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July 14, 2010 Chapter Fifty One: The Birth of the Lotus

In earlier studies we learned that the Lotus is built primarily by the substance of the Solar Angel. It is located in the second and third subplanes of the mental plane. And later, when an Initiate reaches the Fourth Initiation, she goes through a crucifixion experience (Renunciation) and the human soul departs from the Chalice. At this point the soul centers himself in the Spiritual Triad. The Initiate's Chalice is now her Head Center, also known as the Thousand Petaled Lotus.

Chapter 51 goes into further detail about how the Lotus is constructed, saying its formation is created with the cooperation of the Solar Angel, the lunar pitris and the man. [The Lunar Pitris create or build the form of man on the three lower levels. They also build the planetary body and its astral and mental forms under human and logoic impulse. They live in our etheric, astral and lower mental planes, and….collectively form the Dweller on the Threshold. … When you desire something, the Lunar Lords build the form of your desire. After it is built, you have new elements in your aura which sometimes turn into hindrances and obstacles when you try to progress. Lunar of course means belonging to the moon, while Pitris is a Sanskrit word meaning Fathers.]

"As the human being expands his consciousness, he begins to coordinate the three permanent atoms [physical perm. atom, emotional perm atom and mental perm atom] located at the base of the Lotus and builds communication lines with the physical plane.

The Chapter explains that the Chalice has four major component parts: a) The Jewel b) the bud petals c) the petals of the three tiers and d) the Solar Angel.

THE BUD: "The three waves of the Solar Angels offered Their substance to form three petals of the bud to create with Their pressure the Jewel [Diamond] as a compressed Space – bringing it into existence as the first step of Individuality…" (p. 304)

THE THREE TIERS: The tiers of petals are built of deva substance.

THE JEWEL: The Jewel is the Monad, the Spark, the electrical fire, or the will energy. The substance of the bud id offered by the Solar Angel. The unfoldment of the Chalice is due to the Jewel, to the release of the Jewel, which makes the petals open according to the unfoldment of the Jewel and eventually destroy the whole Chalice when it is fully open.

HUMAN SOUL CONCEIVED: It is the Spark, the human soul, "conceived" in the Chalice that eventually is "born again" at the Fourth Initiation. Such souls are called Arhats. This is the true "second birth."

THE CHALICE IS: "the womb and the body of the Solar Angel Who uses the Chalice to create a human soul out of the Monad.

THE MONAD: "is the essence in the womb of the Chalice that is in the process of metamorphosis – to turn into a human soul. It is in the Chalice that the Monad develops intelligence, love, and willpower and eventually is born as an emancipate human soul." p. 305

LOTUSES-GROUP: "The Tibetan Master speaks about Lotuses which form groups. There are seven such groups corresponding to the Seven Rays." (ibid) "Group Lotuses, which in their aggregate form a center in the body of the Planetary Logos, are cyclically stimulated, as the Planetary Logos takes Initiation or in certain times uses a given center. All Lotuses in that center are highly affected and stimulated." (ibid) "Through all these processes, we see how each individual Lotus develops group consciousness and slowly fuses its will to the will of the group Lotus." (p. 306)

PLANETARY LOGOS: "…these groups, as they develop, form the seven centers of the Planetary Logos. As time passes, these seven groups are synthesized into three groups in the head, ajna, and heart centers of the Logos and later are eventually (and again) synthesized in the head center of the Planetary Logos." (p. 305) "Each progress of the Lotus is sensed by the Planetary Logos as each labor unfolds and manifests as group consciousness, group cooperation, and group will."

"Civilizations and cultures are responses of group Lotuses to the impulses coming from the Core of the Planetary Logos." "The destruction, degeneration, and corruption in the world are the reaction to these groups to the same impulses of the Planetary Logos."

HUMAN SOUL—MATURITY: "When the human soul reaches a certain degree of maturity in the Lotus, he begins to be aware of the petals of the Lotus – which are in essence the radiation of the threefold Monadic Life. It is in this stage that the human soul begins to cooperate consciously with the lunar pitris." (p. 307) [In a general sense Lunar Pitris means all entities which originally came from the Moon-chain to the Earth-chain. The Earth-chain including our own globe was populated from the Moon-chain, because all entities now on Earth, whatever their grade in evolution, came from the chain of the Moon.]

PERMANENT ATOMS: "When the outer petals develop, there is a certain degree of vibratory power. This radiation reaches the three permanent atoms and vivifies the three lower spirals of the three permanent atoms..The fourth spiral is not yet vivified but affected to a certain degree." (p. 307) The fire of the human soul organizes the permanent atoms and unfolds the spirals. Then the human soul consciously begins to develop the petals of the Lotus and beings to focus his interest on his Monadic Essence instead of his three bodies of activity. This shifting from permanent atoms to petals takes a long time during which the first of the human soul gets stronger and stronger." (p. 308)

INDIVIDUALIZATION: The Tibetan Master said that individualization occurred at the time between the Third and Fourth Race. "The human beings who were individualized in former Chains, for example the fourth globe of the second or third Chain are still with us. Their permanent atoms are active now in their fifth spiral and they are leading human beings in all fields of human endeavor." (ibid)

PETALS: "The Tibetan says "that the petals are like 'vibrant and scintillating lights.' After the bud was formed, a triangle of energy appeared and circulated between the Mental P.A., the center of the bud, and the mental unit. This triangle was formed "of pure electrical manasic fire" (says the Tibetan in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 709) From this point on begins man's great labor to build a bridge between these three points…with his own labor, sacrifice, and service to win….his individuality. " (p. 309)

TRIANGLE; "This fiery triangle is used as an electrical line to transmit intuitional light to the center of the Lotus, creating the three body petals "which close in on the central flame." This Lotus is the womb in which the human soul is in gestation.

"The fire in the Lotus is the fire of the spirit which will substantiate as a human soul and take birth through the fire at the Fourth Initiation. (p. 309)

SPIRIT IN THE LOTUS: "The focus of Spirit in the Lotus is the Jewel, the future human soul and individualized Self…" (p. 309-310)

CHEMISTRY IN THE BODIES: "The unfoldment of the Lotus is responsible for the change in the chemistry of our body. Even the genes and DNA are changed by the unfolding Lotus. The immediate effect…is upon the mental, astral and etheric centers and upon our thoughts, emotions, and action." (p. 310)

OUR PAST: The recordings of the genes are the summary of the recordings of our permanent . atoms – which are permanent recorders of our life in the three worlds. Certain thoughts, certain emotions, and certain actions are related to certain chemicals in our body…chemicals which you produce through using your mental, emotional and etheric substances. (p. 310) "It is their psychic chemistry that affects our physical chemistry through changing the composition of our genes." (p. 311)

SOLAR ANGEL: "One of the greatest responsibilities of the Solar Angel is to impart impressions about the Purpose and the Plan to the baby Jewel in the womb of the Lotus. It s carried on in this way: The Solar Angel takes a tiny part of that Purpose and impressed the human soul with just the dosage that he can understand, assimilate, and use in his life condition. The Solar Angel transmits first a part fo the Plan, and as the person's sensitivity expands more, the Solar Angel begins to transmit a tiny part of the Purpose. " "For many years…or incarnations…the human soul unconsciously follows the Plan and the Purpose, though with many faltering, hesitations, and complications, until one cay he consciously sees the Plan and then sees the Purpose behind the Plan." (p. 311)


















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