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WMEA Annual Living Ethics conference
Dear Friends,
This is a reminder to contact the WMEA headquarters office (928-778-0638) or mail in your registration forms for our 2009 Living Ethics annual conference and preconference which takes place in March. If you have deleted the conference flyer from your email, you can access it through the WMEA website:
If you are out of state, you will need to make arrangements with the WMEA office regarding Chapel Rock lodging/accomodations. The price of the lodging includes three meals Tuesday through Thursday. As a lodging guest you will receive your first meal Monday evening, and last meal on Friday will be breakfast only.  The meals are all home made and the staff there does their best to meet our needs.
The accomodations are wonderful as they are nestled among the pine trees in the Prescott National Forest. It is peacful and quiet.
Please be aware that you can get into your assigned room at Chapel Rock on Monday afternoon, around 3 pm, at the start of the conference. However, you will need to make your own accomodations for the preconference weekend, since the preconference location is at Creekside Center (and not at Chapel Rock).
If you prefer an "upstairs" room or "downstairs" room, please let us know.