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What Is...

St. Sergius University and Seminary


"By the signs of the seven stars shall the gates be open"
(Heart of Asia, p. 94)

"Real knowledge will enter only open doors.
If predjudice exists, it must be outgrown through inner development."

(Heart of Asia, p. 126)

"Armed with age-old experience, Agni Yoga speaks about
the freedom of spreading the True Knowledge."

(Heart of Asia, p. 139)

Dear Friends

The WMEA was established in 1982 as a not-for-profit organization, later receiving a U.S. federal 501 C3 tax-exempt status as an educational and religious organization. It was in 1982 the group created a training program, providing a spiritual educational structure for those who were seeking certification and training as a teacher of the Ageless Wisdom, training in personal leadership, and/or had received a call into the ministry seeking seminary training and ordination.

The WMEA is now ready to unveil the next phase of its vision with an adjunct branch to its organization: the WMEA St. Sergius On-Line University and Seminary, a college for transformational studies and living ethics. The college will be administered on-line via the WMEA website as well as on-site locally in Arizona. All registered students will be assigned a secretary to help him or her through each phase of their selected study program. The course secretary will work with you, one on one, as well as serve as liaison between yourself and the department head if the need arises.

Since 1982 the number of graduate students trained and certified as teachers of the Ageless Wisdom in the WMEA certification teaching program, plus those who graduated from the seminary program, as well as those graduates who transferred from other organizations into the WMEA program, has enabled us to take this next step; it has been 18 years in preparation. Now, many of our graduates will be serving you either as a secretary or teacher.

All classes within each college are designed to deepen the connection between you and your soul, to bring inspiration and insight into your life, to free you from the past, give you a sense of direction and purpose in your life, commencing or advancing an inner transformation.

Provisions: (five-track programs)

  • Each five-track college program will provide you with a non-accredited degree in your selected field.
  • If you are seeking ordination, there will be an additional track of internship training beyond receiving your degree and prior to ordination.
  • Previous class instruction may be accepted, including certain leadership training courses and personal experiences, as part of your five track program, and result in the waiving some of the required courses, thereby reducing the number of years required for graduation.

Graduation Teaching Opportunities:

Those who achieve a degree, will then be certified by the WMEA St. Sergius University and Seminary to teach the Ageless Wisdom. Following degree certification you will be qualified to organize a WMEA study group, establish a WMEA teaching center or a WMEA church or, you will have the freedom to establish yourself outside of the WMEA umbrella under your own incorporated group. As a graduate of the program, you may be invited to participate within the WMEA as a teacher of the Ageless Wisdom or serve as minister at the headquarters in Arizona, U.S.A.

Enrichment Course Study:

We realize, based on the intense nature of the curriculum, that some students will prefer to participate in classes for personal enrichment without the goal of achieving an undergraduate teaching degree, ordination or advanced degrees. This is agreeable to the nature of the University and Seminary program. All classes are designed to deepen the connection between you and your soul, to bring inspiration and insight into your life, to free you from the past, and to give you a sense of direction and purpose in your life, commencing or advancing an inner transformation.

Seminars and Conventions:

For Enrolled Students there will be seminars given locally and, occasionally, out-of-state. There will also be annual conventions, where enrolled students will not only have the opportunity to meet with graduate students but with WMEA teachers and secretaries. Where attendance at the seminars and conventions is not required during the first three tracks of your training, it is encouraged. We believe attending WMEA seminars and conventions will help to strengthen the Ageless Wisdom spiritual community, as well as provide a more personal experience, which is difficult to attain by distance.

Four College Divisions Will Be Available:

There will be four colleges (divisions) offered within the University and Seminary program. Each college of the University and Seminary will include spiritual science classes from the Ageless Wisdom, with a central focus on the texts and wisdom of the Rev. Torkom Saraydarian, Agni Yoga and Helena P. Blavatsky, all serving as a foundation to your first three tracks of study as well as advanced studies in your final two tracks. The final two tracks will be elective courses in your major field of interest and can be based upon an accepted independent study program.

Throughout the five-track program, each student will be required to participate in a meditation course(s) that best reflects his or her major need or interest.

There will be four major colleges offered, which will formulate a field of study and specialized degree. The first three tracks of study will be of a general nature, but will also include your specialized focus. Upon completion of the three tracks of general study, you will then be qualified to spend the balance of your studies in your major field of interest. The four college departments are:

  • College of Transformational Education
  • College of Esoteric Psychology
  • College of Arts and Culture (not presently offered)
  • College of the World Religion

Application and Registration:

If you are in the continental United States, application to enroll as a student in the WMEA St. Segius University and Seminary will include a personal interview, either by telephone or in person, with the President of the WMEA. If you are outside of the continental United States other arrangements will be made. Whether in or outside of the United States, you will be required to complete an application and questionnaire proir to your acceptance.

Enrichment Course Study Application and Registration:

If your interest in enrolling in classes is for personal growth without the goal of degree certification, a personal interview is still required. If at a later date you elect to participate in the degree program, any WMEA class courses, or WMEA-approved courses from other colleges, seminary programs or spiritual organizations you have previously been enrolled in will be transferred into your selected college program. Class transfers, however, will be subject to a 12-year statute of limitation..


There are several tuition payment plans available for the five track enrolled student. We will do all we can to help you find a means to meet the required tuition. We have presently established the Bethany Link Memorial Scholarship Fund, which may be available to those who are in need of financial assistance. As the available funds increase, more scholarships will be awarded to those in need.

Graduation Achievement

Upon completion of the selected five-track program, graduates will have achieved an academic training, which will provide a leadership for their personal and spiritual life, as well as providing a strong foundation of higher values with living ethics. They will also have achieved a natural level of spiritual discipline, a heartfelt desire to serve humanity and the wisdom to live a life of spiritual principle. Each student, whether participating in the program for personal study or for degree certification, will have contacted the core of the Wisdom of the Ages preparing themselves for the future.

Most sincerely,

 Joleen's Signature

Joleen D. Du Bois, President