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June 30, 2010 Chapter 44 "The Chalice and the Centers"

June 30, 2010 Chapter 44: "The Chalice and Centers"

We have spent the last three weeks essentially focusing on the formation of the Chalice, how the petals of the Chalice open, the relationship of the permanent atoms and the Chalice, and the centers and the Chalice. We have been given several beautiful and intricate diagrams; all forming a treasure house of knowledge for us to resource. And we have started each class with fifteen minutes of meditation, carrying our consciousness into the light of the Higher Mind. You are receiving information that is deep and profound about yourself and ultimately about the universe and galaxy (galaxies). Please, do not take it for granted and please, try not to puff up with pride that you have such knowledge. Why? With knowledge comes responsibility.

What kind of responsibility? Responsibility for our choices. Each choice we make must take us closer to the jewel in the lotus. Our choices either take us closer or push us further away. If we are pushed further away, our darkness increases; if we move closer, our illumination increases. Which will it be; darkness or illumination? Of course we are going to choose illumination. But too often our choices lead us deep into darkness and we know not why, blaming everyone for our situations and thus demonstrating a lack of responsibility.

When we are on the path of discipleship – the path the leads us into the heart of Hierarchy – we can no longer give others the responsibility of our choices unless we are children. Simplistically stated and voiced by one of my sons when he was very young: "Mom, I know that what goes around comes around." This means, then, that the final responsibility of one's actions, emotions, and thoughts, lies with that one; the decision to do this or that. The Teaching is filled with instructions on how to do this or that; how to make right choices. But if you have not assimilated the Teaching, if you have not applied the Teaching; applied your studies to life, then it is more likely than not that your choices will lead you further away from the Chalice. To be led further away from the Chalice means your choices are preventing your spiritual progress. Remember, we are not arm chair philosophers; we are "doers." What does it mean to be a "doer?" It means we are engaged in daily, rhythmic meditation, study, discipline and service. This is the path of the disciple.

Before we move into the Chapter I think we must realize that "sometimes the unfoldment of the petals of the Chalice, because of striving, aspiration, meditation, and devotion, creates certain problems in the corresponding centers and related organs due to the blocked conditions existing in the centers. This is why we are always advised to purify our three lower bodies so that the energy released from the petals does not create friction in the corresponding centers." (p. 277)

This is no small matter. This is the other side of the coin, the other side that applies to those who are living the Teaching and living a life that is taking them closer to the jewel in the Lotus; living a life that is building lighted houses and mansions in their consciousness. If we are fortunate to have a trained Teacher and there is trust between the Teacher and disciple, the Teacher will give you warnings and sometimes direct knowledge about your situation, inspiring you to re-evaluate your situation and return to the process of purification. But you must have the ears to hear and the humility to take action. Without the ears to hear and humility, the Teacher will remain silent and life will teach you.

Once that final purification takes place, and the Teacher see that you are ready, as a disciple, to take certain risks, it is then the Teacher "will give you specific meditations which will help you integrate and align your centers, unfold your petals and allow the threefold fire to circulate in your bodies.

Chapter 44 opens with a conversation about the spleen. "Real healing power develops in man when the higher correspondence of the splenic center in the head begins to be action."

“The splenic center has its higher correspondence in the head, as all centers do. The etheric splenic center is the reservoir of prana, which passes it to the blood and regenerates the entire person. … This higher splenic center brings in a tremendous amount of energy from Space…” (p. 269)

1. The twelve-petaled head center – is related to the three knowledge petals

2. The twelve-petaled heart center is related to the three love petals of the Chalice

3. The thousand-petaled Lotus is related to the sacrificial petals of the Chalice

“As the psychic energy streams down from the Core of the Chalice, it unfolds the petals of the centers and the Chalice and relates them to each other.”

4. The fourth tier of petals – the bud – unfolds only when total harmony and relationship is established between the petals of the head center, the higher head center, the heart and the petals of the Chalice. (The thousand-petaled Lotus is the “higher head center.”) When this is happening, the individual disciple is entering the Fourth Initiation.


  1. The first and second circle of petals (knowledge and love) can unfold if a person has the right relationship with his threefold personality vehicles and with other human beings or with his Teacher,
  2. But the third circle of petals cannot be unfolded unless a person unites with an advancing group and demonstrates pure sacrificial love, dedication and devoted service. (p. 270-271)
  3. When the firth petal of these centers and the Chalice begin to unfold and become active, this kindles the human brain. Sleeping brain centers begin to operate and make the person on the physical plane aware of higher energies, events, and currents.


“Many people wait many incarnations to be able to be a part of a group and demonstrate selfless and sacrificial relationships and labor. It is the group’s fire that helps the individual unfold his third circle of petals. This is why group work is very important. It is in group labor that our true character comes out and passes through critical tests.” (p. 271)

“…This is why group integration is a supreme goal for each group member. Those who take advantage of group members or who are engaged in slander and treason are soon aborted by the group, and their evolution is delayed for many, many incarnations.” It is important, in my mind, to consider what slander and treason means; how it is demonstrated, for fear of falling into such traps. Let us discuss these things in tonight’s class. Bring some examples with you as to how a member can slander the Teacher or a co-worker. What is treason? How does one take advantage of group members? How does one engage in treason against the group? What are the signs that a member might  “are soon going to be aborted by the group?”


Knowledge Petals– “We must remember that the knowledge petals carry within them the knowledge offered in the past solar system. This was the gift of the Third Ray.” (p. 272) “All knowledge is gained through thinking, remembering, or through Intuition. This is why meditation is an effort and labor to remember, to discover the knowledge of the past given for the physical, astral, and mental planes. This is the knowledge that can be contacted through the unfolding of the three knowledge petals of the Chalice.” (p. 272)

Love Petals – “…is the gift of this solar system, and our supreme goald is to understand this energy in all its manifestations and forms… This is why if we have everything, but not love, we fail in this solar system. Those who replace love with knowledge are the failures of this solar system. “ (ibid)

Sacrifice Petals – “The energy of sacrifice is offered to individuals through the sacrifice petals of the Chalice. This energy is the energy of the future, and those who have this energy are the real futurists. They live in the future visions and pave the way for humanity to see the future.” (ibid)

Sacrifice means the outer manifestation of inner divinity. …The manifestation of divinity is always accompanied by sacrificial action, sacrificial emotions, sacrificial thought. Thus sacrificial acts are inspired by the idea that we are all part of One Reality, and the more we help others, the more help we receive form the One Reality.

Sacrifice is a way of living in the One Reality, for the One Reality.

Thus, mental sacrifice, emotional sacrifice, and physical sacrifice are the result of the manifestation of your inner divinity through all your mental, emotional, and physical activities until you become one with that inner divinity.

The energy of sacrifice is related to the petals of sacrifice, numbers 7, 8, and 9. They deal with group work…

As the sacrifice petals open, the petals of the bud, which synthesize knowledge, love, and sacrifice, slowly release the central electrical Spark, the human soul which, through his fiery essence, destroys not only the Lotus but also the three permanent atoms and releases himself into higher spheres.  (ibid)




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