petals which are composed of one knowledge petal, one love petal and one sacrifice petal. These three outermost petals form the first tier of petals.
  2. Three love petals, which are composed of one love petal, one knowledge petal, one sacrifice petal. The love petals form the second tier of the lotus. Please note the sequence of these three petals: love, knowledge, sacrifice.
  3. The three closer petals to the center are called the sacrifice petals which are composed of one sacrifice petal, one knowledge petal and one love petal. Please note the sequence of these three petals: sacrifice, knowledge and love.
  4. There is also a fourth tier of petals – commonly called the bud – but does not show significant unfoldment until the Third Initiation is over and the human soul enters into the Fourth Initiation. This bud hides the Jewel.

These petals penetrate into each body of the personality. For example, we then have

  1. On the physical plane (see diagram)

One knowledge-knowledge petal

One knowledge-love petal

One knowledge-sacrifice petal

  1. On the astral plane (see diagram)

One love-knowledge petal

One love-love petal

One love-sacrifice petal

  1. On the mental plane (see diagram)

One sacrifice-knowledge petal

One sacrifice-love petal

One sacrifice-sacrifice petal

Each petal is an electric tube which has many functions as it unfolds. As the petals unfold they bring forth the energy and wisdom of the Solar Angel. They bring into your bodies the treasures of the Chalice. And they bring the electric power of your inner essence. Each petal is destined to put the Jewel in the Lotus in contact with one of the constellations of the Zodiac. The petals also key themselves in with the greater petals of greater Chalices and bring high-level electrical or fiery nourishment to the person.

What is so beautiful to me is to recognize that as the Chalice unfolds, Space is filled with the fragrance of the Chalice which is used as food for many kinds of devas and as a source of inspiration for other living human beings. Thus, the Chalice pulls the consciousness of others up to itself. The petals will protect you and nourish you.

Remember, that once a Chalice unfolds and thereby catches the attention of Great Ones, They watch it with special care and sometimes They drop a few jewels in it. Sometimes They let a few jewels go to the brain of the person to be used in a time of need. Sometimes They measure the petals and their colors to see in what way and what degree they are unfolding. Each unfolding Lotus becomes a flower in Their garden that is well tended.

DIAGRAMS: (copyright 2010 WMEA. All rights reserved)






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