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A source of the Ageless Wisdom


In line with its purpose to provide religious and educational services
to help individuals toward a better understanding of themselves
and God—the One Supreme Spirit—WMEA has developed a curriculum
which, when studied and practically applied, will help individuals -
students, teachers, ministers and leaders—direct humanity toward
living a life of greater values and principles, and in so doing, create a
safer world in which to live. The St. Sergius University and Seminary
curriculum is a transformational education for the spiritual soul
(as distinct from the animal soul).

The St. Sergius University and Seminary curriculum will provide opportunity wherein an individual can expand the horizon of his or her consciousness, with opportunity to live a life inspired by the One Almighty Power in the universe, the cause of all manifestation.

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WMEA St. Sergius University and Seminary is a branch of the White Mountain Education Association
for the purpose of transformational studies as encouraged in the Ageless Wisdom tradition. It is an
outgrowth of the teaching certification and ordination program established in 1982 in Sarasota, Florida.


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