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July 07th, 2010. Chapter 46 “Meditation and Freedom”

The Chapter opens with a statement about the plane of intuition, saying that it is through meditation we eventually come in contact with the plane of Intuition and that this contact is a major event in our life. This statement gives us insight as to when a we have developed "intuition" in the truest sense of the meaning of the word.

To have intuition means that you are now a soul. It means that for the first time "in your life, you can pass beyond the etheric web of the physical plane. It also means that, as a result of regular and persistent meditation, you are now able to penetrate into the sixth level of the Intuitional Plane and thus able to pass beyond your astral body."

We should all be grateful to Torkom's "no-nonsense" way of hitting the "bulls eye" of understanding regarding right meditation and intuition.

Today, in the esoteric community, there are some members who say, "I just had an intuitive thought." Or, the person says, "I am becoming more and more intuitive." Or, "My intuition tells me." Such thinking leads to glamor and illusion and can stagnate one's striving. First, a disciple who has reached this level of enlightenment will not make such claims; they will personally, however, take responsibility for the inspired ideas and thoughts, manifesting them in a form of service.

You may be sensitive to the feelings of others, you may have insights given to you from your Solar Angel in dreams, during your meditation, or at other certain times where an idea will be given to you, but to say "I am intuitive" means you have penetrated into the fifth sub-plane of the Intuitional Plane using your Mental Permanent Atom. To determine if this is so, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I daily meditate, (no exception) using seed-thought meditation via a WMEA meditation course? Daily does not mean every once in a while, or three out of five days, etc. etc.
  2. Do I daily record my meditations in writing at the conclusion of my meditation? This is very important for it brings the ideas from the higher mind into the concrete mind and is part fo the process of building the bridge.
  3. Do I try to remain open to higher impression during the day?
  4. Do I have the Antahkarana Bridge constructed? (the first stage of the rainbow bridge)
  5. Am I in conscious contact with my Solar Angel? Have I seen him or her?
  6. Am I living a life totally dedicated to the Plan of Hierarchy?
  7. Do I still have personal karma?
  8. Am I dedicated to the life of the Group?
  9. Am I living, truly living, a sacrificial life free of selfish desire?
  10. Am I capable of leaving my personality and actively engaging in the Chalice? (The Chapter tells us "This is accomplished with intense aspiration, striving, service, and specifically through meditation." P. 280)

And finally, the Chapter tells us that it is in the Fourth Initiation that the human consciousness finally functions in the Intuitional Plane and thus destroys the etheric barrier existing on the fourth level of his mental plane.

This information is valuable to your spiritual striving, to expansion of consciousness and to your humility and sanity. It serves you as a vision of what your future service can be if you are willing to sacrifice for such a future.

Are you able to consciously leave your body? Sometimes people violate spiritual law in this regard and through abuse of drugs, including the taking of hallucinogenic drugs, abuse of alcohol and excessive sex; engaging in wrong meditation practices, engaging in kundalini exercises and chanting; living an imbalanced life such people will suddenly and without control leave their body, putting their sanity in danger.

If you read the book The Science of Meditation it will tell you about the dangers of meditation. I am reminded of one young woman who began to meditate on her own, using her own approach and engaging in meditation all without the guidance of a Teacher. The woman over stimulated her brain and centers, and to this day she remains psychologically dysfunctional. Another young woman whose husband was a medical doctor spent so much time in meditation (mystical) that she opened up centers, which destroyed the protective webs, putting her in contact with the dead and in this case, with a person who had died in her house. She began having conversations, pleasant and delightful conversations with an earth-bound entity. She would meet with the entity daily, in the afternoon between 3 – 4 pm. Then other entities began to visit her, bypassing the "nice" entity who was trying to protect her, but these entities were harmful and began to take control over her. I was finally called in to help.

 In another situation where a person was engaged in meditation practices without the guidance of a Teacher, the person became a megalomaniac. The hours spent in meditation over stimulated the solar plexus and the person became very difficult to deal with.

 Here is another story: A married woman with three beautiful daughters began mystical (emotional) meditation practices. Up until the time she lost her mental balance, we spent time together where we each served as chaperones for senior high school students, students who, due to their musical talents, were invited to participate in various musical competitions around the state. During one of these outings she began talking to me about her meditations. She would meditate several hours during the day, when her husband was at work and her children in school. This occurred on a daily basis, for many hours each day. Then one day an entity told her to get a pencil and pad and to begin writing, to take dictation from him. This woman, as a result, abandoned her beautiful husband and children to warn the world of their sinful ways. We were eventually able to find her and placed her in a institution.

Another woman who engaged in prolonged meditation believed that she had become a "channel" for Annie Besant. But she was being "used" by an imposter.

Yes, what I am saying is that there are dangers to meditation, but there is no danger if you follow the rules. If you still do not know the rules of meditation, study the book The Science of Meditation by Torkom and follow the instructions with perfect obedience.


The Chapter says the "Chalice is not really rooted only in the higher mind. It can function outside of man; it is free in Space. When man escapes from the etheric and astral ring-pass-nots, he functions in the Chalice and reaches a relative state of freedom.

"At the Third Initiation, man breaks the mental ring-pass-not, and at the Fourth Initiation the mental body is conquered and the human soul is ready now to leave the Chalice, transport its treasures into the Spiritual Triad and head center, and locate himself within the Intuitional Plane." (p. 280)

Remember the "Chalice is the anchorage point of the Solar Angel. In the Chalice, the conception and development of the human soul takes place." (ibid)

Remember….the "Monad is not the human soul." "Man essentially is a Monad, a ray projected out of the Central Spiritual Sun. … It is in the Chalice that out of this ray a human soul is conceived which then develops mind, love, and will power within an identity or individuality." (p. 280)

"This ray, the monad, connecting itself with the physical, emotional, and mental planes, eventually acts as a controlling and guiding center for these lives by which the three bodies are built. Gradually the Monad develops sentience and then thinking and acts as if It were a separate entity." (p. 281)

"The human soul is created individually in the Lotus out of this "Boundless Ray." (ibid)

"The millions of personalities that are created throughout the incarnations of this individuality are like pearl beads on the thread – the ray of the Monad.

"Through meditation we slowly dispel our identification with matter and gain freedom from the Cosmic Physical Plane at the time of our Seventh Initiation. … The journey is long." (ibid)

"Until we build our human soul, we are an unconscious human Monad around which our past deeds, emotions, and thoughts will build a new personality in each incarnation without having continuity of consciousness from life to life." (p. 281-282)



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