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New Year Begins Now!
Dear University Students,
Vacation days are over. This means it is time to send in your next course lesson as soon as it is prepared. Some of you have already done that, as I received lessons to evaluate this morning; also meditation course lessons to review.
The faculty, too, has been on a so-called vacation, reviewing their created courses, making any needed or desired changes during this time, and are all now ready to get back to work sharing their knowledge and experience of the Teaching with you.
Remember, each WMEA faculty instructor has been on the Path of Transformation and students of the specialized Teaching of the Ageless Wisdom for over 20-25 years. All have studied with myself for that amount of time and all have also been students of Torkom Saraydarian. They are highly qualified in their field.
As a reminder, it is important to stick to your turn-in schedule. This creates a rhythm to your studies and enables the faculty member to be available to you on the day you have scheduled a "turn-in." If however certain life-events forces you to change the "turn-in" schedule, please do not procrastinate in doing so, for to do so, will give you a grade reduction for lack of punctuality.
When you send in your course lesson, each faculty instructor will notify you of a "received receipt" within 24 - 48 hours. If you do not receive such a receipt it would be good to send an email to your instructor notifying him or her that your lesson was emailed. If you still do not receive a response from the instructor, then please notify joleen: so she can investigate the problem.
Love to you,


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